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Pirates Adult Movie

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Pirates Adult Movie

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Winner of 7 AVN Awards Including Best DVD, Best Actor and Best Actress!

Our lusty PIRATES explode with guns-a-blazin' action in this high budget, beautifully done adult movie from Better Sex! Carmen Luvana seeks lusty romance and vengeance! She-pirate Janine straddles a horny sea-dog for her own pleasure in a sexy scene in this adult movie! Be prepared for girl/girl sex battles––lit candles will do for these wenches! PIRATES is the bold adventure you've been waiting for in an adult movie.

Scene 1: Kris Slater and Carmen Luvana engage in hot-n-heavy doggy-style sex!

Scene 2: First-mate Jesse Jane gives Scott Nails her best fellatio then they enhage in intense intercourse.

Scene 3: Devon and Teagon Presley treat Evan Stone to a few pints and a tag-team BJ.

Scene 4: Jesse and Steven St. Croix get together for a quickie filled with fast-paced cowgirl sex doggy-style action!

Scene 5: After Carmen gets captured by pirates, she and Jenaveve Jolie go at it hot-n-heavy!

Scene 6: Austyn Moore is prepared to help Evan escape from prison – but only after her dream stud puts out!

Scene 7: Janine and Tommy Gunn get it on in a scene that generates a lot of heat!

Scene 8: Carmen and Jesse show off their aggressive sides when they roll and wrestle each other before they get it on.

Scene 9: Together again, Carmen doesn’t waste anytime before getting it on with Kris.

Scene 10: The Best Girl-Girl Scene of 2005! Janine and Jesse show off their taste for kink.

Extras: behind the scenes footage, bloopers, inspiration for Pirates, photo gallery, behind the F/X, trailer, and audition video.

Performers: Jesse Jane, Carmen Luvana, Janine, Teagan Presley, Devon, Austyn Moore, Jenaveve Jolie, Tommy Gunn, Evan Stone, Steven St. Croix, Scott Nails, Kris Slater.


