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Wicked Blockbuster Pack

Wicked Blockbuster Pack

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Backordered Ships 06/08
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An amazing collection of the biggest and best adult movies made. 3 motion pictures that revolutionalized the adult industry, combining Hollywood styled epics with XXX erotica. Includes:

Plus a special bonus disc sampling of the latest Wicked Productions.
Wicked Pictures
Male, Female
Wicked Pictures
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wicked pack comedy sex/take offs of 80's-90's film Submitted 11/13/2007
Not what I thought it would be, but entertaining. If you know it is spoofs of other movies and take it as comedy/entertainment then you will enjoy it.Rather than looking at the billings and covers thinking it is what they portray. Different but ok, not as good as the other blockbuster pack, we enjoy mystery solving and making a game of who got it right,Romance pack & Snow Leopard were far better. However if you enjoy spoofs then this is it.
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Mrs. Adventurous
Definitely one to get! Submitted 8/21/2008
Would definitely recommend this video set! We were impressed with Space Nuts and Curse Eternal, they were very well filmed. Both movies had great shots, and good story lines. We also really liked the fact that condoms were used. Conquest on the other hand, we did not feel was as well filmed. We didn’t feel the shots were the greatest in the sex scenes, and the story line was not interesting, we didn’t feel drawn in by it and quit watching this movie after 35 minutes. We also were not impressed that condoms were not used in Conquest. Over all the set of movies are a good value and great for a couple or individual. These movies definitely added some spice to our nights when we watched them! Hopefully they will for you as well.
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The Playful Couple
What a package! Submitted 8/30/2008
All three of these movies are completely different in approach, cinematography, and plot. As in other reviews, I found Curse Eternal and Space Nuts to be fantastic. Production value on both of these movies was top notch. The action was great. The stories were solid, and the acting was surprisingly not bad. Picture quality was great for both and the camera work was phenominal. Conquest, on the other hand, was not too impressive. The picture was grainy, the lighting was horrible, the story was bland, and there were misplaced sound bites durring sex scenes. When I say misplaced, I'm referring to moaning in the audio matched with a scene of a woman not making a sound. It was not a bad movie by any means, but compared to the other two, it was a bad match. The cost for this package is incredble as better two movies cost $39.99 each! There is also a fourth disc in the package with "extras" on it. It doesn't contain anything too memorable but a few bland sex scenes with very little appeal. All in all though, this package contains much entertainment value, and a ton of truly spankable scenes. I reccomend to anybody that is interested in buying any one of these movies to fork out another ten bucks, and pick up a great deal more hot action.
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Mr. & Mrs. B
Great value – 3 movies in one pack Submitted 8/30/2008
The movies had better than average story lines – great for couples. All three were filled with great costumes, beautiful scenery, gorgeous actors and lots of hot sex scenes. Definitely something for everyone’s tastes. Space Nuts was fun parody of “Star Wars” and “2001: A Space Odyssey” with very silly dialog and character names, as well as outlandish costumes Only complaint was that the soundtrack in Conquest sometimes overpowered the sex scenes and sounds. Definitely a distraction. Our favorite, Curse Eternal, was an adult version of The Mummy movies.
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Mrs. & Mr. Naughty Time
Unique and Fun! Submitted 9/4/2008
With this pack of Wicked movies, you get three movies for the price of one. And best of all, the movies are completely different from each other so you really get a variety. To start off you have Space Nuts. This movie is a trip, it kind of reminds you of Star Wars, but very special, cheesy even. The whole concept is that the Warlord, who's the bad guy wants a wife, but the lady he picks, Princess Hubba Hubba, ain't having it and fights back. Be prepared to watch this movie for a while because it is very long. Secondly, you have Conquest. A movie that kind of reminds me of Pirates, but not as funny. The movie dosen't have much of a story line to me, but the cinematic, scenery, and videograpy was fantastic. The actors and actresses were fabulous and very sexy, all the sex scenes were super steamy. Last we have Curse Eternal. The movie is actually good. Okay, it can be very cheesy at times, but the concept and the story line are pretty good. The actors and actresses are beautiful and they put togeter a production that really works out nicely. While Princess Neferkala comes back to life from her tomb being reopened, to running around Los Angeles and trying to steal someone else man, this movie is filled with all kind of goodies that will keep you entertained. With these three movies combined, you can't go wrong, and I recommend it for everyone!
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