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Dr. Berman's Aphrodite™ Infrared Rechargeable Massager

Dr. Berman's Aphrodite™ Infrared Rechargeable Massager

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Backordered Ships 08/03
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11 reviews

Versatile Massager Relaxes And Excites!

Featured on ABC's "Private Practice" and Oprah

Ease out the kinks - or get kinky! - with this multi-purpose massager. Dr. Berman's Aphrodite Infrared Massager relaxes all your muscles after a tough day, or excites all your erogenous zones when you're ready for erotic fun and games. And it's rechargeable, so you can play for hours.

  • Soothing infrared heat
  • Rechargeable
  • 3 interchangeable sleeves
  • Flexible head
  • Dual-speed vibrations
  • Includes wall recharger and storage pouch

This is the massager with a dual personality! Run it over your neck, back and shoulders for relaxing heat and muscle massage, or take it into the bedroom and slip on one of the 3 stimulating sleeves for pure erotic pleasure. The Aphrodite's massaging head features a mobile Flexo-Joint that follows your every move, so that it maintains contact wherever you put it. And its ergonomic design makes it easy to handle, moving over your tired muscles with complete comfort. Gentle low infrared heat provides soothing sensations, and increases your blood flow for improved circulation and blissful relaxation.

When it's time for sexy fun, just snap on one of the Aphrodite's 3 interchangeable sleeves, made of soft, super-hygienic silicone. The smooth dome slides over your body, the pointed sleeve gives you pinpoint control for clitoral thrills, and the nubby cap is for all-purpose stimulation for all your most sensitive spots (use only water-based lubricant on the silicone sleeves). And the Aphrodite delivers powerful vibrations at your choice of two speeds, making this one of the most versatile massagers ever. Forget cords or batteries - the Aphrodite comes with its own AC 110 volt wall charger, so it's ready when you are. A designer storage pouch keeps all the components collected.

