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The 8th Day

The 8th Day

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The 8th Day - an adult movie about post-apocalyptic sexual survival!

"Kayden Kross turns in her best performance yet. A great plot with hot and dark sex turned in by a stellar cast—also highlighted by Amber Rayne—make this one of Adam & Eve's greatest achievements to date." ~Dan Davis (Editor-in-Chief Genesis magazine)

The 8th Day is an imaginative feature starring Kayden Kross like you've never seen her before. A stunning nude beauty awakens from a time capsule in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by raw sex and brute force! Morphing mutants (Tommy Gunn & Aaron Wilcoxxx) satisfy her long-suppressed hunger for 3-way penis! Bree Olson leads Poppy Morgan and Tori Black into a howling sapphic party! Amber Rayne is a desert renegade who performs double-penetration for her prince!

Scene 1: In her post-apocalyptic bunker, Kayden Kross comes out of a deep sleep. Tommy Gunn and Aaron Wilcoxxx are ready and waiting for her and they take turns until Kayden Kross is satisfied.

Scene 2: An ancient record player in the wreckage puts survivors Kylie Ireland and Derrick Pierce into an erotic reverie. Then Kylie ass mounts Derrick as Jandi anticipates his climax!

Scene 3: Leigh's sugar daddy is store manager Tyler Knight. They get it on to get through the long hot days with on-demand interracial sex!

Scene 4: It's a moonlit night full of female feline mutants (Bree Olson, Poppy Morgan, Tori Black) girl-on-girl 69, 2-on-1 oral sex and that most-desired possession, a rare dildo.

Scene 5: In the Prince Amir's tent, Darryl Hanah and mutant Violet Marcell take turns pleasing and getting pleasured by Evan Stone.

Scene 6: Amber Rayne takes part in hot, steamy interracial 3-way with Cheyne Collins and Sledge Hammer that soon lead to a DP that should merit this crew an award for Best Double Penetration.

Scene 7: Amber Rayne Darryl Hanah, Trinity Post, Tyler Knight, Chris Cannon and Jerry finish the day with a post-dinner orgy.

Scene 8: Over at another tent, Kayden Kross meets Prince Amir, the mutant Violet Marcell and stud Evan Stone. No longer in danger, Kayden Kross throws herself into an amazingly hot 3-way!

Extras: 2 Bonus discs (an incredible NINE hours of extras!)that include extended sex scenes, interviews, bloopers, trailers, photo galleries, set design, and more!

Performers: Kayden Kross, Amber Rayne, Bree Olson, Kylie Ireland, Tori Black, Jandi Lin, Krissy Leigh, Poppy Morgan, Darryl Hanah, Violet Marcell, Trinity Post, Evan Stone, Tommy Gunn, Tyler Knight, Derrick Pierce, Cheyne Collins, Sledge Hammer, Chris Cannon, Jerry, Aaron Wilcox.