Feature Runtime: 129 Minutes
DVD Extras: 40 Minutes
Genre :
Feature, Classic, Action
Number of Sex Scenes:
Running Time:
169 minutes
Carmen Luvana
Manwin USA
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on 1/5/2016 12:53:57 PM
Great for couples.
Haven't watched the movie yet. But I have watched the reviews several times for years now and the storyline seems great. Plus all the ladies on this film are super hot so most definitely will do the job.
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on 8/8/2014 8:29:52 AM
Story line is decent. Graphics/special effects gets the cheesy cheddar award. All and all worth the discounted price.
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on 10/30/2013 5:52:26 PM
Good but not as good as I hoped
This is o.k....nothing great. Obviously the acting is not that great so it comes off pretty cheesy but there are plenty of sex scenes.
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on 1/25/2013 6:28:56 PM
The best!!!
Excellent quality! Great costumes, special effects, music: everything for a great movie! Sex scenes are quite hot with a lot of image quality. So far the best adult movie!
1 person found this review helpful
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on 2/19/2011 3:33:25 PM
One of the best adult movies ever made.
For an adult film, the production was great. The cast was amazing, and the scenes were such a turn on. We watched as a couple, and it lead to a great night. The movie is long, so don't expect to get through it in one night unless you love these kinds of movies. Overall, it ranks up there as one of the best. Costumes were great, and the cast were all beautiful. Much better than Conquest, but both are great Pirate movies with a sex theme. Has replay value. It may seem pricey, but its well worth it.
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on 1/31/2010 10:05:05 AM
Great for couples
This is a great couples' movie. My wife and I bought it about a year ago and it has become a favorite in our collection. The nice thing is it has a plot (which we like) and the sex scenes are great. The actors are the best I have seen and the women our hottest for sure. We both like the variety of scenes from man and women to women to women and the movie at this price you would be crazy not to add this one to your collection.
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on 10/23/2009 7:01:36 AM
Great movie to watch
If you are looking for a video to watch with your husband and/or wife, this is it. My top pick. This movie has a plot, a good story, good cinematography, and fun to watch. The male star is well hung, has a very large frame and reminds me of Fabio. The women are very attractive and the scenes are hot and erotic. This movie has lesbian action and hetero action. This is just like watching a real movie instead of an adult movie.
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on 2/10/2009 1:09:00 PM
Was this review helpful to you?   
on 10/16/2008 1:01:30 PM
Didnt make it to the end
Everytime my husband and i turn this on it returns the favor THANKYOU!!!!
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on 5/7/2008 1:00:18 PM
Loved this movie!!!
As a woman who had yet to find an adult movie I actually liked I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. The plot was awesome, the characters highly likeable and the acting was pretty good, I laughed out loud for all the right reasons. No cheesy bow chicka wow wow music playing in the background and the sex scenes were incredible hot, some actual passion and intensity for a change!! My boyfriend and I had so much fun watching this one and even more fun after! I would recommend this film to anyone! :)...Impatiently awaiting the sequel, due to release in September.
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on 10/16/2007 9:41:25 AM
Not bad if you like porn with a plot
If you prefer to pretend you are watching a regular film rather than an adult one, you might like this movie. The sex scenes were pretty hot, but the plot got in the way of the action. And the acting was sub-par (but better than you would normally expect from adult stars). A little too much silicone enhancement for my taste. But the costumes and sets were beautiful. Try watching this with someone who is new to adult movies and may be a little hesitant.
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on 10/3/2007 12:04:38 PM
This movie is one we keep watching over and over again. We love the humor and of course the great sex in the movie. :) This movie is one that keeps your attention thru the entire movie and don't keep you saying, "Just get to the next sex scene." This one makes you want to see the plot and not just the twat. With some of the hottest blonds in the biz, this one has sizzling sex scenes. The girl/girl scenes will blow your mind. We can't say enough good things about this movie. from beginning to end, this one is an A+++!!!!!!!!!!
3 of 3 people found this review helpful
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on 10/1/2007 11:22:06 PM
Pirates Bootty
This is a good movie for couples. It allows you to watch and get turned on by porn but on the other hand it allows you to relax and laugh a little bit. It shows you you don't have to take sex so serious but you can still have tons of fun.
3 of 3 people found this review helpful
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on 9/25/2007 7:13:39 PM
Who knew porn could be this funny
