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Rawhide 2: Dirty Deeds

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Rawhide #2 is a modern day story where a single remaining ranch sits in the middle of an area being bought up by a greedy land developer. The owner of the ranch is a strong willed woman who refuses to sell her land to the developers because the property has been in her family for many, many years. She has always lived on this ranch and actually makes a decent living with the crops, cattle, horses, and other products produced and maintained there. If she were to "move on", she wouldn't know what to do and would have no income. This makes her struggle all the more important to her. The head of the land developers is an even tougher woman who has used her money and power to strong arm any resistance encountered while buying out the whole area. She basically "runs" the whole town and has both the law and high-ranking officials paid off or in her back pocket. So she does as she pleases, with no consequences. She is use to getting her way and when she doesn't, she simply has one of her many"employees" take care of the problem for her by any means possible. An additional main character that plays a pivotal role in the story is a lone drifter that wanders into town while this "conflict" takes place, and comes to the aid of the ranch owner, standing up for her when she cannot. Initially, nothing is known about this character other than he is a drifter in need of work and a place to the story unfolds, more and more is revealed about this character's past. After declining to sell her property, the woman land developer and her cronies resort to sabotage, dirty tricks, and utmost "force" in order to run the ranch owner off. But, it is not going to be easy because neither the ranch owner nor her newfound friend, "the drifter", are going to give up without a fight.

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Running Time: 174

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