Fleshlight Classic

Fleshlight Classic

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4.4 stars of 5 rating
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Product Description

Turn Yourself On With The Fleshlight

The most imaginative masturbator ever, the Fleshlight combines a hard plastic outer case with a soft ultra-realistic inside sleeve for the most thrilling ride of your life.

• Designed for an amazing and realistic experience
• Tight, textured interior creates a stunning sensation
• Removable end cap for easier cleaning and customized suction
• Made from super soft SuperSkin™
• Textured exterior for a firmer grip
• Discreet appearance hides perfectly in plain sight
• Great travelling companion
• Includes sample lubricant
• Includes tip sheet

It looks like a flashlight, but when you pop the cap off, you'll see why the Fleshlight is rated one of our top-selling male masturbators. The exterior is a hard plastic case, so you don't feel your hand while you're stroking away at the realistic  vagina inside. And the case lets you place the Fleshlight almost anywhere for hands-free adventures.

The inside is almost two lbs. of soft, snug ultra-realistic material, molded to look exactly like the real thing. You'll feel so good when you lube up and slide between the sculpted lips that hug your erection in a tight, warm grip. Just unscrew the top, remove the PVC tube packed into the Fleshlight, and slide deep into the sleeve. You can thrust all the way, too, because the Fleshlight is a full 8" deep. Unscrew the bottom cap slightly to create the suction that feels good for you.

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

Due to manufacturer pricing policies, we are unable to offer further (all) discounts on this item.

Disguised, Travel Size
Waterproof, Travel Size, Made in USA, Flexible, Thrusting, Phthalate-free
8 inches
CyberSkin, Hard Plastic Exterior, 100% Phthalate-Free, Real Feel SuperSkin, TPR (Thermoplastic Resin), SuperSkin, Latex-free
2.5 inches
Customer Rating
4.4 stars of 5 rating
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4 stars of 5 rating
The Romantic Ones
4 stars of 5 rating
A very fun masturbator 1/2/2012
When I recieved the flesh light I was really suprised at its size. i was expecting it to be smaller, this is big enought to accomodate any size penis. I couldnt wait to give it a try. I lubed it up and gave it a poke. I learned that if you lube it too much there is absolutely no friction so I washed it out and used the remaining lube that was on me and it was perfect. It was a little loose at first as I am of average size, but I cured this by removing the insert and placing a rubber band around where it tucked into the fleshlight housing and this closed the opening in just enought to accomodate me. It has since become my favorite masturbator. My only complaint is that it should have some ribbing like other masturbators but if you get the lube right its a non issue. Tilt it towards you to simulate cowgirl and spin it around and tilt away to simulate reverse cowgirl. Just close your eyes and fantisize. Cleaning is easy. just take apart and clean in your bathroom sink.
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4 stars of 5 rating
Mr. & Mrs. Goodlovin
4 stars of 5 rating
Good product, but not great 7/4/2008
The Fleshlight Male Masturbator feels good and is great to use when Mrs. Goodlovin is away. The hard casing is good and bad in my opinion. It allows the Fleshlight to be wedged in spots, like between the bed mattress and box spring, for hands free stimulation, but at the same time, any deep trusts will have you hitting a plastic ring, which isn’t exactly fun. It requires a fair amount of lube to be comfortable (I tell Mrs. Goodlovin I don’t know why we keep running out) and if you are looking for the best sensations it takes a bit of time to get ready since it needs to be warmed up to body temp first. It’s a good masturbator and, let’s face it, I will be using it again, but it’s honestly not my favorite.
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4 stars of 5 rating
The Playful Couple
4 stars of 5 rating
Impressive, definitely impressive. 8/24/2008
What to say about the Fleshlight... Well, for starters, it truly does feel great. The soft pliable material, inside the hard casing, almost feels like a rubbery pizza dough. It stretches, squishes, and slides over your member ever so gently. As others have mentioned, this is one of very few masturbators that allows for "hands free" pleasure. The Fleshlight is available in several color combinations, hole preferences, and inner textures. This one is the basic, basic model. It is smooth inside pink and black outside. Even being basic, it is quite a good experience. Cleanup is not too difficult either. Well, I don't have only positives to say. After you clean it the first time, the powdery coating is gone. This means that the entire surface of the fleshy material is very sticky to the touch, even if you've spent extra time making sure there's no lube residue. It is almost like those stretchy sticky hands you can buy in vending machines. The closed end of the tube gets rather annoying after a short time. It is not air tight, so as you pump away, you'll hear a hissing sound from the openings. The sound goes away if you take the end cap off, but then you get a couple of new problems. With the end off, the lube that you're sliding around on the inside with will begin to dribble out the back of the Fleshlight, unless you're using it with the back held up towards the ceiling. Also, with the endcap off, the hissing sound becomes a sloshing sucking sound. Some people may enjoy it, but it is much louder than the hissing. All in all, I have to give the Fleshlight four out of five. I am absolutely satisfied, and will use it a great deal in the future. But the drawbacks do somewhat hinder my ability to fully enjoy this product.
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4 stars of 5 rating
4 stars of 5 rating
Not bad! 11/27/2007
Now I must say that I haven't had much experience with other sleeves or other devices before this one. Now however I'm definitely considering others. Although it doesn't compare to actual intercourse, it feels good enough to have a go whenever shes not home. Or if you're up for some fun foreplay you could have your partner use it on you.
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4 stars of 5 rating
4 stars of 5 rating
4 4/29/2015
does the job, will be better if it has some ribs inside
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