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System JO Sensual Pheromone Spray

Backordered - Ships 02/03

System JO Sensual Pheromone Spray

Item #6297
Backordered - Ships 02/03
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Trigger a rush of attraction, creating a sensual response!

System JO Pheromone Spray for Women contains a high concentration of pharmaceutical grade pheromones that can trigger a rush of attraction, creating a sensual response. JO pheromones are manufactured under strict GMPm guidelines and contain no animal by-products. Designed to give you that extra edge, for fun and successful night of flirting and dating. Contains ESTRATETRAENOL a potent natural attractant that enhances your seductive and flirtatious appeal.

  • Aroma and scent free
  • Works with your body's natural aroma
  • Small bottle that is easy to store
  • For maximum results, use after warm bath or shower
  • 5ml bottle
System JO
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on 12/5/2011 2:18:30 PM
JO for Women Pheromone comes in a nice package that is very hard to get into. I needed the razor knife, something that always scares me when I have to use a knife to open a package. I was being adventrous ordering JO for Women Pheromone as I have allergies so I wasn’t sure if I could use this product but it sounded like fun if it worked for us. I was really excited to see if Old Big Clearance would notice anything or be more aroused than usual, however before we even got the chance, I got a migraine. I tried this product mainly because most of the items I’ve tried in the past have worked surprisingly well for me and Better Sex does not sell just any product, they check them out first. This product did not work for me for specific reasons and I would not recommend it for anyone that has bad allergies or has a partner with them. We will have to stick with items that say All Natural and Fragrance Free! If you don’t have allergies please read the other reviews here as JO for Women Pheromone One might be right for you! Like us on Facebook
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on 11/18/2010 12:00:00 AM
No "rise" effects noted
I got the System JO Pheromone spray for Women and gave it to Mrs. Allure. I told her what they were for and then I told her to wear it some days and don't wear it some days, and that she shouldn't tell me which is the case. Then, each day I would have to try and figure out if she had or hadn't worn the spray. Unfortunately, I could not correctly "guess" whether she was wearing the pheromones or not. It was also hard for me to tell if I wanted her anymore than normal cause I always want my woman. Mrs. Allure also hadn't noticed any extra attention from the other men that is around her each day. As far as I am concerned, this may just be a placebo.
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on 11/8/2010 12:00:00 AM
Spray on Pheromones to go
System JO Pheromone Spray for Women was a nice addition to add to my date night get ready for romance routine. I was skeptical whether or not Systems JO Pheromone Spray for Women would work being a pharmaceutical produced product as compared to natural pheromones. I was delighted that there was no odor or stickiness to the spray. I used the JO Pheromone Spray as directed after a warm shower applying the spray at the crease of my neck. Perfume can also be applied in addition to the JO Pheromone Spray for Woman. The small pump spray container is easily tucked into your purse or pocket. I keep mine on the bathroom container near my perfumes so it is handy. I did notice a slight improvement in sexual arousal and sensual response from my partner during our date nights. I am not entirely positive it was from the pheromone spray or just our mental and emotional state at the time. I will continue to use System Jo Pheromone Spray for Women to reap the benefits of additional pheromones. I like that it contains no animal by-products and is scent free because I have allergies to many scents and animal by products. I rate this product four stars out of five. Ms Diva
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on 11/2/2010 12:00:00 AM
Unnoticeable and unimpressed
We were impressed by the elegant pink packaging and smooth metal container. At first, the spray bottle looks like a discreet vibrator, but closer inspection shows it to be a spritzer bottle, smooth and a good size to tuck into a purse or pocket. She donned the spray as soon as she received it, but even after several hours of working around the house in close contact with both her lovers, neither noticed anything. She also wore it to a Halloween party, where she danced in close proximity with other party-goers, even working up a bit of a sweat (as apparently, heat and moisture help enhance pheromones, according to her research). Still no response, either subtle or unsubtle. However, when she spritzed herself immediately before bed and -informed- her lovers that she was wearing pheromones that were supposed to enhance arousal, the psychological response was quite effective- in spite of having not been able to tell prior to being informed, suddenly her lovers found themselves very aroused and gave credit to the spray. Final conclusion: Very good for psychological enhancement of lovemaking, but ineffective as far as we can tell in everyday life.
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on 10/29/2010 12:00:00 AM
Cuddly Scent!
I decided to do a fun experiment with this Pheromone spray. I wore it for five days on my skin without my regular perfume or scents just to see if my live-in boyfriend would notice the scent difference. I personally can't smell a single thing when this is on my skin - even if I attempted to spray quite a bit of it onto myself. Even putting my nose right up to my wrist or other sprayed-on areas, nada. It was basically like wearing water for me - I couldn't smell a thing and it didn't leave my skin feeling sticky at all. After five days, the boyfriend hadn't made any sort of attempt towards me nor mentioned me smelling good at all. However, a couple times, when hugging me, he had mentioned that my neck smelled really nice (which is one of the areas where I had sprayed it). He didn't seem turned on or anything though. Finally, after the five days, I decided to tell him what I'd been doing. He seemed a bit confused. I sprayed the pheromones onto my wrist and asked him to smell it. He said it smelled amazing but very, very discreet. He couldn't smell it on my own body, but he only could smell it when his nose was right up against the skin. This means that this is going to be most effective when applied right before sex like a perfume. He says he enjoyed the scent, but he didn't find it arousing at all. He said the nice, soft scent was really enjoyable to smell though. What I found the most odd is that I honestly can not smell it. Nothing. So there must be something at work here, and while it isn't arousing for him, he does enjoy the scent. It's a nice, soft scent, and it might be arousing for other men, but it was just a nice, soft scent that he enjoyed. He said it made him want to cuddle me.
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