Feature Runtime: Over 4 Hours
DVD Extras: 9 Hours

Male, Female
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Not my cup of tea Submitted 11/18/2009
This was not the DVD for me but maybe it will work for you. After the first sex scene the main female lead goes outside and pees. And the camera is right there up close and personal. Can you say no thank you? If that is your sort of thing then this is the DVD for you. But for me, after that I had to give up on watching the "movie" and just view the sex scenes but even after breaking for a day or two I could not get into it. The "movie" parts I viewed well, the acting left much to be desired but the sex was alright. They stayed in the same position for much longer than they typically do in porn. That caught me off guard. There is double penetration and sex with a woman who is covered in green/black paint so if that creeps you out now you know. I'm sure this movie will be great for someone. It just is not my cup of tea.
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The Playful Couple
We didn't care for it, but it's good just the same Submitted 1/16/2010
With a cast like this, what more would you expect. Kayden Kross, Tommy Gunn, Bree Olson, and Evan Stone all deliver as they should. The sex is never boring, and the plot is surprisingly interesting. It is rare that a feature film will touch on fetish, and even more so that artistic expression goes to this extreme. The 8th Day depicts a post apocalyptic wasteland that once was our world. Kayden Kross is the daughter of a scientist that is linked to the current state of the world. Though interesting, I won’t spoil any of the twists or plot points, many parts of the story don’t seem the fit. We found it hard to interpret what was meant to be taken seriously, and what was engineered to be laughable. Regardless, like virtually all of its porn predecessors, The 8th Day is very much a “B” movie. It’s full of scavengers, slavery, murder, cheesy dialogue, and of course, sex. The sex is as diverse as a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates, but yet almost every sex scene has a very obvious commonality. Be it a scene involving lesbian cat women, or a light bondage femdom trio, every sex scene, save for one, is comprised of three or more people. For us, we aren’t as turned on as the body count rises. Whether it’s 2 guys, 1 girl, 3 guys, 4 girls, or some other variation, for us, it is never as hot as a couple who seem genuinely passionate. That being said, there is one scene depicting a man and a woman, with no third wheel, but this scene is broken up several times with a cut to another room, and other people advancing the plot. The 8th day has a little something for many fetish enthusiasts, though they are a little on the softer side. With an ample supply of orgy scenes, a pinch of passion, and a small helping of light fetish, it is sure to please those looking for this type of film. We can’t grade the movie to harshly just because it isn’t our flavor, as it was a very well put together. We can however say that if sex with multiple partners simultaneously is your thing, high production values and great set design are ultimately what you’re looking for in an adult film; The 8th Day may provide that for you.
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Ms Diva
Even the packaging is HOT on this one! Submitted 11/5/2009
The 8th Day is intensely hot from the packaging right on through all four disc in this highly erotic post apocalyptic feature staring Kayden Kross and her supporting cast; which include the lovely Bree Olson along with Poppy Morgan and Tori Black to name a few. Normally, we don’t care much for storylines in our adult films but do deviate from our norm occasionally. The plot on The 8th Day is enjoyable and well executed. We could not find anything about this movie we did not like. It has everything: storyline with plot, excellent costume and set designs and great make-up. The sex scenes are intense and include just about everything erotic imaginable. The movie is on two disc and runs over four hours the bonus features are on two disc also ND IS Packed full of goodies from extended scenes, Kayden’s on set video blog to the production script download feature. This is one totally hot erotic movie that should have a mass appeal for both men and women alike. I know, that we enjoyed it immensely and had more then one happy ending to our movie nights with this post apocalyptic world erotica. We can certainly see why it is billed as American’s number one adult movie. We recommend this one for your collection. It is so hot and intense, so erotic that it receives all five hearts (plus). Ms Diva
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Buzz Team Admin
one of the best X-rated movies I have ever watched Submitted 11/13/2009
This movie has won a spot in my opinion of one of the best X-rated movies I have ever watched. First of all Kayden Kross is absolutely beautiful and shares an innocence not seen on the porn scene since Jenna first arrived. The beauty doesn't stop there. My new favorite porn actress, Amber Rayne, makes a huge splash throughout the movie and made me hunger for more and more of her. I found her to be incredibly sexy and talented with a virgin type look to her. One of the best things I found throughout the entire movie was that there was not the horrible music drowning out the sounds of pleasure. This movie just left me wanting more and more as I went from one disc to the next (4 in all). The only downside I found were the annoying sounds in a 3way, all girl scene, when they were mimicking cats. I found myself muting and fast forwarding through this part as it soon annoyed me. Overall, this is a double thumbs up for the Porn genre which I highly recommend for all.**Submitted by “The Royal Couple”**BUZZTEAM
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Buzz Team Admin
Different and oh so hot! Submitted 11/16/2009
The 8th day is like nothing I’ve seen before in porn! It’s absolutely hot! It also encompasses so many different types of sex scenes that I’m still overjoyed to have this as part of my collection! I’ve watched all four disks and still can’t get enough. The movie itself spans two disks while the bonus material takes up the other two. You definitely get your money’s worth with this one! The feature film is over four hours long with an additional nine hours of bonus material for your enjoyment. We really did enjoy the storyline of this one too. We felt that it really added to the overall enjoyment of the material and it was easy to follow. The sex scenes themselves were lengthy as well as extremely high quality. The angles are perfect and the lighting is top notch. The entire cast did a wonderful job and are really into what they are doing. We could really see the chemistry and it made the scenes just that much hotter! This would be a great addition to your collection whether you’re a couple or are single. Either way it’s sure to please! If you’re looking for something just a little bit different than the same old, same old, this is it! And the cast is absolutely gorgeous! The 8th day gets five hearts from us! **Submitted by Puss N Boots**BUZZTEAM
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ok Submitted 1/31/2013
it's a porno flick
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GOOD MOVIE Submitted 4/30/2015
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Good production Submitted 5/6/2015
Seen one, seen them all
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Not for Mature Couples Submitted 2/19/2017
This movie has a mildly amusing plot borrowed from multiple 1950s era Sci-Fi novels. The plot was slow and uneven. The actors were attractive and the filming was surprisingly good. There was plenty of raw, animalistic sex. This might be a good movie for young, horny guys, but not something for mature, loving couples. I would never consider showing this to my wife.
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