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Sex on the Family Vacation

It's Vacation Time, everybody! And if you can work it right, that also means Vacation Sex, the hottest sex of all! But if it’s a family vacation - it can be difficult to find the right time and place. Here are some tips.

Best ways to say “I love you”

The best ways to say “I love you” are usually in simple, everyday, seemingly unimportant ways. Leo Buscaglia, who wrote and taught about love, said “Words and deeds that say ‘You enrich my life’ go on forever.”

Here are some suggestions to get your own creative juices flowing so that your love for one another will go on forever.

Bath Time Fun for You and Your Partner

If you have been wanting to introduce toys to your relationship but are worried about how your partner will react, the trick is to start off slow. Don’t bring home a life sized penis shaped vibrator first, as he may view that as a replacement for him. You can get to that, but first you have to build the foundation.

10 Compliments that Will Wow your Man

Nearly 70 percent of men say they wish they received more regular compliments from their partner. I’m not suggesting that every guy has to get mushy compliments every day but every once in a while it’s nice to throw one his way. Guys aren’t particularly pumped by compliments like “nice eyes” or “you’re so beautiful”. There are a few, simple things a woman can say to a man that can really get him going.

Are You Keeping Your Mouth Sexy?
Is Your Mouth Sexy?

Before initiating or partaking in even the preliminaries of lovemaking, you should at least abide by these three tips to create a sweet palate for your lover to explore.

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