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The Wicked

The Wicked

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This eerie thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat!

A road trip turns deadly when five young (18+) friends embark on a journey to attend an annual festival in the desert. The eclectic group is looking forward to a free-spirited weekend, a place to let down their hair and escape their hectic lives. But what begins as mild paranoia becomes a most dangerous game when one of them goes missing. Soon thereafter, the danger intensifies into a horrifying reality as they learn The Wicked have awakened. Award winning director Michael Raven skillfully showcases his talent as a story teller in this epic adventure. The Wicked: Can you survive 'til dawn?

Performers: Scarlett Fay, Jenny Hendrix, Stormy Daniels, Kaylani Lei, Sophia Santi, Mikayla Mendez, Roxy DeVille, Tori Black, Aaron Wilcoxxx, Aaron Wilcox, Rocco Reed, Derrick Pierce, Evan Stone, Barry Scott, Johnny Castle, Voodoo, and Barrett Blade

Feature Runtime: 106 Minutes
DVD Extras: 168 Minutes
Wicked Pictures
Male, Female
Genre :
Kaylani Lei
Wicked Pictures
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Ms Diva
Pretty good erotic thriller! Submitted 11/19/2008
I have always liked vampire movies, thrillers and erotic films. The Wicked incorporates all these elements to different degrees of success. This movie has plot, dialogue and some really good sex scenes with attractive women. I thought, that the plot was just a tad weak and the execution lacking but enjoyable. The vampire scenes were not all that bloody so it is watchable for those that are squeamish. The story line could have had a more climactic ending to it like the sex scenes instead of ending abruptly as it did. Overall, we liked this erotic thriller so I am giving it four hearts. Good couples movie. Ms Diva
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The Playful Couple
Like a Raggedy Quilt Submitted 10/10/2009
The title may sound weird, but hear me out. Have you ever lay on the couch freezing and grabbed a thin old blanket to find warmth? It doesn't quite satisfy in any way. It's a little thin, has too many holes, and doesn't quite provide you with what you were looking for in terms of satisfaction. It works, but just not well. That is "The Wicked" for us. The plot was less than weak. Character development is almost non-existent, with absolutely no discernable motivation for anything that happens for the entire film. The story seems like a sorry attempt at copying from Dusk Till Dawn + sex. Filmmakers obviously tried to add a little scare in the movie, but we found it difficult to fear a man with pointy teeth standing still, waiting to be shot. Where the whole thing fell apart for us was the sex. The cast is comprised of Wicked Pictures all stars (Evan Stone, Kaylani Lei, Stormy Daniels, Barret Blade, etc...). With a superstar cast like that you'd expect sizzle. Unfortunately for us, "The Wicked" fell flat. Most of the scenes were far too short (3-4 minutes). With a movie run time of about 1 hour and 45 minutes, the short sex scenes leave lots of room for the very long, lame, plot moving scenes. The bulk of the sex scenes are shot in a semi-artsy way. One has a gritty old film type feel, one has soft edges with lots of fading between angles, and so on. Normally, we like this, but in this film they were too short and devoid of passion. The movie did not appeal much to us, but it is obvious that extensive effort was put into the whole production. If you are a fan of those new age vampire flicks, and only like to watch sex for a few minutes at a time, it might be worthwhile to give "The Wicked" a try.
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Mr. and Mrs. Allure
Have a Wicked evening Submitted 10/18/2009
“The Wicked” was a good addition to our collection in that it was a nice change of pace to the normal adult film. Being a movie fan, I first began to critique “The Wicked” as a movie. Within the first 5 minutes, I had to quickly change my approach because I realized that this is still a porno, just with added entertainment value. The acting wasn’t that great, but their actions were certainly captivating. The plot was a little weak, but we watched all 106 minutes and were completely entertained. The dream sequences were somewhat random, but they were certainly steamy. One aspect that I really found great, was that the soundtrack for this movie is the best score (pun intended) I have heard in an adult film. Not only was the movie entertaining, the bonus disc was loaded with extras like extended sex scenes, bonus sex scenes, the making of the film, photo galleries, etc. Overall, this a great 2-disc set.
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Digital copy Submitted 10/25/2009
I am shocked by how much I really loved “The Wicked” DVD. I am a huge horror flick fan and let me say this is a horror movie with explicit sex all throughout. I have seen TV shows with worse acting. For the most part everyone who had lines could act. Shocking I know and the main chick, Kaylani Lei, is really hot. It is not too bloody for those that are squeamish but is very bloody when compared to flicks like Ritual. “The Wicked” is a great addition to my porn collection and is great for couples and single people who are in the mood for a story line. But have no fear with the 7 sex scenes you still know you are watching porn. Some of the scenes were random but no big deal as they were entertaining. The ending was odd and left things hanging but maybe they want to make a sequel who knows. Oh and did I mention the coolest feature of this DVD set is the digital copy. I think that is genius and all DVDs should look into doing that as well.
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Clearance & Candy
Wickedly Fun Submitted 10/30/2009
The Wicked is a really fun slightly spooky Vampire movie that takes you on a trip with 5 friends to a festival that turns out to be a vampire smorgasbord. The opening was a very sexy and natural outdoor scene filmed in the desert. There are lots of other great sex scenes including a vampire orgy. Don’t worry there are quite a few victims that get fed upon to make the women want to snuggle a little closer. Can the young lovers survive? One of the things that stood out in this movie was the music; it was well mixed and did not just repeat the same cheesy rhythm. This is definitely a great couple’s movie.
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Entertaining Erotic Thriller Submitted 11/24/2009
The Wicked was very entertaining and arousing. The production quality is among the best adult films. We found the story easy to follow. The action heats up quick with the opening scene, which was one of my favorite. Wish it had been a little longer. The rest of the action will not disappoint. All of the couples seemed to be engaged in one another. Nothing is worse than a porn star looking at their watch, counting down the minutes. The Wicked would make for a good couples movie.
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