This is a fun movie that never took itself too seriously .A great flick to watch with your partner, it gets you in the mood fast. My wife and I giggled our way through the whole thing. We highly recommend Pirates for novice porn viewers; it's a nice way to get your feet (and other things) wet.
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on 9/20/2007 9:53:44 PM
Skeptic to Believer
I find porn movies that try to put a plot in to be comical, so when we got this one I was very skeptical. I was pleasantly surprised to find how good this was. Though the acting was, at times overdone it was a very well put together movie. It had enough story to keep you entertained and enough sex to keep things HOT!
1 person found this review helpful
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on 9/19/2007 12:00:41 PM
Yo Ho HO on a Blonds Big Chest
Pirates is a great couples movie. It has great scenery, an interesting plot and of course fantastic sex. While some of the dialog was difficult to understand and some of the scenes were a little dark it was a great movie to watch. The additional bonus features were great as well especially the Bloopers and Special Effects extras. I would like to say that Ms. S and I watched the entire movie in one sitting, but because Pirates was so HOT, we were interrupted by some action of our own. Pirates is definitely a movie that should be added to your collection.
1 person found this review helpful
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on 9/15/2007 8:41:15 PM
“Greatest Pirate hunter in the world.”
Pirates is a great overall experience. It has a fun and entertaining storyline wrapped around extremely erotic sex scenes. By far the best erotic film we have seen as far as writing, special effects…even acting. We really appreciated how the sex scenes were integrated into the storyline and were not just blatant, get-to-the-point, sex scenes. It was also really funny while still being erotic. I think most adult films are either so bad that they are funny, which detracts from the eroticism or they focus solely on sex and they have a hard time finding a good balance of story and steaminess. Mr Goodlovin: The movie was so entertaining that Mrs. Goodlovin didn’t want to go to the bedroom with me until the movie was completely over! Mrs. Goodlovin’s response: I didn’t want to miss any of the piratey goodness!
1 person found this review helpful
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on 9/12/2007 5:47:39 PM
Pirates Adult Movie Review
This movie is a definite must-see for anyone interested in adult films. The acting isn't the best, but the sex scenes are long and hot, and you will most assuredly be turned on by the time it ends. If busty blondes and hot men are your style, you'll absolutely love it. Jesse Jane performs amazingly, and her sex scenes are very arousing. Evan Stone is hot and hilarious, a great choice for a captain in an adult movie. His sex scenes will leave you breathless, and his other appearances will make you laugh non-stop. The sex isn't the only good part of the movie. There's also an action-packed plot that will engage you, though the acting may seem half-hearted at times. The storyline plays out through the entire movie, keeping you glued to the screen, anxious to know what will happen next and when the next love scene will occur. Funny but definitely an amazing adult film, "Pirates" is great for men and women alike, and everyone can find something they enjoy in it.
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on 9/7/2007 5:07:01 PM
A Film You Do Not Want to Miss!!!!!
“Pirates” is an extremely good adult movie. This is the first adult movie we have watched in a long time. The plot is easy to follow and it was well written. This is not your traditional old school “poke-n-choke” but an action packed adventure. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of steamy sex scenes; they are just well integrated into the story line. I mean there are plenty of sexy parts and some action and some downright awesome girl-girl scenes and deep throat scenes (what would you expect with Jesse Jane in it). The acting was okay, not big theater screen material, but definitely big screen TV in the living room good and nothing like the old choppy dialog and goofy music of old. If you love an adult film that is first class and has lots of action, beautiful lighting, costumes, makeup and highly detailed sets then PIRATES is for you. The Special Effects DVD was rather long and drawn out but the behind the scenes, bloopers and Special Effects sections were outstanding. The Third DVD included in this pack is the High Definition DVD; it really made the entire viewing experience outstanding. The Effects and Scenes are delivered in clean, crisp and sexy way and should not be missed. This is definitely an adult movie that you can enjoy alone or with your partner. It does not cater only to the man it was enjoyed by my wife as well. You definitely do not want to miss this DVD; we can’t wait for the Sequel!!
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on 9/7/2007 7:32:26 AM
Fast paced, hot and fun!
