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Evolved Duo Obsessions Lavish Vibe

Evolved Duo Obsessions Lavish Vibe

Item #5797
Backordered - Ships 03/02
Backordered - Ships 03/02
5 reviews

Power and features that are sure to please!

Prepare to be captivated by the sleek lines and sheer power of the Duo Obsessions Lavish. With a master on-off switch, independent motor controls, 15 speed combinations, cobalt blue LED lights and 2 powerful motors, the Duo Obsessions are truly “state-of-the-art!” The dual motors are each 3 speed and independently controlled for a variety of speed combinations for unique sensations. You get maximum intensity with minimum noise. Shower and bath friendly with easy push button satin smooth coated controls. Made from high quality body safe ABS material. Requires 4 AAA batteries, sold separately.

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

Evolved Novelties
Hot Pink
Control Type:
Push Button
Travel Size
Waterproof, Multi-speed, L.E.D. Control
7.25 inches
ABS Thermoplastic
Power Source:
Replaceable Battery
2 inches
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Mr. and Mrs. Allure
Can you feel it? Submitted 2/8/2010
The Duo Obsessions Lavish by Evolved is definitely different than any other vibe we own. For starters, this baby is big at 2 inches. This one is definitely not for the faint of heart. Like all of the hard Evolved vibes, the Lavish has a smooth ABS coating that lets just a little lube go a long way. Because of this vibe’s size and because of the bend at the tip, you will have to take your time inserting it. Once the Lavish is inserted, you can certainly take advantage of what else makes this vibe different; the Lavish has vibrations generated by two independently controlled motors. There is a motor in the tip of the Lavish and a motor in the shaft, each with 3 speeds. With most of the other vibes, most of the vibrations are in the tip and only what was left over could be felt at the vagina. This one, however, lets the good feelings be felt all the way through; all the way through the shaft and her body.
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Genie's out of her Bottle...
Love the LED lights... Submitted 1/26/2010
“Duo Obsessions Lavish” from Evolved Novelties has a thick 2” girth and good length. It comes packaged in a feminine decorated tin box with secure snap down hinges. It’s deep pink in color, with a contrasting black base. I unscrewed the base and pulled out the black plastic insert. The 4 AAA batteries easily snap in place, following the diagram. There are 2 separately controlled motors numbered 1 and 2, turned on by a 3rd power button. The blue LED lights look quite cool and are fun to see in the dark! The #1 button controls low-medium-high vibration options. The #2 button controls didn’t increase the amount of or type of vibration that I could feel. The satin-coted ABS material feels quite silky against the skin. It’s easy to clean with soap and warm water, or antibacterial toy cleaner. The noise level is 'average' with this toy, and the intensity level is really good, even on medium – I usually need to crank up the vibration level to high on most toys, to ‘get started’. The curved tip for G-spot stimulation is larger than I’m used to and rather short, and I definitely needed some lube. I have experience working with other G-spot designed toys and since my sweet spot is lower, I could adapt to the shorter, thicker tip. I felt incredible stimulation and on high vibration had a prolonged powerful G-spot orgasm. Due to its size, I wouldn’t recommend this design for beginner G-spot experimentation. This has excellent power and a hip design.
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Long&Hard Submitted 1/26/2010
This G-Spot vibe is more than filling if you prefer a full feeling when you stimulate your G-spot then this is the one for you. It has dual independently controlled motors. It is made from Satin Coated and silky smooth ABS and oh yes waterproof! It requires 4 AAA batteries which easily snap into the easy load case. Lavish is 7¼" long and 2" wide so I would not recommend this to a beginner unless they have already had and orgasm recently and are fully relaxed and lubricated. The cobalt blue LED lights make it really easy to navigate the controls in the dark. Like all Evolved products I have used this comes with a super cool stylish and reusable storage tin. I would have to say Evolved appears to have solved some of the power and push button issues I have experienced with their items in the past. Although, there is some power disbursement issues when both motors are on it was still powerful enough for orgasm. Right now Lavish is part of my favorite toy combination. I love using it with The Love Pacifier and Layaspot. Using the three of these together has given me some of the longest and most sustainable orgasms ever. I can't wait to see what other new items Evolved will put out next.
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Ms Diva
Get Ravished… Lavish Submitted 1/26/2010
WooHoo for Evolved on their Duo Obsessions Lavish! I just had to order this new g spot vibe from Evolved because of the modern new design but most of all because of the fifteen speed combinations on this gem. My new Duo Obsessions Lavish came in a nice decorative tin box with a hinged lid nestled inside laid my new g spot power vibe with a hot pink body and black cap that sports three control buttons separated by a silver band. Button 1 (yes, they are numbered one for each motor) controls speeds low, medium and high. Button 2 controls five speed combinations that interact with button 1’s three different speeds resulting in the fifteen speed combinations. The third button is the master on/ off button and all are back lighted in a nice blue LED. I found this Duo Obsession Lavish powerful and intense. I love high power vibes and this one hit the spot just right, The body of the Lavish is seven on one quarter inches in length of which about five and one quarter inches are actually insertible and with a diameter of two inches. I used Better Sex Gel Lubricant for easy insertion. I had no trouble locating my g spot and reaching orgasm with this vibe. The length is more then adequate and the girth is very filling. This may be too large of a vibe for beginners or the very petite frame lady. Made of satin coated ABS material this is a smooth seamless vibrator and it’s odorless. Noise level was moderate. Clean up was swift and easy. I used a mild soap and water and soft cloth. You can also use an antibacterial toy cleaner. Shower and bath friendly because it is waterproof--a big plus factor. I am a big fan of Evolved products and I was very happy to see that they have stepped up the game even higher with the new Duo Obsessions Lavish with the 15 speed combinations. I have to rate this one five hearts it is powerful and hit the spot just right. Ms Diva
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Effective...but also a let down Submitted 2/2/2010
Evovled never lets you down when it comes to how they package their vibrators and this product is no different! Comes in a cool little tin box that makes storing or giving it as a gift very easy. Another plus about this g-spot vibrator is that it really hit the spot!! Given the differing number of speeds that you get to play with, you're likely to find one that will pleasure you. The vibrations range from very soft to really powerful! and the girth of this product is great, wider than a very similar g-spot vibrator that we really love. The on/off button is great! so easy to see, with the cool blue leds, and so easy to use while in bed, so much easier than the twist style on/off that some other g-spot vibrators use. We absolutely love the material this is, and other evolved vibrators are, made of!! feels so smooth, and insertion is so easy with minimal lube, if any at all. also, great for easy cleaning. The big problem we have with this product is that the vibration settings dont have any for pulsating speeds, like one long strong, then a soft short, then long strong vibration, or slow build up from weak to strong vibration, etc. Since we own another g-spot vibrator from this site that is almost identical to this one, but with the better vibration settings, we likely wont use this one very often. Overall, we love its girth, but the vibration settings let us down in regards to variety and there are cheaper, better g-spot vibrators available on this site. But a great idea for a gift for a friend or bachorlette party!!
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