The Berman Center
12.5 inches
100% Phthalate-Free, Silicone
2.25 inches
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Mrs. Z. Right
A multitalented friend! Submitted 6/10/2010
This playmate has received a lot of use since moving in to our home. I've barely gotten a moment alone with it. It looks perfectly innocent with its jellied round head and infrared heating option. It spends most of its life either on the charger or on the couch waiting for us to get off work. It's WONDERFUL for getting those kinks out of your neck and shoulders.If you get the chance to pull it into the bedroom and change to its awesome nubby head or the nippled extension head.WOW! Very orgasmic! This is definitely one family friendly toy! This is one of the best relaxation companions ever created. I definitely recommend it for your collection. Since there is no way you can enjoy yourself if you are have sore shoulders and neck. Then this is a definite keeper!
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Better Sex Staff
Great after a hot shower! Submitted 2/12/2010
Dr. Berman's Aphrodite is certainly a quality massager. I have tried many and it boasts power without too much noise, a hard thing to find. I enjoyed the Aphrodite as strictly a massager. I prefer smaller, more manageable products for personal enjoyment. But for the ladies that are into the Hitachi and like products, you will appreciate the silicone tips that come with the Aphrodite. The heat setting works on low and for obvious reasons, at high this thing is strictly for vibration—I can't imagine being able to discern heat besides what happens from natural friction at that setting. The magic combination for me was the nubby silicone tip and the low setting on my neck, shoulders and lower back. So relaxing. I particularly love that you're not tied to an outlet and being rechargeable, the Aphrodite is economical and enviromentally friendly. I would recommend this personal massager for couples and for most women because let's face it ladies, whether you work or take care of the home, they're both high-demand, stressful jobs right?
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Ms Diva
Feeling the heat... so good! Submitted 3/9/2010
I am loving my new Dr. Berman's Aphrodite Infrared Rechargeable Massager. I own both a Hitachi Magic Wand and the Natural Contours Ideal Massages and I wouldn't give up either, but the Aphrodite is so versatile and a user friendly. It is not a heavy wand massager and it comes with three silicone sleeves a smooth, a nubby and a pointed one. All felt pleasurable when directed to my erogenous zones The sleeves are easily interchangeable, they just snap on and off. The head of the massager is flexible for comfort and moves well without binding or over flexing. The noise level is low to moderate. I wanted to hear if it was louder then my Hitachi or the same. I am pleased to say that it runs quieter. I turned on the Aphrodite on low and high and walked out of the bedroom into the hallway leaving the door open and all I could hear was a low buzzing. It is quieter then my other wands. I love the fact that this is a rechargeable wand and there is no cord to deal with during use, cords are always annoying to me, it feels like I'm tethered and restricted in movement. The Aphrodite took an initial first charge of 12 hours and then it was good to go and kept going. The low speed is the Infrared (heat) setting which was absolutely wonderful for our full body massages and a little foreplay. On low it takes a minute to heat up but does not get overly hot during use. On the flip side of the Aphrodite is where the sleeves snap on and off and runs at high speed which is more then adequate for our pleasure play. I like high vibe vibrators. Of the three attachments I liked the smooth and the pointed ones the best. We used a water based lubricant for a little something extra. Only use water based lubes with silicone toys or sleeves so you don't damage the silicone. Clean up was easy with mild soap and water and a soft cloth. The Aphrodite comes with it's own charger and a nice storage pouch for keeping it all together when not in use. This wand is not waterproof so don't go near the water when using this massager. I recommend the Aphrodite as a personal solo massage or a couples massager, it is dual purpose with dual settings. The Infrared heat just feels so good and relaxing. Five heart rating. Ms Diva
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The Pres. and Mrs. Bush
More relaxing than arousing Submitted 3/10/2010
We were hoping to multi-task this massager with the President getting back pain relief and me getting off. I've watched women in adult movies experience fabulous orgasms using these hefty, wand-type massagers and the thought of adding heat to the mix was irresistible. The President got first dibs and used it on his back while watching TV, but was disappointed with what he described as high frequency, low amplitude vibration. Then complaining about a lack of any appreciable heat he was off searching for his thermal test instruments and a few minutes later proclaimed the massager's surface to be at only 80 degrees after 15 minutes of use. Well that dimmed my enthusiasm somewhat, but my goal was completely different, so I took the Aphrodite and headed off to the bedroom. It is certainly a sturdy, well-built, massager and the soft pink color and gentle curves helped subdue the somewhat industrial-strength design. I really like that its rechargeable battery survived more than 30 minutes of intense use and that it is surprisingly quiet for its size. The Aphrodite felt really good but 30 minutes later I was no closer to orgasm. The vibration was more of a general surface buzzing over the entire head of the massager and I tend to require a more direct penetrating throbbing. I also have to agree with the President and believe the infrared massager obtained more heat from my body than I got from it. The two half-moon (one bumpy and one smooth) silicone attachments provide a pleasant and very relaxing feeling and the pointed one helped focus the vibration somewhat. Aphrodite was definitely enjoyable to use, but for me it was better suited for relaxing than arousing and while it efficiently soothed my minor aches and tension, it was not effective on the President's more intense muscular back pain.
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Mr. and Mrs. Southern Comfort
Warm, powerful and versatile Submitted 3/12/2010