‘Pirates’ is an extraordinarily well done adult movie, written and directed by Joone. With an original musical score, Pirates is bursting with vivid color, special effects and has an excellent cast. From the dizzying opening credits to the end it is an adventurous romp XXX style. Evan Stone is hilarious as the inexperienced captain of the ‘good guys’ pirate hunting ship. Tommy Gunn looks and acts evil eyed as the captain of the ‘bad guys’ pirate ship. Janine is Tommy’s faithful sidekick and yes, KICKS ASS with him in one scene and with Jesse Jane in another. Wow! Janine and Jesse Jane are amazing…picture two lionesses engaging in sex – this scene is NOT to be missed. This is the first movie introducing me to Jesse and Tommy – and I loved watching these fairly new talents. In his element, and drop dead gorgeous, Evan delivers hot, pounding sex and has me laughing non-stop throughout the film. Carmen Luvana is on sex overload who teams up with ‘husband’ Kris Slater, Jenaveve, and later on, Jesse Jane. While ‘Pirates’ has great girl–guy sex, (amazing deep throat from Jesse Jane with St. Croix) it includes the hottest girl-girl sex scenes I have ever watched. Steven St. Croix is beyond funny and I won’t ruin it for you describing his best moments. A high-class two-hour adult film with lots of action, witty dialog, sword play, and SEX… The plot moves right along, the lighting, makeup, detailed sets and costumes are beautiful. The Special Effects DVD is long…the trailers from Digital Playground went on forever but I loved the Behind the Scenes, Commentary, Bloopers and Special FX sections. A third DVD – “Pirates” in High Definition is included. This movie is a “must have” title for your library – I hope there’s a sequel! For those who own/like IE: “Emerald Rain”, “Fiesta”, “Rawhide” – “Star Trek”, “Indiana Jones” or especially “Pirates of the Caribbean” - buy this one! Alone or with someone special, you’ll definitely get turned on!
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on 9/2/2007 3:49:42 PM
ok for mild porn
This was an ok movie, especially if you are looking for a porn movie that has a storyline and plot that you can actually watch. The film quality, storyline, and acting were pretty good for porn, but still not quite enough to hold our attention through the whole movie. There were a couple of really hot guy\girl and girl\girl scenes in the movie. The girls have hard bodies with big fake tits and the guys have nice bodies with large cocks. All in all if you are looking for a movie with some plot and a few good sex scenes you will like this one. If you are looking for a movie with a lot of hard action sex scenes and lots of cum shots this one is not for you.
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on 8/29/2007 9:08:04 PM
Left in the Crows Nest
It's been a long time since I have watched an xxx rated adult movie and yes things have changed in some ways. The film most certainly is much better quality than most however I hate to say it but most of the acting was pretty sorry, although some of the characters were pretty cool. Definately some really hot sex . If this don't get you hot you better be checking your pulse. The babes were hot hot hot. If you buy this movie for the acting you will be let down but the movie itself is pretty good. My wife though the sex scene's were to long but good sex usually is anyhow. All in all it was not a bad movie and I would recommend it . Definately the best XXX movie I have seen.
Was this review helpful to you?   
on 8/28/2007 1:35:06 PM
National Lampoon meets Hustler
This adult movie was great. It was very entertaining. The characters were very likable and funny. The special effects took this porn movie into the 21st centrury. Would definately like to see more from this director. The sex scenes were good, alot of lesbian action, for sure. Basically, this was a funny, entertaining sexapade. Highly recommend to anyone looking for something different than just the plain old suck and f**k.
Was this review helpful to you?   
on 8/20/2007 11:17:54 PM
Porn Pirates
This is so far, one of the best porn movies my wife and I have ever seen. It is common to fast forward porn movies to the real action, not on this one. This one has an actual plot and is very well performed. We watched it from beginning to end. We've never done that in other xxx movie, we really enjoyed it. It has decent special effects, the only poor efffect was the skeletons. It makes you laugh also. So as you can see it has everything, but the most important is the xxx action.
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on 8/20/2007 4:46:32 PM
An actual good movie!!!
I really don't like adult movies period. But something told me to go ahead and get it. When it arrived, I didn't know what to do. Should I look at it on my own, wait for my husband to get home, or throw it in the closet. But I got curious and took the wrapping off and popped it in. I was glued to the TV!!! I wanted to know what was going to happen, like a regular TV show, but I was really anxious to see the next hot and steamy "LOVE SCENE". It was a good mix of both entertainment and sex. I really don't get into adult movie too much, because most that I have encountered are too raunchy and out of line for me, those kind can make you really uncomfortable. I am a lady and iv'e found that a lot of women feel the same way about adult movies as I do. But us ladies usually get stuck in the middle because we do like adult movies, it's just rare to find one that we can actually enjoy. Well, ladies go ahead and buy this movie. It's good, funny, very funny, HOTT, sexy, and still has class. And for the guys, trust me, you will have so much fun with this movie. I know if I watched it 3 times already you will too!!!! Let loose and have fun :)
Was this review helpful to you?   
on 8/19/2007 11:28:07 PM
Surrendered to Passion
Action, adventure, comedy, and hot scenes! What more can be said. A hot movie with hot actors and a good plot on top of it all. A great movie to watch with your partner as I'm sure it will get your adventurous side churning.
Was this review helpful to you?   
on 8/17/2007 9:05:57 PM
