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Star 69: All Girl Masturbation

Star 69: All Girl Masturbation

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Backordered Ships 06/08
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7 reviews

Star 69: All Girl Masturbation features superstars in 69 scenes of sweltering self love! Blonde Sunrise Adams shows the best place to insert a banana while sweetly rubbing her clitoris. Crossover star Sasha Grey performs a delicious solo for a roomful of admirers. Green-eyed Cassidey talks dirty on the phone while using her mini vibe, and sexy Savanna Samson inserts huge toys in both openings while experiencing orgasm. So many techniques, so many beautiful women, and 2 DVDs!

Feature Runtime: Over 5 Hours!
DVD Extras: 37 Minutes

Male, Female
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Mr. and Mrs. Allure
Hide and Watch Submitted 8/3/2010
"Star 69: All Girl Masturbation" is a porn movie a little different than the rest; this definitely turned out to be a good thing for us. The compilation of scenes are put together very well as they give a good variety of different settings, techniques and toys. Mrs. Allure has never been in to self-pleasure…at least that is what she has told me. Whatever her reasoning is, I have never really gotten her to get herself revved up without any groaning or without a quick prompt for me to join. This time, with the help of the movie, I was able to convince her to give it a try. I brought out an assortment of some of her favorite toys, sat in a chair in the bedroom, and started the movie. She was hesitant at first, but after watching several women pleasure themselves, she couldn't help but to join in the fun. After about 6 clips and two orgasms, she was ready for me to join which was awesome as I was the one that was revved up after watching her.
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The Royal Couple
Love a Solo Show!!!!!!! Submitted 5/12/2010
I loved the fact that this compilation included some of the best stars that XXX has to offer. With the big names of Jenna Jameson, Kayden Kross and Kobe Tai included, the discs are quite stimulating. I was really able to submerse myself into a little fantasy world. From the one girl in a room enjoying herself to a beauty helping herself and a friend, there were scenes to appeal to anybody. In my fantasy world, I'd love to be a part of an audience that gets to watch a lovely young lady put on a show in front of a room full of admirers and this movie had it. While there were a lot of good scenes throughout this 2 DVD set I got annoyed when the unattractive male porn actors came into several scenes. When I selected this DVD I was planning on ALL GIRLS. While I enjoyed most of the scenes throughout the movie I found myself wanting more. I think this was due to the poor camera work. When watching a XXX movie I want good close-ups of the action, from facial expressions to the manipulation. I felt left out in this desire as quite a bit of the footage was of a broad angle with little or no close-up action. I can honestly say that some of the scenes were no different from what I could see on my late night cable movie channels. Overall, maybe I'm too critical because when I want to watch a XXX movie I want it all my way. I did love watching beautiful young women in full masturbation and can say that it was 5 hours of heaven, watching these beauties (one after another) enjoy their whole selves. Overall I would recommend this set for anybody that loves to watch young women love themselves!
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Not ALL girl Submitted 6/7/2010
The title pretty much says it all for the movie. At least 95% of this one is girls loving themselves. They use their hands and their toys to love every part of their body including their breasts, clit, vagina, and anus. This is full-on action. Most scenes were just solo play, but there was some diversity including some lesbian action and a few guys thrown in here and there. While we loved watching the women enjoy themselves, five hours of the same stuff can grow exhausting. This is one you will want to split into several viewings probably. If you are looking for some hot masturbation from some of porn's best leading ladies, this one is your pot of gold.
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Miss Kay
The Variety Keeps It Sexy Submitted 6/17/2010
I was actually pretty impressed with this movie. I was expecting a bunch of fake orgasms all over the place with women pretending to enjoy themselves. Instead, I actually received a well-put together movie with women actually receiving pleasure. The scenes came from an amazingly large variety. All of the scenes were scenes that were taken from previously-published movies. The scenes ranged from those released in the 80s all the way to the present day. The women shown varied in body types - most had real breasts, some had fake breasts, most of the women were pretty skinny, but some of the clips showed some of the girls with a little bit of extra weight. Some clips are only two minutes long while others go six or seven minutes. Some of the clips included guys in the background watching while some other clips included the guys actually getting into the action but with minor parts like touching breasts. Sometimes the girls masturbated to full-orgasm (which looked to be real) while other times they only teased themselves before it cut to the next scene. What was most surprising? It didn't get boring watching it in hour-long increments. Each scene has its own story and scene. The locations and the small-bits of story are what kept this movie from feeling like the same thing over and over. The variety is really what makes this movie fun to watch - and extremely arousing. Like other reviewers, I recommend you cut it into smaller chunks, but with the variety included in these two disks, I'm sure you can find something that makes you want to re-watch this movie again and again.
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Fun times in NC
Plenty of variety Submitted 8/8/2010
This is a movie for anyone that enjoys watching female masturbation. If a man wants to see his woman masturbate, this could be an excellent way to subtly suggest it and open her up to it if she is to reserved without some coaxing. Anyway, the things I liked about this movie were that there really was a lot of variety in the scenes and the stars. Five hours of one "flavor" of a movie/compilation can get old, so they had their work cut out keeping someone interested over and over. I agree with other reviews, it is too much for one viewing, cut it up into smaller pieces to watch. I did like the variety of stars, some I had forgotten about appeared - like Kobe Tai. Stars from the past and more recent all found their way onto the screen showing us how they like to please themselves. The one thing I did find annoying about this movie - for a movie with the same "thing" over and over, the scene selection really should have included the name of the star/stars for each scene. I would have thought that would be standard to go to a favorite quickly, but that was left out. Overall, this is a great selection if you are into this style of video.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Pump it Submitted 1/7/2016
My fiancé loves watching and doing to tease me before adding the real deal. Turns her into a real stroker! Before, during, and after!
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Okay Submitted 8/13/2017
Most all the scenes were repetitive with little variety.
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