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Nina Hartley's Guide To Simultaneous Orgasms

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Nina Hartley's Guide To Simultaneous Orgasms

Item #5377
$24.95 On DemandWatch Now
Backordered - Ships 11/11
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Climaxing together—it's what we all desire! Join legendary Nina Hartley and drop dead gorgeous Kayden Kross for a titillating workshop designed to encourage simultaneous orgasms. You'll learn an array of exciting methods, even watch Nina reach an incredible threeway climax with a real life, very attractive couple. Just as exciting, Kayden demonstrates her multi-orgasmic capabilities as she and her buff beau reach ecstasy. Loaded with extras—Nina Hartley's Guide to Simultaneous Orgasms is one DVD no adventurous couple should be without!
Feature Runtime: 75 Minutes
DVD Extras: 96 Minutes

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on 12/28/2009 7:55:05 PM
Nina Hartley’s Guide to Simultaneous Orgasms is not the DVD that I expected to see. I expected to see some real good information that would help Mrs. Allure and I have an earth shattering simultaneous orgasm. We have had simultaneous orgasms before and the information in this DVD provided nothing new. Now, if you have never had a simultaneous orgasm, then there is some information to be acquired here, but you probably already knew it anyway. I was actually left a little uncomfortable. The first 20-30 minutes involves Nina Hartley and Kayden Kross (the only bright spot) talking to the camera or to one another. What Nina is wearing is very distracting (not in a good way). When they get to demonstration, Nina talks with a married couple. The man states that orgasming "is his choice and he will choose when he will go.” Since this is not an option for most men, I don’t see this as viable information. As the three begin to demonstrate, the male’s companion has one orgasm after another. If the point was to work up to a simultaneous orgasm, maybe they should focus on getting to that one Big O. When the three of them actually did make it to their respective orgasms, it seemed very put on. The next scene involved Kayden Kross and her lover; the scene was hot, but there was nothing of educational value added. This DVD truly felt like the actors just needed a paycheck, so they just threw something together.
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on 12/4/2009 3:19:20 PM
Not What I Expected!
The sex was hot, and I love a man that knows what he’s doing. Nina Hartley’s Guide to Simultaneous Orgasms wasn’t what I expected. I was really hopping for something more along the lines of the better sex series when I picked this one out. Couple friendly-I’m a happily married woman and the first sex scene, the way it was presented, made me uncomfortable. For me it’s one thing to see a threesome of singles having group sex. That really does kind of turn me on; a little to fantasizes about, what could have been in my single days, if I hadn’t been so inhibited. When I’m presented with a Married Couple inviting someone else in the bedroom, it just makes me feel kind of sick to my stomach. Not something I would ever do, and really don’t want to think about. When Porn is presented to me in this way I feel like I’m being asked in a way to participate in that type of sexual experience, I’m not ready for. I find that to be a pressure I don’t enjoy. Even though I picked this DVD out thinking it would be fun to try new Simultaneous Orgasms Techniques with my husband, I can’t help but wonder if the picture of having a cheater or thinking my partner, could desire someone else the same way he does me, didn’t interfere with sex the night we watched this. I would feel much more at ease seeing a married couple enjoying the experience with only each other, I would feel better. For that reason alone, I was turned off by this DVD. This is a major turn off for me in a lot of Porn and other forms of entertainment. Nothing like reminding a woman of the thing she wants least, when you’re trying to turn her on. If it had not been presented to me in a manner that showed something that made me uncomfortable, I would have enjoyed the threesome and the entire DVD along with my evening. The DVD does have some great tips for experiencing a Simultaneous Orgasms. The sex in this was very hot! I don’t want to diminish that quality of this DVD. My reaction was strong enough; my husband asked me if I wanted to skip ahead in the DVD, he could just feel the change in me. I fully understand that some couples enjoy and embrace an open marriage, but this was not the lesson I was looking bring into my bed when I choose this DVD, or the image of marriage I wanted to give to my husband. I would never want him to think I wanted that.
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on 12/2/2009 8:53:33 PM
Learned nothing new
Nina Hartley’s Guide to Simultaneous Orgasms taught us nothing we haven’t already read about before. I would recommend this to a couple who has little to no knowledge on the subject of orgasms. The threesome in the video was pretty cool because they all came at the same time. The scene was long and drawn out though, I had to fast forward through all the kissing and petting. Also, the sound quality in this DVD was absolutely terrible! I almost turned it off because of the muffled speech in the beginning of the movie. The first half our is just Nina and Kayden talking and giving tips, there was a part that got really loud when Kayden faked an orgasm to show that porn stars are actresses, I had to quickly mute it so the neighbors wouldn’t hear it. Then the sound got quiet again so I had to quickly turn up the volume when they started with a normal conversation. Also, I don’t want to sound mean, but Nina has a very strong lisp, so her S’s became very annoying when she talked, and that’s the only thing I could concentrate on, even with Kayden’s breasts hanging out during the whole session. There are better education videos to be seen, but if you’re interested in this one, it might be worth it to get your significant other to watch some sex with you. ~The Joneses
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on 11/20/2009 3:00:28 PM
Fell a bit short for us...
Simultaneous orgasm is a topic we’ve been very interested in and have worked at for years so it was a no brainer for us to get a copy of Nina Hartley’s DVD to see what new pointers we could pick up. The video is a little over an hour long and features the legendary Nina Hartley and the seductive starlet Kayden Kross discussing ways that couples can work towards achieve simultaneous orgasms as well as multiple orgasms together. The format is divided into instruction followed by a steamy scene of 1on1 starring Kayden and Erik Everhard in which their goal is the obvious simultaneous orgasm, some more instruction and then a three-way in which Nina gets down and dirty with Devon Lee and her hunk husband Marcus. The three-way gets a bit more over the top with female masturbation, sex toys and anal; these three definitely aren’t the bashful type. Overall, the material presented is informative but not earth shattering stuff and the sex and general feeling throughout is a little more open and aggressive then you find with a Better Sex Video Series. We don’t recommend this video for couples that don’t enjoy watching hardcore adult movies together. If you’re looking for something purely educational and are maybe still a bit uncomfortable in your sexual relationship with your partner we recommend titles in the Better Sex Series as your stepping stone to something like this. However, if you are avid fans of hardcore adult and are looking for steamy demonstrations of ways to work towards simultaneous orgasm this is a great choice for you.
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on 11/20/2009 1:58:35 PM
Take a lesson and come together!
Nina Hartley’s Guide to Simultaneous Orgasms is our first Nina Hartley video and we recommend adding it to your adult video library collection. It isn’t strictly an adult film but educational and informative as well. There are four lessons outlined on this video guide with the beautiful Kayden Kross and pals assisting Nina in her explorations and execution of achieving the elusive simultaneous orgasms with your partner or even a threesome. The four lessons outlined from relaxing and letting the goal of simultaneous orgasms wait until later on, myths and techniques are discussed along with optimal position to start with, the right state of mind for couples and multiple partners (threesomes) and the ultimate build up to climaxing together. All in all, we thought that this was an excellent video for couples to watch together whether you have had the wonderful experience of simultaneous orgasms or want to learn how to climax together. Nice visual and good explanations of techniques to employ for sexual encounters. I rate this one four hearts. Ms Diva
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