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It's Vacation Time, everybody! And if you can work it right, that also means Vacation Sex, the hottest sex of all! But if it’s a family vacation - it can be difficult to find the right time and place. Here are some tips.

Sex on the Family Vacation

Sex on the Family Vacation

It's Vacation Time, everybody! And if you can work it right, that also means Vacation Sex, the hottest sex of all! And why is it sexier?

For one thing, people are wearing skimpier clothes -- because of the heat. For another, going on vacation just naturally loosens you up. You're more relaxed, you're away from the day-to-day worries, you've left the office behind (and if you haven't ditched the phone, the laptop and your e-mail, you should! That's what a vacation's for). Get up when you want to, sleep when you want to, and do lots of things that are a complete waste of time. You feel uninhibited, and all that sun, surf and skin makes you hotter than the sand on the beach at noon.

But what if your only vacation has to be a "family" vacation? Okay, so you've rented a vacation house with your whole family including the grandparents, siblings and cousins. The abundance of relatives can actually be a good thing, because there's no dearth of adults who can watch the horde of kids for a couple of hours, or run them into town for ice cream, allowing you two to get away for a little shagging in the sun.

Here's where you have to get creative.

Are you at a lake? Most lakeside rental cabins or resorts have boat rentals, even if it's those little pontoon boats. Take a blanket and find some shady cove away from everyone else. Rent a bigger boat and enjoy the luxury of oceangoing hanky-panky. Try not to come alongside any bigger boats, or you two might become the summer's most entertaining story.

Have summer-camp sex. And by that we mean doing it in a tent, the smaller, the sexier! If you're near the woods, take your tent and find a secluded spot. If you're going out at night, when everyone else is asleep, camping under the stars with the night sounds of crickets and maybe a running stream is one of the most romantic things you can do.

Now's the best time for sex in the shower. Nobody's going to come in, and the noise drowns out the moaning.

Don't discount the quickie! This can be so much fun in a "horny teenage kids" kind of way. Lock yourselves into a closet or a temporarily unused room and do it standing up, preferably with loose clothes on. If either of you is a screamer or a moaner, trying to keep it down just makes it more exciting.

And speaking of horny teenagers... you came there in a car didn't you? Volunteer to "run a few errands" and take a little detour for some back-seat boogie!

Water sports! No, not that kind. While everyone's in the lake, gradually float off and away from everyone else. If you can tread water while giving a hand job, you're home free.

Take a hike. If you've got a pretty good sense of direction, veer off the marked trail and hit the woods. Take your trusty blanket, your bear spray, and be on the lookout for nosy Boy Scouts.

Enjoy your sexy summer!

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