Finally someone has done it! They've made an adult movie with an actual storyline that could be followed throughout the entire film. We watched the entire movie in one sitting (which is unusual for us with adult movies). And while there will be no Academy Awards or Oscar nominations for Pirates, for an adult movie, it was very good! This one made me laugh out loud several times. Add to that some chuckles and snickers. Throw in some very attractive women in fun sex scenes and you've got Pirates! The special effects, with the exception of the skeletons, were pretty cheesy - as was the music but that seemed to be acknowleged in the film with the "over-the-top" acting in some scenes and quite a few "corny" lines. The overall effect for me was humorous and very entertaining. If you want all sex all of the time then you won't want Pirates but if you appreciate humor with your sex, I'd highly recommend this movie!
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on 8/16/2007 5:06:04 PM
Better than I expected
I received Pirates yesterday and told my sweetie it was my night to pick a movie to watch! We really didn't have high expectations concerning acting or plots since most adult movies usually don't have much of one. Well let me tell you this was a fun treat. We actually watched the entire DVD and enjoyed it very much. He's been shouting out "shiver me timbers" all day! Carmen Luvana is a favorite of ours so this was a great addition to our collection.
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on 8/14/2007 10:38:34 AM
Too Many Doubloons Short of a Treasure Chest!
I had high hopes going into Pirates given its production value, awards, and more than positive reviews from critics and the public alike. I must say I was quite surprised when, like my wife, I found Pirates unsatisfying. Now, my wife is very particular when it comes to adult films, so I wasn’t surprised that she didn’t care for it. But, being a guy, I am not so hard to please. Imagine my surprise when, sitting to write this review, I couldn’t really think of anything positive to say about Pirates. Perhaps, given the scope of this movie, the producers forgot they were making an adult film. I think the story scenes in Pirates turned out better than the sex scenes! Scary, considering this IS an adult film. The best word I can use to describe Pirates is “flat.” Adult films are never acted great, but come on! The sex scenes felt robotic and repetitive. Each one seemed about the same as the one before, and it was like watching 2 robots go at it. There was no emotion or passion in any of the scenes. The music was even worse. For a movie that is supposed to be exciting, the music during the sex scenes was putting me to sleep. And don’t get me started on the editing. The sex scenes were so choppy, it sometimes felt like watching a stop-motion movie; were people would “jump” from one spot to the next because they couldn’t keep the shot going. I think I was holding Pirates to a higher standard because all the hype said it was supposed to be the “best adult film ever”. If you can’t live up to the hype; you shouldn’t say it in the first place. On a positive note, the sex scenes do get better towards the end of the film; but it’s not enough to dig Pirates out of the hole its already in. In the end, I found Pirates to be unexciting and difficult to watch. As surprised as I am to be writing the only negative review of this film so far; I just can’t recommend Pirates.
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on 7/20/2007 3:30:59 PM
Evan Stone so cute
This adult movie was amazing from beginning to end. The actors really did a great job. The story line was well done. I loved watching it and the behind the scenes vid was really fun to watch. You got a lot more of the actors true personalities than I have seen on other behind the scene tapings. Evan Stone, baby, he is always the scene stealer. He makes me want to be a Pirate Hunter.
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on 7/9/2007 12:18:49 AM
The best adult movie we've seen.
My husband and I agree that this is the best adult movie we've seen. The costumes are beautiful and the special effects are great. This was great for both of us because it had 2 of our favorite performers, Janine and Jenavive Jolie. This movie was action packed, funny and romantic. It is definately a keeper.
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on 6/26/2007 2:30:49 AM
Should have been in the movie theaters!
Wow! Pirates is like watching a "regular" epic film with the added bonus of steamy sex scenes. My husband and I finally agree about an adult movie. Too bad, Johnny Depp was not also starring in this film :)
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on 6/24/2007 4:26:20 PM
Fun and sexy but not quite equal to the hype
I had heard that this adult movie was the perfect couples video with great acting, excellent costumes, a believable plot and Hollywood quality graphics, but I was slightly disappointed. It was definitely not your average adult film—the plot, the sets, the sound and video quality, and the costumes were excellent. Yet, except for the superb skeleton scene, the computer animation, was only acceptable, not the “Hollywood equivalent” that was hyped by others. Some of the acting was tolerable, but we were under-whelmed with Evan Stone’s acting—He has a great body and a huge penis but his namby-pamby character in this one was not believable for us. Most of the women in film couldn’t act believably even when faking their orgasms, but they were attractive, and the sex was hot, even in the humorous girl on girl scene with the pirates yelling, “Arrrg” and “shiver me timbers” in the background. The film starts out with our vote for the most erotic sex scene of the film, between newlyweds who are quickly separated when the husband is kidnapped by pirates and the wife is knocked overboard. Pirate hunters led by a reluctant and phobic captain find the wife and embark on a mission, to save her husband and kill the pirates. The mission is, of course, is frequently aided and interrupted by, mostly typical, adult film quality sex scenes. Overall, though, we did find this adult movie to be enjoyable with a satisfying mixture of action, humor, and eroticism that was definitely couples-friendly.
