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Playgirl's Erotic Collection

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Playgirl's Erotic Collection

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Only 1 in Stock!
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Three full-length Playgirl erotic features plus a bonus disc: Secret Lovers, Body Worship and Stripped. A $105 Value!

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Collection Details...
Playgirl: Secret Lovers
A blond, lanky construction worker takes off his tool belt, treating the lady of the house to his own substantial equipment.
Playgirl: Body Worship
A gorgeous hunk with washboard abs teaches a fetching young (18+) woman hot dance steps, their private lesson leading to fiery oral experience and inventive intercourse.
Playgirl: Stripped
Gorgeous hunks naked to the bone in this hot adult movie! A blonde scientist created the ideal man, sampling his beautiful body and huge muscles.


Feature Runtime: 283 Minutes
DVD Extras: 127 Minutes
Wicked Pictures
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on 3/2/2016 12:54:45 PM
Great stuff!
I enjoy all the DVDs, I especially enjoyed Secret Lovers,talk about good fantasy material!
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on 10/1/2008 12:59:43 PM
Great for Lovers!
I really like the Playgirls DVD’s-There never seems to be the threesomes, or the whole girl on girl thing-They really make these geared more for couples to watch with each other. The Men in the Playgirl collection are all really hot and easily turned me on. ~Secret Lovers from the Playgirl’s Erotic Collection DVD~ It’s perfect for your romance novel reader, looking to take it up a notch-the couples roll play some very common woman fantasies, very tame compared to hard core porn, yet great sex scenes, more than enough to get you going. The Men are amazing hunks of flesh-worth watching! It’s a little bit slower that most Porn, more like a romantic encounter Fantasy come true. ~Stripped~ This one must be good-We’ve tried to get through it at least 3 times now. I rate movies by how long it takes us to stop watching and start getting jiggy. It’s great if we remember to pause. This one has lots more of the great fantasy scenes, a bit more realistic than the first one we watched. Most of these scenes could actually happen and are all the kind women would tend to be more comfortable with-all one on one-no extra partners. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the first shot of this hunky older man slapping the monkey and then later in Playgirl Stripped DVD they had another 50’s scene with a younger hunk that started the same way although he got a little help in the end. As always in the Playgirl’s collection of DVD’s tastefully done, comfortable to watch (for woman or couples) and very hot Bodies on both the woman and men. ~Body Worship~ Really liked this one! A bit more action than the first 2-It took us a week to get through Body Worship-Great Playgirl DVD. 3 days just to get through the first scene-it had a male stripper-that really turned me on-just watching and the narration that went along with it-the stripper followed the narration very well. The Playgirl Body Worship helped me to tell Clearance exactly what I wanted and he was able to fulfill my desires just as I described them to him. The only thing I didn’t like was some of the music-It had a lot of synthesized music that sounded like Video game music. I’m a musician and really enjoy quality music. You’d think with all the starving artist in the world they could pay someone to write some good music. ~Bonus Disc~ The Bonus Disc from the Playgirls Erotic Collection DVD had 3 hot scenes –worth watching-although a bit more hard core then the Playgirl DVD’s a little something for the guy’s and gal’s that like a bit more action in the sex scenes.
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on 9/21/2008 8:19:41 AM
For Couples Collection
This 4 DVD collection includes 3 DVDs of movies and 1 DVD of X-Rated Movies. We consider this a good addition to your movie collection because these movies are intended for women and couples. You know that women are sometimes not much into porn movies specially that intense kind of movies men are into. Well these DVDs will get your lady in the mood because they are made for her. Attractive couples, different scenarios, lots of fantasies and well shot movies. Each DVD is a compilation of 6 different vignettes that are not in sequence or related. Each vignette is a different fantasy a woman creates with her ideal man. Men will also like this kind of movies because of the attractive people and moreover because your lover will be turned one from the very beginning. The only downside is the woman narrator that talks describing the fantasy while the scene is taking place. She doesn’t talk throughout the whole scene, but at some point of the movie you don’t want to hear that, but the sounds of the couple in action.
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on 8/26/2008 12:23:30 PM
Hot Stuff for the Ladies!
The Playgirl’s Erotic Collection is a must watch set for the girls and couples alike. It is not hard core at all and is mood setting visual erotic to say the least. Guys, if you want to get your ladies interested in watching erotic this is a set to buy, it is aimed at the ladies and indulging fantasies. This is a 4 disc set: 3 Full length Features and plus a sampler, bonus disc with girl on girl action! Four hearts for this erotic disc set! Ms Diva~ Buzz Team
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on 7/20/2008 9:15:43 AM
Better for women than men, great models
My wife and I aren't into typical porn which highlights hardcore sex. we prefer something with a slight plot which takes some time to build to the sex such as 'The Masseuse.' These movies are all well done with very good looking actors but each scene is pretty much the same thing. Boy meets girl, they kiss, she gives him oral, he gives her oral then they have intercourse. Same formula time after time with no plot. Kind of got old after the first three scenes.
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on 5/26/2008 7:03:20 PM
fun with your partner
These are set up for the gals to like, and the guys to like because the gals will watch, enjoy and get turned on. Not low budget, but nicely done, and both guys and gals are nice to watch. My wife does not like normal adult films, but did enjoy these.
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