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Tyler's Wood

Tyler's Wood

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Tyler's Wood features a golf superstar, gorgeous groupies, one outrageous parody! Married sports idol Tyler Wood can't keep his 12 iron in his pants. Tyler penetrates a beautiful brunette, gives his big club to a hot groupie, and takes turns intensely banging a blonde and her sexy Latina gal pal. Mrs. Wood, played by the stunning Kayden Kross, evens the score by doing a leggy European and a heavy hung caddy. Dysfunction has never been so delicious. Fore!

Feature Runtime: 109 Minutes
DVD Extras: 121 Minutes

Male, Female
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El Fantastico
Fore!! Submitted 8/11/2010
Tyler's Wood is a parody of the Tiger Woods scandal and as far as parodies go this one is actually pretty funny. Production values are good and while like most parodies, the plot is not awe inspiring it is amusing. The sex in the DVD is where it really shines, as one would expect with a Kayden Kross-Tyler Knight movie. It has a nice assortment of different types of scenes, so everyone should be able to find something they like in this one. It has extras, including trailers and bonus scene, but again the sex is what really "drives" Tyler's Wood. This is a solid movie interested in an amusing movie with solid production and good sex scenes. Four Hearts.
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One Of The Better Parodies Of The Year Submitted 8/30/2010
There are few adult movies that I can say "share or watch with your friends" and this one is definitely one of them! The characters look almost identical to their off-screen counterparts, and Tyler Knight does a hilarious impression of Woods. The sex scenes are steamy, and cover something to get everyone's attention. The bonus material is decent, but won't keep you coming back like the movie itself. Overall this is a very well produced movie that will turn you on, then get you laughing, then turn you on again. If you are a true adult movie aficionado, or even a once in a while viewer, you'll definitely enjoy this movie, one way or another.
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Steamy but goofy Submitted 8/31/2010
If you are a parody fan, you will probably appreciate Tyler's Wood. The sex scenes are shot as flashbacks as Tyler addresses the media at a press conference after his wife smashes his car with a baseball bat. Though humorous, I did not find the acting that appealing. The sex scenes, however, were hot. And they were surprisingly not all black on white. There was a hot lesbian scene, a couple of solid Tyler scenes, one scene with another couple entirely, and then one scene with two chicks with Tyler. A good variety. And if you like 69... this one is full of it. Though I don't know that the acting would have me hit repeat, the scenes themselves were steamy enough to watch again. If you like some comedy mixed in your adult flick, this is a great parody to get you started.
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Clearance & Candy
Birdie Submitted 4/12/2011
Tyler’s Wood from Adam & Eve pokes fun at Tyler’s indiscretions and the story behind the now infamous golfer’s life. Meet Tyler’s mistresses and see why he had a tough time swinging his wood on his home course. Skipping the corny but too real plot, there is tons of hot sex with a three way and some lesbian sex thrown in for fun. We prefer a little more variety on the actor side and got bored rather quickly with Tyler Knight. This one might be good for golf fans but left us wishing for a bigger drive. If this movie was only as good as the real Tyler’s golf game this could have been great but was still worth watching. Friend us on Facebook!
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