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The Five

The Five

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Catch superstar sex with the 5 hottest women in adult in The Five!

Girl next door Bree Olson takes it in the booty from a lean, hung stud. Sultry Sasha Grey rides her big man cowgirl, while willowy Jenna Haze satisfies a well-endowed beau. Bree assists as an experienced penissman anally ravishes buxom Shyla Stylez, and blonde Alexis Texas play naughty submissive to a suited CEO. Absolutely scorching! With over an hour of extras and a 4 hour bonus tribute to adorable Bree!

Bonus disc: 238 minutes.

Feature Runtime: 110 Minutes
DVD Extras: 62 Minutes
Male, Female
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Ms Diva
Bree and her gal pals are stunning in this feature Submitted 11/2/2009
The Five, an Adam & Eve Production staring Bree Olson with four other hot female co- stars Jenna Haze, Alexis Texas, Shyla Stylez and Sasha Grey in a stunningly erotic collection of five scenes. Each scene feature one of the staring ladies and one of the co-staring men with the exception of Bree assisting Shayla and her man. This collection vignettes has heterosexual and girl on girl, oral and anal sex plus body shots. The camera angles and close ups are good with excellent transition between scenes. All the women are stunningly beautiful and men are pleasant to look at too. This is a good guys movie but the ladies should enjoy it also. There is no storyline which is just perfect for us as a couple. I picked this movie because I thought, that my man would enjoy it and he did and so did I. On the Special Features the usual are there along with a Bonus Scene from Sunshine Highway starring Bree Olson and a link for a digital download of the movie for your computer… cool! The Bonus Disc in my case was Everyone Loves Bree (starring Bree Olson) another really hot film you don‘t want to miss out on. Because everyone loves Bree and Bree loves everyone too. I have to rate this one five heart for it’s sheer eroticism. Ms Diva
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Sexy Love Birds
It's a 5! Submitted 11/6/2009
If Bree Olson isn’t reason enough to check out The Five then Jenna Haze, Sasha Grey, Alexis Texas & Shyla Stylez certainly should be! The Five is an all-sex movie starring five sultry vixens performing in straight scenes and a girl-boy-girl featuring Bree and Shyla that will leave you breathless. All of the scenes are hot and there are great tease style transitions segueing between each. The Five is hot and sexy enough for an all-sex title that she will enjoy it as much as he will. The Bonus Features include a free digital download version of the movie that you can copy to your computer and a Bonus DVD; ours is Everybody Loves Bree which is in and of itself a knockout movie!!! The Five is a smoking hot Five!!!
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The Pres. and Mrs. Bush
Something for everyone Submitted 11/12/2009
The First Lady and I found the actors quite attractive and sexy. The format is the vignette-style that we typically like, but most of the scenes were too staged for us, too repetitive, and occasionally seemed to drag on too long. We both like videos where the participants are actively engaged in pleasing their partner(s) with passionate, loving, and caring moments interspersed amongst the sex. The action in this video was sometimes a little too harsh and impersonal for us. The actors often seemed interested in self-satisfaction and performance. We didn’t like that they frequently acknowledged that a camera was recording their actions by looking at the camera rather than their partners. There was plenty of sex and in just about any variety you can imagine, but with way too much anal for us. So why did we give this video four hearts? Well, including the bonus material and bonus disc, there’s about seven hours of content and we did find a couple of the vignettes to be very hot and much more in line with our tastes. One scene, “Eden,” on the bonus disc featured two guys and one girl on a beach with soft sand and gorgeous bodies contrasted against hard jagged rocks and the sounds and sights of the ocean waves breaking on the beach and rocks. The scene was intense, but also beautiful and erotic; and the sex was passionate and very hot. While this video may lean more toward guys, with so much content there’s certainly enough to found by anyone, or any couple, that even somewhat enjoys adult video.
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Variety is the spice of life Submitted 11/17/2009
The Five is a good couples DVD when you are in the mood for the action to get hot quick. No drawn out story here. It has a good variety of sex scenes to spice up the night. If something was missed, the extra DVD made up for it. We found all of the actors to be attractive and hot! Bree’s body screams sex. The production quality was very good. I give The Five, four hearts for variety and for its five hot scenes.
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The Playful Couple
Hot, and a great value... who knew? Submitted 1/22/2010
The Five is a first rate compilation film. Where most comp films seem to take a collection of grainy clips with no scene breaks, and jam them onto a disc for a quick buck, The Five has taken a step in the right direction. Adam & Eve have put together a collection of five of the hottest porn starlets, and cut out all of the cheesy plots and dialogue that seem to pollute some of the hottest films. Bree Olson stars alongside Sasha Grey, Shyla Styles, Jenna Haze, and Alexis Texas in five super hot sex scenes, with none of the crap that usually would flood the down time. Each starlet shines in her own way. A fan of any of these women knows what to expect from them. The sex is steamy, and well worth picking this title up. Personally, we don’t care for two of the stars, so it won’t frequent the bedroom DVD player, but it is still a first rate title. As if the high quality production wasn’t enough, Adam & Eve includes a bonus disc in the package that is by far better than any other bonus disc we’ve ever seen. I won’t spoil the surprise, but let’s just say it has more content than The Five DVD does, and it is not a behind the scenes disc. First rate production, hot starlets, no filler space, an extra full length disc, and lots of steamy sex make The Five is a smart buy for just about anybody.
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