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Personal Touch: Exploring the O

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Personal Touch: Exploring the O

Item #4369
$24.95 $5.00
Only 8 in Stock!
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Learn how to intensify the female orgasm in this informative, very exciting workshop! Join sexpert Jayme Waxman in Personal Touch: Exploring the O, as she illustrates methods of expanding the big O, from G spot stimulation to blended orgasms. Develop your repertoire with a G spot exploration leading to female ejaculation, and also discover how anal intercourse can increase orgasmic pleasure. Attractive couples demonstrate these techniques in arousing scenes. This one's a must for your erotic education!
Feature Runtime: 82 Minutes
DVD Extras: 21 Minutes

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Adam & Eve
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on 2/28/2013 1:39:03 PM
the big " O "
good dvd ..very enjoyable for both of us ...
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on 1/4/2010 3:55:16 AM
Expect the unexpected
This dvd was not quite what we were expecting. We have tried many of the videos that Sinclair has to offer including the better sex video series. Exploring the O definitely does not fit into the same category as those. There were a lot of demonstrations however the manner in which they were shown was really cheezy. This was not very helpful to us however for someone new adult dvds or who might be looking for a lighter approach to the subject of erotic education, this would definitely be the dvd for you.
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on 6/17/2009 7:52:08 AM
Female Orgasm
This was packed full of demonstrations. The main informative portion was Jayme Waxman discussing anatomy, blended orgasms, the g-spot, PC exercises, Female ejaculation and how to get there, and a couple made a few statements regarding anal intercourse before their demo. The ejaculation portion was the hottest for us, and it helped my wife feel more comfortable with it. It isn’t her first time, but it helped us find the A spot during intercourse. This is very hot and a little informative too. There is also a behind the scenes feature, photo galleries, and trailers for Personal touch 1 and 2. It is somewhat cheesy though, but we think that is Jayme’s personality.
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on 4/22/2009 7:33:59 PM
A College Success??
This video reminded us of a film made by some college kids in their dorm room. It looked like a bunch of kids were having some fun and decided to make an informative sex education video. The first thought that came to mind was Bill Nye the Science Guy, but done in a very unprofessional manner. Not saying that sexual education has to be strictly serious, but when spending good money on a film you would expect it to be well made. They seemed to be having a great time filming, which again is like a homemade video where its purpose is not to educate others but to entertain the stars for a few hours. We prefer a more scientific approach when it comes to education about the body. The woman in the scene with the Natural Contours toy was extremely annoying. Her continuous giggling made us want to turn the video off. The use of the vagina puppet and childish humor was just not for us. There are many better educational videos that will be worth your money. The Sinclair Institute videos are a much better option in our opinion. ~The Joneses
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on 3/23/2009 12:04:09 PM
Informative...slightly over the top
Exploring the O is part of the Personal Touch series with Jayme Waxman. Each of the three segments starts with some very informative talk on the subject followed by a demonstration scene. Candy and I found the segment on Kegel exercises very enlightening and are in the process of trying out the exercise for ourselves. The scene showing female masturbation and ejaculation seemed a bit wild and unreal to us as we are fairly new to the adult entertainment scene. The final scene contained much helpful information about safely engaging in anal sex, while the sex scene was average at best. All in all we felt this video was worth watching and led to passionate lovemaking.
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on 3/22/2009 12:22:45 PM
“Exploring the O” by Jayme Waxman is informative, hilarious, straightforward and memorable. The DVD is divided in to three sections. All begin with a narrative explanation, tips and lots of humor. There are demonstrations using various toys and visual aids. Part 1 delves into G spot discovery and clitoral orgasms, with a couple having sex utilizing the techniques. Part 2 discusses and demonstrates how to do Kegel exercises (using a Natural Contours toy) with a very enthusiastic woman. Female ejaculation is described and explicitly performed, by 2 women repeatedly. God Bless ‘em – I can’t say I believed it to be totally ‘natural’ and I found it to be rather gross. Part 3 goes in to anal orgasms and intercourse, also with a couple enjoying anal sex. The bonus material includes “Behind the Scenes” footage and several trailers. While this production is not for everyone, it’s full of tips, tricks and Jayme’s offbeat humor.
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