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Vampires reign in this cutting edge, sexually intense motion picture.Irresistible Melissa is one of the beautiful undead, turned into a vampire during an outrageous orgy.But she’d give anything to be mortal again and back in the arms of her hunky lover.Will an elixir that turns back time do the trick?Find out in this lavishly produced feature that sports a large and attractive cast, great European locations, and absolutely raw eroticism.

Feature Runtime: 128 Minutes
DVD Extras: 24 Minutes
Male, Female
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My Vampire Fix Submitted 10/7/2009
Ritual is so hot. It is also a really good movie. I would recommend this to couples, singles anyone who likes story lines, anal sex, double-penetration, oral sex, lesbians and orgies. If any of these things turn you off I would suggest you view something else. The biting was not that bloody so it is watchable for those that are squeamish. I am not a fan of story lines during porn but it did not bother me at all it actually was nice to see it could be done well. It turned out to be a good movie that just happened to have hardcore erotic full on sex in it. This is a french film so be sure to change the settings before you start the movie or you will get a surprise called subtitles. Ritual was filmed with high quality production value, I do not say that lightly. You can see everything and I do not recall any moments when I was wondering why are they shooting it like that or why are they talking. I would consider this flick hardcore porn, I loved it and I am so glad I have it in my collection. I will look for more flicks from this director and company. It stars Cindy Dollar - Eufrat - Gina - Ian Scott - Jennifer Love - Leny Ewil - Lewis Wayne - Martin Gun - Martin Schneiser - Michelle - Olivier Sanchez - Simone Style - Vanessa May - Venus - Zoe
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Puss N Boots
Where’s the bite? Submitted 10/6/2009
Ritual wasn’t quite what we had anticipated. I guess that’s probably because there weren’t many fangs involved. Orgies were involved though and they are some of the hottest orgy scenes we’ve ever seen filmed! It’s literally packed with over two hours of intense action! The storyline was pretty easy to follow too. This is one DVD that has the option of hearing the audio in several different languages as well as having several subtitle options. There’s not a whole lot of extras with this one but there are some safe sex commercials that we found hilarious! So make sure you check those out too. To sum it up, it’s a dark drama that will leave you feeling sorry for the main character played by Melissa Lauren. The rest of the cast, as well as Melissa, are totally hot! That’s always a plus for us. The lighting and angles passed our test too. So if you’re into orgies with intense action, you’ll really enjoy this DVD!
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Hard Core Action Submitted 10/6/2009
Ritual is a well produced European erotic film. I was impressed by the period costumes that spanned centuries and locations used. They were well thought out. It was surprising to find such elaborate sets in an adult movie. I was turned off by the English subtitles and found myself fast forwarding to the sex scenes. If you like your porn to be hard, then Ritual will be for you. It has everything from anal, lesbian, double penetration, group sex, and straight sex. Couples that enjoy art or European films may enjoy this movie.
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Clearance & Candy
Anal Overload Submitted 10/7/2009
Ritual is a little hard to get started, as it is a foreign production and you must get it into the English version B-4 playing. This movie is about a Vampire who wants to go back to being human and what she is willing to do to get there. There is a lot of anal action in this film as well as orgies, girl on girl, three ways and hetero. I would recommend this film for those who like it a little dirtier, this one is a little raunchier than most of the films we have seen. This would make a great film to watch for Halloween…but don’t expect too much scary unless lots of raw sex scares you.
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AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!! Submitted 10/9/2009
Ritual: Rating GREAT Jumped to #1 The best way to describe this movie: It’s European. What a totally different and exciting group of filmmakers. The high intensely of the sex in this movie is electrifying: a lot of anal sex and double penetration, the using of sex toys and that is in the first 10 minutes. The film style is very different than the American filmmakers: their constant use of cum shots being in the girl’s mouth has become a turn off for me. This filmmakers’ use of a wide variety of cum shots, partners and not the excessively dwelling on one particular act in a scene was refreshing. Some scenes are hot and dirty, while others are loving and passionate. They use sensitive audio of both the men and women. So, you hear the slightest moan or breath. This movie contains a lot of sex with a slight undertone of a plot: A vampire looking to end her immortality. The actresses are stunningly beautiful and classy. The actors are very well endowed. It wasn’t before long that I was grabbing for my favorite toy to join in on all the fun. This is one awesome film. Tip: Be sure to check out the extras; the commercials used to promote safe sex are hysterical.
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