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Wedding Bell Blues

Wedding Bell Blues

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9 reviews

In Wedding Bell Blues, starring Kirsten Price, wild sexual vignettes abound in this super steamy romantic comedy. Tantalizing Tiffany is set to wed but is getting cold feet. All the lost opportunities for erotic adventure! Tiff's maid of honor tells of outrageous public sex, while her mom flashbacks to revolutionary days with a heavy hung black radical. Even Tiff's saintly priest has a scandalous story from his pre-clerical past! Will Tiffany walk down the aisle? Find out in this #1 couples release.

Feature Runtime: 88 Minutes
DVD Extras: 62 Minutes

Wicked Pictures
Male, Female
Wicked Pictures
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The Pres. and Mrs. Bush
Humor was about it for us Submitted 3/17/2009
Wedding Bell Blues was definitely lighthearted and mostly humorous, but that is about as far as it went for us. We did enjoy two scenes: The scene with the maid of honor in the woods, which was hot and cute, especially with the humorous end; and the last scene with the bride and her new husband, which we thought was the best of the video. The seemingly continuous and repetitive, moaning/squealing interspersed with dirty talk seemed endless and actually became boring—hit the fast forward—a couple times. And the scenes with the priest and with the bride’s mom were fast-forward moments for us as well. Even though it was mostly broken up into vignettes, which is the style we usually like, we probably won’t ever watch this one again mostly because we found the sounds accompanying the sex to be boring verging on annoying. We tend to like videos with tender, impassioned sex that plays off the romantic chemistry and the contrasts of colors, light and shadows and I suppose this one was just too different from that style.
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The Playful Couple
Just a well shot porno... Submitted 4/30/2009
Most of the time, Wicked Pictures impresses me. It is not too often that I find their work to be just ok. Wedding Bell Blues is exactly that, OK. The production value is great as with any of Wicked's releases. Kirsten Price and the rest of the cast all look great and do their jobs well. For me, though production counts for a lot, I look to adult films to stand out. In today's adult film world, there are literally millions of titles to choose from. The bulk of modern porn is gonzo (no script, just sex), which is why I like Wicked so much. They are one of few companies who make movies, with hot sex in them. That being said, I look to these features to instill in me a desire to watch them again. This film has little replay value for me. The dialogue is cheesy and flat, the action is very vanilla (not much variation during the sex scenes), and I really never cared or was interested in the people on screen. The sex is hot at times, but I guess I strive for a darker theme. It is not a bad film by any means. In fact, by my standards, this movie is truly a great production. I just don't really want to watch it again.
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Ms Diva
okay to good couples movie Submitted 6/8/2009
As far as an adult film as a romantic comedy goes Wedding Bell Blue is okay at best. We watched this film together and in our opinion Kirsten Price (Tiffany) was over dramatic/over the top in her acting as the bride with cold feet, however her sex scene was terrific as usual. This film consists of five scenes of sexual flashbacks and fantasies all of which are stimulating. Our favorite was the woods scene with the hikers/backpackers. All the scenes are heterosexual or interracial and only with oral or vaginal sexing in this film. There isn’t any lesbian or anal sex in this film so it may appeal to a wider audience that want a mild to moderate adult film that has a comedy flare. Okay to good couples movie! Ms Diva
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Puss N Boots
A comical fun watch for couples! Submitted 3/13/2009
This movie opens with a comical scene of cold feet while preparing to be married! The main character is afraid of what she might lose if she walks down the isle and her fantasy is played out, on screen, of what she thinks she might miss out on. There are five scenes in total during the movie and the story line is easy to follow and humorous! Of course the acting is not the best but it wasn’t horribly bad either. It doesn’t have anal scenes, threesomes or girl on girl scenes so it isn’t a hard core movie. The lighting, angles and film quality are all good and it is done in good taste! It would be a great movie for couples to watch without anyone feeling intimidated! They would probably find themselves laughing like we did but it is supposed to be humorous so that’s a good thing! Definitely a light and refreshing change from the norm! Just don’t forget to check out the extras for a bonus scene featuring Tommy Gun and Kirsten Price!
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Mrs. Adventurous
At home date night movie Submitted 3/17/2009
This movie has 5 different scenes that are all with different characters. It’s nice that not all the scenes are connected to each other, plus none of them are to crazy or drawn out. The story line is a little cheesy along with the acting, there were a few times when I laughed at the acting. However the scenes were well shot and hot. There is no anal or girl on girl, which is nice once in a while. This is a nice couple’s movie in the fact that it’s just couples having sex, and they are scenes that don’t make you feel like you need to get all crazy. The bonus material is limited. The bonus scene wasn’t a sex scene so it wasn’t much of a bonus in my eyes, but if you like watching blow jobs and pop shots you would like the bonus. Over all the movie is a nice movie for any couple that will spice up the night without making anyone feel like they are missing out.
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Ending kinda dull Submitted 4/14/2009
I enjoyed this funny, but sexy DVD by Vivid. Vivid is a great company and their productions are always top of the line, and this movie is no different. The main character spends this movie thinking about all that she has to lose if she gets married. There are a total of five scenes, all of which are pretty good. The acting and the dialogue is really what you expect from a porno, but thats not always a bad thing. The women are super hot, as usual per vivid's standards, you wont be disappointed! the graphics are pretty good and there are some great closeups that gets you right in the action. the movie is farely short, which is a bummer, but there are some bonus materials that make it worth the money. There are a couple of extra sex scenes from other movies, both of which are very good! how can you complain about free extra sex scenes?! also, there are some good trailers and a nice photo gallery, awesome pics of the gorgous women. the main reason why this movie didnt get five stars, besides its length, is that the last scene is pretty disappointing! for a wedding night of a woman who was worried about what she was gonna be missing out on, the scene was pretty boring and short. So that was the only real bummer when i watched the scenes. if you love vivid movies and want a little humor in your porn, this definetly the movie for you!! Hope you enjoy it!
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A light hearted adult film Submitted 5/14/2009
This film will make you chuckle a few times as it doesn't take itself too seriously. Wicked films are known for high quality productions and this one doesn't disappoint. The movie consists of a bunch of flashbacks and fantasies that are played out by a decent cast. We enjoyed the fact that they not only had your typical adult film stars, the ones with BIG everythings! but the also had some average looking actors. This was a pleasant surprise as most films only show the former. The scenes had a good flow, a couple were too long but nothing we couldn't fast forward. You will definitely enjoy the scene in the woods. This was by far our favorite scene.
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Great Film! Submitted 10/7/2011
A sexy romp, funny and lots of steamy and sweaty moments!
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Great for Couples Submitted 7/19/2017
The 1st and Last Sex Scene are excellent. This is a great film for couples who want to spice up their fucking.
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