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on 6/10/2007 10:33:38 PM
Not your average adult movie
Pirates is not your average adult movie. It’s packed full of high quality action scenes, good enough for the Hollywood big screens. My wife and I typically fast forward through the cheesy scenes of most adult movies, but this one kept us entertained from start to finish. Joone did an amazing job with the story line and plot. It was a good mixture of action, comedy, and hot sex scenes. The acting was good, the actress was hot, and the story was really good. Overall a great adult movie for couples.
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on 6/9/2007 4:47:12 PM
Pirates are hot!
We really enjoyed this adult movie. It had it all--hot sex, good plot, amazing costumes. This is an adult movie you can watch together -- unusual for most adult films. Definitely add this one to your collection!
1 person found this review helpful
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on 6/7/2007 10:19:15 AM
Surprisingly Good Adult Movie
This movie is well worth it from start to finish. This adult movie is like a motion picture with hot sex scenes. No need to fast forward this movie. I have never seen an adult movie like this one. Great quality, action, hot stars who can even act.
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
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on 5/17/2007 10:03:35 AM
High quality adult movie with decent plot.
Pirates our rating 4.5 out of 5 Digital Playground does not disappoint in this high seas adventure. This adult movie goes from an amazingly sensual scene with a newly married couple then the adventure starts with the husband being kidnapped by the evil band of pirates including Janine. Next we move to an amazing scene where the good captain is tied up and the room he is in is set a blaze but not to worry two pirate wenches will release him if he will have sex with them both and he happily oblige. The girl on girl scenes even kept Mrs. Blaze interested, often we skip these scenes in some adult movies but not this one. We found ourselves going back to watch several scenes over as Joone did a really good job in making you feel as though you were part of the adult movie. Even the special effects were spectacular, the skeleton scene could have been in the other "Hollywood" pirates movie!! We highly recommend this adult movie to couples as it has all the elements required to keep both male and female engaged in it. It is an adult movie you will watch from start to finish and you will enjoy doing it.
2 of 3 people found this review helpful
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on 5/17/2007 8:14:01 AM
Amazing Adult Video: Great Acting, Funny, and Sexy
I have always read the reviews of some of the adult movies and thought to myself" why does anyone talk about the plot do people really watch them like real movies because I sure don't I get them for 2 reasons only, the hot girls and the sex scenes". Then I watched the Pirates adult movie and was hooked. This adult movie does not only have some amazing arousing sex scenes in it with some gorgeous girls, but the plot is actually pretty good. I started watching it and found myself laughing, but not like you would laugh at bad acting in an adult movie, more like you would laugh at a funny movie you saw in the theaters. For example, there is a girl on girl scene in this adult movie, and as you are trying to watch it all you hear and see in the background are pirates shouting out funny stereotypical pirate things like " blow me down" and "shiver me timbers" among others. Now don’t get me wrong the sex scenes in this adult movie were amazing and for the first time I could see a good plot, quality special effects and costumes, and storyline in an adult movie. I give this movie an A+++ as I could sit and watch it and maybe even fast forward through some of the sex scenes to get to the plot and funny scenes of the adult movie, did I just say that?
5 of 5 people found this review helpful
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on 10/2/2006 8:26:08 PM
A Quality flick!
WOW! This is truly the best quality video my wife and I have purchased. Music, clever storyline, great footage... fun and sexy! You will enjoy it on your own or win your partner.
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on 12/28/2005 9:51:44 AM
My wife and I were surprised, the scenes did not drag on, quality was awesome! They need to do a sequel showing the Pirates actually dying. IMPRESSED! The plot was actually followed and it was not hardcore throughout the movie.<BR>
4 of 8 people found this review helpful
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on 10/19/2005 10:21:08 AM
This is the best movie that I have ever scene!!! Totally worth every penny. This is a must have adult movie for your collection!!!!!
4 of 6 people found this review helpful
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