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The Bridal Shower DVD

The Bridal Shower DVD

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They're having champagne at this bridal shower - just enough to loosen tongues as each of the ladies retells a sexually inspiring experience that's played out on screen in erotic detail. One guest recalls how she revitalized her marriage with blindfold and fantasy sex. The guest of honor reveals her fantasy of a menage a trois in what turns out to be a scene so blazing hot, you'll never look at your butcher block the same way. This flick pays homage to the art of foreplay and tease and the scene where the ladies model lingerie in front of a video camera is to die for.

Candida Royalle went from being an adult film star to creating the internationally acclaimed Femme line of erotic movies from a woman's perspective. She has since lectured worldwide on her work, and is the first adult filmaker to have been invited into membership by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists.

Length: 79 minutes

Male, Female
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Clearance & Candy
Great for Newbies? Submitted 1/17/2010
The Bridal Shower has gradual buildup, with a lot of talking. As the Bridal Shower progresses the women start talking about their experiences, and as they tell their story they drift off into their sex scenes that they are describing. Candida Royalle’s films are a little different than your regular Porn. It’s not going to jump right into a sex scene on the very first shot, like a lot of porn. It’s a more gradual intro into the hard core sex, with dialog between each sex scene. We’ve been watching porn for about 3 years now and for us this was a little slow, and only some of the stars seemed to have a really good spark between them. As I’ve said with some of my other reviews on the Candida Royalle’s series, this would be pretty good for someone just getting into porn. I expected this series to have more romance, and some great couple’s sex-it did offer some great sex scenes-I would have preferred something with a little less talking and a lot more romance too heat up the screen. When it does get down to the sex, it’s regular hot porn sex, all the actors are more mature, than a lot of the young hotties I’ve seen in a lot of porn. This particular Candida Royalle film offers a little more variety than some of the others and includes a 3 way scene and even a 5 Woman Play scene that they videotape for their men to enjoy later.
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Genie's out of her Bottle...
Very sexy rather than hard core... Submitted 2/7/2010
'Bridal Shower' from Candida Royalle is a very sensual, erotic adult movie about girlfriends who get together for a bridal shower, drink champagne and share very intimate secrets. Nina Hartley, Missy and Porsche Lynn are only some of the really talented and beautiful women in this production. The men are handsome and talented as well. The storyline moves along well and each fantasy involves a specific concern Candida wanted to have couples explore. Issues incl: how to slow down love making, alleviating performance anxieties, discussing new fantasies, and lighthearted strip tease tips. There is all the excellent lighting, costumes, sets and discreet camera angles one expects from Femme Productions. No 'pop shots' or 'legs spread' angles. The movie runs under 90 minutes. There is several outdoor scenes, a bedroom scene and an especially hot ménage à trois kitchen scene! I thoroughly enjoyed watching this and liked it even more so the second time, hearing Candida's commentary. Additional extras incl: photo scrapbook, trailers, Natural Contours info and scene selection option. This is a title to consider for a 'first' adult film or for those (couples) who are uncomfortable with 'typical' hard core porn movies.
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Mr. and Mrs. Southern Comfort
Occupying that space between soft and hardcore Submitted 2/10/2010
If you are a couple that is not really into hardcore porn but wants to see a little more than you get in a softcore film, this is the movie for you. The sex is passionate and real, just not explicit and really hot. The film is based on five women sharing stories about their most memorable times with their lovers. The bridal shower finishes with a 5-way orgy between all the players. While this had a lot of potential to be blisteringly hot given the actresses involved, it turns out to be rather silly and playful. Nina finishes the film with her man. This is a passionate and sensual scene that is on par with most of this film. It’s sexy, just not steamy. Like other Candida Royalle films, this movie is focused on the woman’s pleasure. The attention paid to the women in the scenes makes for passionate, and often romantic sex. While this wasn’t quite our speed, we would recommend this to couples just venturing into the watching porn.
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Fun Times in NC
Great to start her engine Submitted 4/15/2010
If you want to get your female warmed up, you can't go wrong with a Candida Royalle movie. This is soft porn that keeps the female in mind with strong plots and no "up close" or "pop shots" that are in hardcore porn. The plot is about women sitting around a table during a bridal shower and they go over various sexual adventures and/or fantasies. There is a nice variety of boy/girl, girl/girl, and a boy/girl/girl threesome. The best thing about a Candida Royalle movie is it can make it much easier to see something and say "hey, that looks fun, let's try that" vs. trying to bring it up on your own. Candida movies are always tastefully done, nice lighting, nice costumes and most importantly that seem to be so believable - The Bridal Shower is no exception to these standards.
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Roger and Jessica Rabbit
Finally—an adult video for women! Submitted 5/14/2010
Finally—an adult video with a story line and scenes that appeals to me as a woman! The Bridal Shower treats sexuality as it should—as though it is for real people with real relationships. Roger talked me into getting and watching Bridal Shower, and I reluctantly agreed. I had assumed it would be the same as all the rest—a lot of guys having very unrealistic sex with women who look like models. This one was not targeted just for men, and I loved it!The story line in Bridal Shower was about a group of women conveying experiences of methods they used to improve their sex lives with their husbands. After the first sexual encounter on the video, I found myself empathizing with and appreciating the actors. The video helped me remember some of the important things in our relationship, such as the need to be a little less mechanical, and spend a little more time connecting with one another. After watching the video, we had a really nice, very loving, sexual encounter, which was more like sex when we first met. I appreciate how Bridal Shower helped us reconnect, and I'm going to look for other videos from Candida Royalle!
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Great for beginners Submitted 7/13/2012
This is a fun fantasy driven movie for couples. The sex is good, but not as steamy as some of Candida's other movies. We found One Size Fits All to hit home more. It was the first movie we bought, but not the first we watched. Others we had seen had more appeal than this one.
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