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Joy of Erotic Massage Video

Joy of Erotic Massage Video

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The power to bring your lover to the ultimate heights of sexual satisfaction is now in your hands -- literally!

This hot, new instructional video features explicit uncensored scenes of loving couples demonstrating not just the basic techniques of erotic massage ... but advanced methods of stimulation that are arousing and explosively satisfying!

You learn every teasing touch, every sensual stroke, just by watching. You'll see how to explore, be playful and rediscover your lover's body -- especially in the pleasure zones for heightened sexual arousal! You'll find exciting new ways to bring your lover to powerful extended orgasms ... with just the tender touch of your fingertips. Erotic massage is the touch of love. It arouses the senses ... stimulates a desire for intimacy ... relaxes inhibitions ... intensifies feelings ... and keeps you connected with your lover's erotic needs and desires. It's the gift you'll find as exciting to give -- as to receive.

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joy of erotic massage Submitted 6/16/2005
6/16/2005 husband and I watched this video...imitated this video and went beyond this video...I even shared it with my best friend from college...she too thought it was awesome and wanted it to borrow to use with her husband.
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Feel the experience Submitted 6/8/2005
My husband and I watched this and applauded! Massage was made for such an experience as this. Makes tender love last for hours.
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Miss Kay
Learn the perfect massage techniques Submitted 4/25/2010
The Joy of Erotic Massage DVD is absolutely great for learning how to give a massage. The majority of the DVD is focused on two separate couples giving each other massages. During their massages, you will listen to a guy with a deep, bass voice talk about the different techniques and why each technique is effective for a massage. I was also amazed at the pace the DVD takes. I think that, if you wanted to, you most likely could follow along right with the DVD and not have to wait until later to give a good massage. The DVD itself really does provide a sensual environment if you choose to follow along too. It gives the voice-over guy's voice along with real-looking couples who are shown in slightly-dark lighting that makes the entire scene look even more sensual. Both of the couples stay nude during the entire DVD. The DVD itself provides a lot of different specific techniques when it comes to giving a massage. It will talk about specific body-part targeted massage techniques such as how to give an arm massage, head massage, and the rest of the body parts. The DVD also focuses quite a bit on what techniques you can do during your massage to help you and your partner connect on an emotional and spiritual level. The DVD focuses both on body massage techniques as well as genital massage techniques. The DVD includes two scenes were a male and a female both reach orgasm, but it also shows, close-up, good techniques to use on the gender's genitals to make orgasms more powerful and easier to attain. I can easily see this as a couple's movie, and I can't imagine that anyone in a couple who chooses to watch this movie will be offended. In fact, it was made so both men and women's attention will be kept by the gorgeous scenes, great tips, and the help for feeling closer to your partner. Overall, I highly recommend this. It taught me a lot of new techniques that I didn't know I knew.
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Loving touch Submitted 10/16/2007
Quality of photography is execellent. Couples are real life attractive. Background music is soft. MC's voice is soft and relaxing. Women will not be offended. We are in our early 60's and want to continue sex as long as possible
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Mr & Mrs Wilson
The Power of Touch Submitted 7/2/2007
This instructional adult sex education DVD on erotic massage is an absolute must for your DVD collection. This DVD shows how erotic touch and massage can be incorporated into your relationship to enhance intimacy between you and your partner. Importantly, Louise-Andree Saulnier M.A., TV Host and Sexologist, discusses how the way you touch, as a means of communication, transmits important information about the kind of lover you are. Also, she suggests that erotic touch and massage helps to: (1) facilitate the production of sensual thoughts, (2) guarantee better sex, and (3) heighten orgasm by prolonging the excitement phase of the sexual response cycle. Several comprehensive demonstrations are provided that show how specific techniques can be used when giving your partner an erotic massage. We liked how the DVD stressed that erotic massage can be performed along the entire body not just the most obvious erogenous areas. We found the couples featured in the demonstrations appealing, making the experience of watching this DVD quite pleasurable. The bonus film on the DVD provides a wonderful description of the Eastern sexual philosophy known as Tantric sex. The film looks at how Tantric sex can be incorporated into your sexual relationship to improve the spiritual connection between you and your sexual partner. Tantric sexuality experts provide information and demonstrations on how to maximise breathing, produce full body orgasms and how to become multi orgasmic. Interestingly, they show how men can achieve orgasms without even ejaculating.
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Nudist At Heart
Learn how to touch your partner Submitted 10/2/2008
We purchased this video because we like to give each other massages and were interested in erotic massage. It clearly instructs you on how to best touch and massage your partner in relaxing and erotic ways. We really like how the video teaches how to slowly progress around your partners body and eventually end up massaging the sexual organs. We have never failed to have explosive orgasms after we learned to give a full body massage as taught in this great DVD.
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Massage Rules Submitted 7/14/2014
I sit at a desk 7 hours a day and wanted to start getting a massage from my husband and also give him one. This video is AMAZING! We are looking into getting a message table.
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Great instructional DVD Submitted 12/4/2007
I was really pleased with this purchase as it taught me something that I can use over and over again with my wife. I never would have thought to use some of the techniques shown and it's great to learn ways to focus just on my wife's pleasure. Highly recommended.
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Lovers from Texas
WOW! Submitted 8/6/2008
Joy Of Erotic Massage WOW! This is an experience that words cannot describe. Every square inch of your skin is an erogenous zone if you know how to touch it. This video is all about touch. First, you must set the mood with soft light like candles, music, and temperature. Be sure to have plenty of large towels and pillows available. Make sure that time is not an issue so you will not feel rushed. These are some of the things this video covers and of course a step-by-step narrated demonstration of how to perform and receive an erotic massage. This could be renamed “How To Touch Your Lover”. For those of you that are fairly new in your relationship, chances are that you are not familiar with every square inch of your lover’s body and they are not familiar with yours. You have to have a high level of trust between each other, because any weaknesses or flaws you are self-conscious about will be discovered. At the same time, what you think as one of your flaws may be something your lover finds sexy. Let me give you an example. She has a fairly large scar on her back from laying on a curling iron early in her teens. She thinks it is gross, but I find it very, very sexy. I like to touch it and kiss it and it really turns me on. She also has a very sexy mole just left of center between her breasts. These so called imperfections are what make your lover different from someone else. Just remember, when it comes your turn to receive, just relax, close your eyes, breathe, and enjoy the power of your lover’s touch. There is also a bonus short film about Tantric sex and the prolonged orgasm. It is very informative. It introduces tantra, shows breathing exercises, how to achieve full body orgasm, positions for tantra, extending the male orgasm exercises, and multiple orgasms for men and women. Also there is a behind the scenes featurette.
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a " for her" must buy! Submitted 11/30/2008
my wife loves getting her body massaged, and i love massaging her. we both enjoyed watching this movie together and trying to follow every instruction closely to give each other orgasmic body massages to die for ... or from! The narrators voice helped the process, sounding a lot like Barry White soothing our ears and helping us even more to get into the mood. The only issue we had was the speed at which each technique was shown at. We enjoy following along to the movie but sometimes each new technique was shown and than moved on so fast we couldn't keep up. Other than that small critique the quality was excellent like always and the movie production was something looking straight from a Hollywood blockbuster movie. We love this movie and have recommended to our other married couples! Thanks better sex.
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