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Head Of The Class

Head Of The Class

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Over 4 hours of non-stop, sizzling schoolgirl (18+) sex! Hot coed Leah distracts her studly tutor with a strip show and accomplished fellatio. Four beautiful students skip class, turning the afternoon into a lesbian orgy complete with double-headed dildos. While being disciplined by her handsome French teacher, naughty blonde Kayla entices the professor and rides the lucky stud atop her school desk. Class is in session in Head of the Class!
Feature Runtime: 243 Minutes
DVD Extras: 40 Minutes

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4hr Submitted 11/18/2009
I was so excited to see that this compilation DVD begins with one of my favorite scenes. Manuel Ferrara blindfolds Kayla Marie while she teabags him and he makes the cutest sound. As I have a thing for super cute manscaped testicles I was so happy to see that scene on this DVD. If you are interested in schoolgirls fantasies and are not turned off by some of the most intense lesbian scenes I have come across then this is the DVD for you. Whether you're just interested in oral sex, anal sex, interracial sex, or an orgy or two you should check this out.
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You better like schoolgirls Submitted 11/26/2009
If you have a serious thing for schoolgirls, Head of the Class might be for you. The ten scenes were completely unrelated and some of them had somewhat silly premises, but this movie really isn't much about the story. There was very little story involved actually. Basically the schoolgirls were thrown into a situation, then a few minutes later they were getting down and dirty, because thats what bad schoolgirls do apparently. I do find those short schoolgirl skirts extremely sexy, and the cast was quite hot as well, but I couldn't really get into it. A lot of the "performances" seemed rather over the top and fakey, but I suppose thats fairly normal for porn. A few of the scenes had some nice variety in them, but then a few others seemed to just blend together. There's definitely a lot of action packed on here though. Four hours of mostly raw sexual action. If you don't like a lot of story with your sex, or you really have a thing for schoolgirls, this may be up your alley. However, if you're looking for something entertaining to watch with someone else to get in the mood, this is probably a bit too raw and straight to the point.
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Sexy Love Birds
A real bell ringer... Submitted 12/3/2009
Head of the Class is a 4 hour all-sex compilation video featuring 10 scenes plus 1 bonus scene of schoolgirl action. Although the primary focus of the compilation is, of course, hot schoolgirls there is a very nice array of different pairings, positions and scenarios ranging from teacher-student to all-girl private schools filled with hot sexy lesbians and finally to sexy Asian schoolgirls packing heat. Each scene provides a introduction listing the original feature the scene is from as well as the stars. Some of the bigger starlet names include Austyn Moore, Carmen Luvana, Sophia Lynn and Ava Rose. From lesbian schoolgirls getting freaky with teachers and toys to steamy interracial or schoolgirl anal, Head of the Class is jam packed with steamy schoolgirl action. We could see this video as a good introductory video for a guy to let his gal know what the schoolgirl fantasy is all about. Head of the Class was a very enjoyable video for us to watch together when we were in the mood for a hot all-sex video night.
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Clearance & Candy
Big, Hot Men!!! Submitted 12/10/2009
The Head of the Class DVD starts a little slower than usual, with great anticipation prior to the removal of the garments. Great start for new to porn woman! The Babes are young, hot College Students. It starts with a Young Male Professor and a hot young student who goes down on him in Class, ending in one of mans favorite cum shots, and moves on to Tommy Gunn-I know him I’ve got his cyberskin!!! I love it when my husband uses it on me, so as soon as I saw his penis, I got busy doing my own licking and I missed his whole scene. Lucky Hubby! I think we were on to the lesbian Blond Babes, one with that tight young thin natural body, and the other Hot Blond with the huge Breast implants and hot curvy body, are later joined by a bodacious Brunette for a fun threesome, and some wonderful Female on Female cunnilingus and toy play. Two horny hotties from Japan take an unsuspecting man by gun point! Tommy Big Gunn’s is back for some deep throat action. You’ll have to watch it yourself to see if she can take it all in. And it just doesn’t stop-the men are hot and extremely well hung. We’ve spent several nights with the Head of the Class, and each night seems build on the night before. We’ve been having a wonderful week of hot steamy sex-I can’t wait to get to back in CLASS. Clearance always loves a button down white shirt with a skimpy little skirt – it helps to dress the part. I was turned on and felt good the whole time the DVD was on. I think most couples would enjoy this DVD, if you like a lot of partners, done tastefully, with just a touch of Female on Female, a couple of threesomes-The men are hot, big, and they know how to please a woman. Any man could learn a thing or two from The Head of the Class. Couples approved!
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The Royal Couple
Take me back to school, PLEASE!!! Submitted 12/11/2009
This is what school is all about. Hot co-eds all into the hottest sex scenes around. The plaid skirts take you back to the school girl days of when all you did was lust after all of them. These school girls are hot, hot, hot. Austyn Moore was born to make movies like this. She pulls off the schoolgirl look better than anybody else in the industry. I especially enjoyed a scene when two sorority girls get caught by the headmaster and have to provide some services in return. The only negative to this movie is that the film quality isn’t the best. I love to watch these in HD but this movie does not provide the quality that I have become accustomed to in the past couple of years.**Submitted by “The Royal Couple”**BUZZTEAM
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Nice Variety Submitted 3/1/2013
This video has a nice vareity of scenes that are sexy and hot.
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