Strawberry Kiss Warming Lotion

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Strawberry Kiss Warming Lotion

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Only 4 in Stock!
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A sensuous body oil that actually warms up with your lover’s breath or friction!

Set out the candles, dim the lights, put on some music and get ready for a sensuous night. Strawberry Kiss Warming Lotion lets you and your lover come closer with a slick, flavored lotion that warms up on your skin.

Just drizzle a little of this rich lotion onto your lover's body and start to massage it in. Strawberry Kiss immediately starts to warm up with your breath on skin, or as you massage it in. You'll both love the fresh burst of strawberry scent that's never too heavy or strong, and the warm, relaxing feeling this lotion produces.

And you'll love the taste, too. Lick it off slowly for an unforgettable erotic experience for the two of you. And it's never sticky or oily – just satiny-smooth and sensational.

Strawberry Kiss Warming Lotion is water-soluble, so it's safe to use with condoms and adult sex toys. And it cleans up with just soap and water – you can make a romantic shower afterward part of your passionate evening! The convenient 4-oz. pop-top bottle lets you pour out exactly the amount you need, with no mess.

Ingredients: Glycerin, deionized water, natural base flavor, ascorbic acid, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, red 33, red 44

Sinclair Institute
Temperature Sensitive, Water-based, Flavored
Fluid Volume:
4 oz
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on 5/13/2015 2:56:26 PM
Excellent product
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on 6/11/2010 12:00:00 AM
Heat things up… then shower time
Even though I do not generally like or enjoy warming lubricants, I thought we'd give the Better Sex Strawberry Kiss Warming Lotion as try to spice thing up during our intimate massages. This warming lotion is specifically for external use but is safe with condoms and sex toys so it doubles as a lubricant because it is water based. Strawberry Kiss Warming Lotion (Oil) makes a sensuous and fragrant addition to intimate encounters for both partners. We found it to be oilier then most massage lotions and rather sticky while being aromatic scented with fragrant delicious strawberries and tasty as well. We did enjoy the Strawberry Kiss Warming Lotion but feel we will only use it occasionally. After we finished out intimate massages and sexual encounter we did have to jump in the shower for some additional playtime and to wash off the sticky residue. Easy clean up with a quick shower or partner shower play. This wasn't really a major issue but turned out to be an added bonus for us. I think that most couples will enjoy the Better Sex Strawberry Kiss Warming Lotion for spicing things up. I am rating it four hearts. Contains Glycerin which is like sugar. Ms Diva
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on 2/7/2010 3:34:08 PM
Makes any body part edible!
This was a little different than other edible lubes. It was not sticky like most, it was kind of oily feeling. A little different at first but after getting used to that feel of it we were on our way. It really does get warm fast. We took turns teasing a licking each other in all the right spots! Its not too messy either, but we always keep some baby wipes around for easy cleanup just in case.
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on 12/8/2009 12:21:50 AM
Nice and warm
I was interested in using this warming lotion because I like the store-bought warming lube/lotion so much! I wasn't disappointed! It's really nice as a massage lotion. The Mr. loves his massages and he really loved the intimate massage that he got with this lotion. It's not sticky like some of them can get and it wasn't really oily either, plus it tastes great! Licking it off was the fun part! The warming part was also nice too, it instantly warmed once it touched the Mr's skin, which he also loved! Would definitely recommend this warming lotion.Mr. & Mrs. Kentch
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on 10/21/2009 1:39:04 PM
Warm to the Touch
The Strawberry Kiss Warming Lotion does offer a nice warm touch. The bottle said for external use only so we stayed away from our most private areas. I found the lotion to be more oily-like massage oil. My Hubby didn’t like the taste of it on my skin, he prefers me freshly showered. It has a faint Strawberry scent-I usually hate all smells but this one is very mild and not so bad. I really enjoyed it massaged into my breast, it does give a warm sensation when skin touches skin, but overall it’s a little messy for me and I wasn’t very into it. Maybe it would be better in the bathroom? This was not something I would have usually tried, but sometimes things surprise me and give me something I really didn’t expect.
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on 10/20/2009 10:30:24 AM
Sweet and Warm
Strawberry Kiss was a surprise to us. It has great taste, it does taste like strawberries, but it is not overpowering like some others. It also have a instant warming quality to it. As soon as you put it on any part of the body, you can feel a warming sensation from the lotion. It's not a burning sensation, it's a warm summer relaxing night feeling. A great mood setting lotion. The lotion is great for playing with a partner, giving a massage, or licking it off them for even a better mood setting. The only negatives we could find with the lotion, although they were very small ones were that the lotion could have been a little thicker and it does leave a little stickiness on the body after use. Both are easy to over look and get by. A shower get rid of the stickiness, and that can be part of the fun with this lotion as it was for us.**Submitted by stejes**BUZZTEAM
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on 10/3/2009 12:12:55 AM
When I opened the bottle and took a sniff, I got an instant urge to drizzle it over Mr. Right. Sadly since he isn’t here, I had to try this out alone. And yes, one person can have just as much fun with this lotion. I took a taste and it was pure sex! I just wanted to have some skin to lick it off of. Since none was available I used it as massage oil. It didn’t leave that nasty sticky residue, some have in the past. And I found that adding a little saliva blew my world! I’ve tried some of the store bought warming lotions, but my nipples loved this stuff! Alone or as a couple this is a must have. I may have to get another bottle when Mr. Right returns.
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on 9/15/2009 1:50:33 PM
Great Warming effect.
This is a great warming lotion. The minute you put it on a body part it starts to warm right way. It was really easy to apply and the no drip bottle came in handy when the hands got slippery. The Strawberry smell was not overpowering and helps to relax the mood. Plus it tasted great to lick off. It did start to get sticky after extended use so a nice warm shower together is a good way to get it off.
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on 11/14/2007 9:25:19 PM
Warm to the touch
This is my favorite lube to get my husband in the mood. If is silky to the touch and gives a nice warmth. (Not too hot) This lube stays on well and allows your hand plenty of time to do its work. When your mood changes and your mouth is ready, the strawberry flavor isn’t too strong. You will need to wash any extra off of your hands/mouth when done, as it leaves a slight sticky residue. But it is worth it!
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on 5/18/2007 11:27:06 PM
Warm & Sticky
Well, you got the picture. Strawberry Kiss Warming Lotion does a nice job of warming up whatever body part it comes in contact with. Other warming lotions my wife and I have tried have been either too warm or don't work as advertised. This lotion is a great aid during foreplay. It has an interesting taste; a combination of strawberries and cinnamon, which makes taking laps around each other's bodies quite enjoyable. The only downside to Strawberry Kiss is it's rather sticky, even if you do a thorough job of licking, sucking, or kissing your partner's parts. So a warm washcloth afterward is in order. Nonetheless, it's a pretty tasty and fun product which will heat some heat to your sex play.
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