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Volt 9V Arousing Tingling Serum

Volt 9V Arousing Tingling Serum

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Only 3 in Stock!
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Volt 9V Regular Strength with Added Sensation

A blend of all natural arousal botanicals to amplify your sensual pleasure like no other.  Just a drop creates an electric, tingling sensation within about 3 minutes and lasts up to 45 minutes. May be re-applied as desired. Contains no harsh preservative, additives, or parabens. 5 ml bottle  Available in 3 strengths. Fell what the buzz is all about!

System JO
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Mr. and Mrs. Pegging Life
Tingle, Tingle, Little Love Button Submitted 8/26/2012
SYSTEM JO’s 9 Volt Arousing Tingling Serum is everything it promises to be. Our word of warning is just be careful what you wish for, because you will get it. If you like warming lubes, or those paired lubes that are supposed to enhance your experience when mixed together, than there is a good chance 9 Volt is for you. If you are sensitive, you may want to steer clear, because this stuff works extremely well. To use 9 Volt you simply apply a few drops to your clitoris. The serum is thin and oily has a tendency to run so it is best to put it on your fingers first. After about three and half minutes an intense cooling, then warming, tingling sensation completely envelopes your clitoris, heightening your sensation and making you acutely aware of your love button and effectively making your orgasm all that much more amazing. After about 35 minutes the sensation begins to wear off and is pretty much gone 45 minutes after application. The only bad part about the experience is if it is too intense for you, there really isn’t any way to stop it; washing doesn’t work and there isn’t an on/off switch. The ingredients of 9 Volt appear to be natural extracts from some exotic sounding plants (like Prickly Ash, Holy Basil, and Tumeric) in an oil base. There are no parabens and no glycerine for those who are sensitive to these. 9 Volt has a very pleasant earthy fresh and natural scent with hints of pine and cedar. This is a fun product that delivers exactly what it says it will. Have fun!
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Ms Diva
Get ready for some tingling ! Submitted 9/9/2012
Just a couple of drops of JO VOLT 9v will start things tingling. I was skeptical about trying another arousing serum since they aren’t generally my favorite go to items. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the JO VOLT 9v as it is mildly scented and non oily. I also tried my little taste test and found no overpowering unpleasantness making oral sex an option even after application. I applied a couple of droplet to my finger tip and applied it to my clit. It took about ten minutes I gather for the warmth and tingling to begin stimulation and heighten sexual arousal during solo play. During intercourse we added some other water-based lubricant my clit and it seemed reconstituted the JO VOLT 9v and seemed even a little more powerful. Another thing I liked about the VOLT 9v is that it contains no Parabens and no L-Arginine which is always a big plus when choosing any lubricant or stimulating serum. While the JO VOLT 9v in a regular strength which I consider moderate yielding tingling and arousal JO VOLT also comes in additional strengths 12v and a 6v which are stronger or milder. JO VOLT has a strength for you desired pleasure. I am rating the JO VOLT9v four hearts. Ms Diva
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