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Stud Hunters

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Stud Hunters

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$34.95 On Demand, watch it nowWatch Now
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Femme Productions and Director Candida Royalle feature Stud Hunters, a satirical look at the adult entertainment industry which spoofs every aspect of XXX from backstage shenanigans to the egos, fans, paparazzi...and even Candida Royalle herself!
Erotic film director Carla Divine and her star, Giselle Lorngette head east to New York City to hunt for the perfect new stud for their next movie. Dozens of men show up to audition, but things don't go so smoothly as Carla tries desperately to keep her wannabe studs on the set and off the casting couch! Things spin hilariously out of control, but in the end, the director has her revenge in the most enviable of ways!
Feature Runtime: 83 Minutes

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on 3/11/2010 12:00:00 AM
Great Humor, Great Porn
I want to say that I was severely surprised by how good this adult movie actually was. The last couple adult films I've watched have been really cheesy and not very enjoyable. This one really surprised me. It was 83 minutes of giggles, smiles, and hot sex scenes. The characters really seem to enjoy having sex with one another, and it's completely sensual and erotic. It's interspersed with a great storyline that keeps me wanting to watch the movie. My only complaint is how slow it was to get started. You will spend about twenty minutes watching the beginning without any sort of sex scene, and honestly, it's not a twenty minutes that is filled with the best acting. However, once you do get to the sex scenes, they really are sexual and draw you in. I enjoyed sitting and watching all fifteen minutes of each because it was just so nicely planned out. Plus, it's obvious that this movie was created with a woman's pleasure in mind since a lot of time is spent on oral sex. There's four different scenes in this movie: One male/female on a casting couch, one male/female after they discover the first couple on the couch, another male/female with a repressed woman who shows her dominant side to the male, and the last female/male/male/male/male scene at the end with the director. It's an adult movie that doesn't take itself too seriously and will make you smile and shake your head all while enjoying watching the amazing scenes. They put all of their time into the great sex scenes, and it's obvious the script was written to make you smile. The acting isn't the best at times, but it still pulls together pretty nicely. This certainly isn't hardcore porn – it's definitely more softcore, but it really does its job well at arousing whoever is watching.
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on 2/15/2010 5:31:15 PM
Not It!
The concept of a female directed porn target to woman and couples is a very good idea. But it did not work in “Stud Hunters”. The humor was over the top and ruined what could have been a good movie. The acting leading up to the sex scenes was way too drawn out. We almost turned it off. It did have one very good sensual sex scene. The characters had good chemistry, but it was not enough to make the DVD worthy of adding to any collection. We still both agree that a female directed adult movie could be perfect for couples. But this DVD was not it.
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on 1/15/2010 2:58:08 PM
A great couples' movie...
“Stud Hunters” is another ‘made for women’ erotic, very funny movie from Candida Royalle and Femme Productions. Female director and star from California travel to New York to audition new male talent for a film. Everything from transportation, budget, location, sets, talent, the media, fans and filming an adult movie is poked fun at. Nearly an hour and a half long, there are 5 scenes of very hot, sensual erotic sex. What makes this movie different is not the lack of intercourse, positions, oral sex, toys, or orgasms but the exclusion of ‘pop shots’ and male oriented angles and ‘gangbang’ action. More ‘real life’ sex between couples is shown, with great sensuality and respect. Sometimes, with over the top wild humor. The pace is good; the (new) actors are quite handsome and very talented. Satire is my favorite adult film genre and few directors know how to pull it off without being offensive or banal. This is top-notch entertainment. Be sure to watch the movie, the second time around with Candida’s commentary for additional fun. Disc 2 incl: Candida Royalle trailers, scrapbook, Behind the Scenes footage, outtakes, bio/company information. I’m thinking this might be a good choice for someone new to adult movies. Interesting plot, lighthearted story, great lighting/editing and steamy sex! I’ll definitely watch this one again; “Stud Hunters” is a gem!
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on 1/13/2010 2:50:44 PM
Where’s the Beef?
His Review: An adult movie director and her star are in NYC to find some studs for their next big production. There’s a lot of time spent looking at the hopeful and far too many hopeless “studs” for our taste. The star gets tired of waiting and is talked out of her clothes by a stud on the casting couch while the lovely assistant watches and auditions another one of the studs in the control room. The big finale with the director in “charge” ends with a whimper, not as cry of pleasure. This movie is based on a sound story, but don’t plan to get turned on right away. Stud hunters is very slow to get started, even slow for the wife, who likes a story line and even some anticipation in her adult entertainment. When the fun finally got started, they were done and talking again so quickly that we outlasted the performers. It does pick up quite a bit b-4 the end and it did finally get us aroused. The sex was sensual and the performers were attractive, but If you really enjoy hardcore porn, I would not recommend this DVD for you, but if you want to “watch a movie” with your lover this would be a good pick. Her Review: For me this one was like being with a man who can’t make it happen for me. I was frustrated, and wishing things would move along-it didn’t move fast enough for me-I’ve only been watching porn regularly for a couple of years. I usually find a lot of it too graphic, and in your privates and all. Stud Hunters didn’t give me enough to get my juices flowing till the very end and it was over oh so quickly. I think, I might have liked this better if it had been one of my first few Porn DVD’s.
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