Aphrodite may look like an innocent back massager, but looks can be deceiving. Don't get me wrong, this massager works just fine on sore muscles after a day of painting the spare bedroom. However, the Aphrodite excels at more intimate uses. There are three interchangeable attachments that swap put easily and are designed for a providing a variety of stimulations. The smooth round attachments are good for stimulating broader region. The tip provides a more focused vibration. Mrs. SoCo enjoyed the smooth round attachment directly above her clitoris. I used the nubby attachment on her vulva but she couldn't really tell the difference between the smooth and the bumpy. She really enjoyed the warm side which mirrors the smooth attachment in its profile. The tip is very good at stimulating the perineum and anus. I found out first hand that when pressed against the base of a butt plug it delivers strong internal vibrations. Mrs. SoCo the Aphrodite wand-style vibrator to our Hitachi. The Aphrodite's vibrations are strong but not too strong. She enjoyed both the low and the high settings but found the low setting most satisfying. It is also much quieter than our other wand which is a huge plus. The fact that it is rechargeable is also nice. We have only played with it twice but it holds its charge well even in the warming setting. The big drawback is that the heat takes a long time to get going and it is only available in the low setting. We found that if we put it in between some towels, left it plugged in and let it run on low for about 7 minutes it warmed up enough to be enjoyable. If using this solely for its warming function, this seems like a bit of a hassle. However, once it was warmed up, we unplugged it and got down to some satisfying playing. We are very happy with our Aphrodite and we expect we will be incorporating this versatile massager into our lovemaking often.
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Puss N Boots
No wonder she's a goddess! Submitted 3/21/2010
One thing I love about wand type massagers is their power! They're also inconspicuous so you don't necessarily have to worry about hiding them. The Aphrodite is no exception! It delivers on both power and innocent looks but also offers a couple additional features not found in most wand massagers. The first of those features being the infrared heat available on low speed. When this feature is on, the entire backside of the massager head lights up with red circles. After a few minutes, the area lit with red circles becomes warm to the touch. It doesn't become hot by any means and is more of a body temperature warmth. This is very pleasant in comparison to an un-warmed massager though! It also helps to increase blood flow to the area being massaged. The second feature that sets Aphrodite apart from others is that it comes with three silicone attachments to choose from. These attachments go on the opposite side of the massager head and produce no heat. They are easily changed by pulling the attachment off and pushing a different one onto the plastic nub that holds them in place. The textures for the attachments consist of smooth, nubby and pinpoint stimulation to suit a wide range of pleasure. We had a lot of fun with these attachments and they not only feel great for intimate stimulation but they work very well on sore muscles too! The power of Aphrodite on high speed is pretty intense but I do believe the Hitachi magic wand has a bit more power. Aphrodite is so much quieter though! It's also rechargeable so you don't have to worry about staying close to a power outlet. Just plug Aphrodite into the wall outlet with the included charger and let it charge for 12 hours before use. When you're finished using it, simply pop off the attachments and wash them in the sink before storing it all together in the included organza bag. Aphrodite is easy to use, versatile, inconspicuous and powerful. I'm in love!
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Mixed reviews Submitted 3/22/2010
As a massager, the Aphrodite is great. The multiple heads are good for softening tense muscles, and the heat adds benefit. Note going in that the heat cannot be used on the high setting, and it takes a good 8-10 minutes to actually feel the heat when it is turned on. If a massager is what you are looking for, the Aphrodite is great. If, however, you are looking for an erotic toy for erogenous zone stimulation (i.e. clit, scrotum, or chest) this is probably not the most efficient choice. I would recommend something like the Hitachi Wand for that. I think as long as you know what you are getting, you will not be disappointed. The wand is large and heavy. It is rechargeable which saves on batteries, but it also requires a good charge prior to its first use. I'll keep this one in the medicine cabinet, not the toy box.
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Great massager Submitted 3/27/2010
The Aphrodite Infrared Massager works great both as a normal neck/back/body massager and a pleasurable vibrator. We loved that it was rechargable and we don't have to worry about cords or batteries. The various attachments were interesting for certain uses, but we actually preferred using the smooth plastic back side of the head to glide over the body easier for massage. The infrared option to warm up the head is a great feature, but unfortunately you better turn it on 5 minutes before you actually want to use it, or you'll be greeted with a cold surface. I think the flexible head should be a bit looser, I didn't even really notice it flexing at all unless I pressed much harder than normal. As a vibrator, the sheer power of this massager on the high setting is its biggest draw. We both tend to need stronger vibrations to climax, and Dr. Berman's Aphrodite certainly did the trick. Its multiple uses, effectiveness, rechargability, and cover as a normal non-sexual massager means we'll definitely be keeping this one handy at all times.
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Just got this and a little dissappointed Submitted 3/9/2009
This is great, but need another speed. It igoes from starter to rock your socks off!. I need a speed inbetween. Noisy
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Warm Vibrations Submitted 2/12/2010
I really like using wand massagers on my neck and back because I often suffer from back pain, and this massager did the job well! The Aphrodite is a well-made massager that is not too loud. I like that it’s rechargeable, offers a low and high setting, and has the heat option. The head of the massager pivots a little bit, which is also nice, so as not to make it too stiff. I used it to massage my neck and upper back while watching TV and it was very relaxing. The silicone attachments are very effective at helping you reach climax during foreplay or self-play. Because the vibrations are very strong and the whole head of the massager vibrates, it feels really good on the clitoral area and leads to orgasm in no time. Aphrodite lost a heart in my rating because you cannot have the heat on with the high setting, only the low setting. Also, it took at least 10 minutes of having the massager on the low setting before I could actually feel the heat. But, once the heat was on it was very pleasant to feel warm plastic on my body instead of the usual cold plastic toys. I recommend this one for ladies who like wand massagers such as the Hitachi wand, the Magic Massager, or Ideal but prefer a rechargeable toy that provides heat too.
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