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Daring Anal Relaxing Spray

Daring Anal Relaxing Spray

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Naturally Relaxed

All-natural anal relaxing spray! Make your sex life go green with this body-friendly anal relaxing spray made with organic extracts!

  • Relaxes the sphincter for more comfortable anal penetration
  • Anal relaxing spray made with USDA certified organic extracts
  • Doesn’t cause numbing like similar creams or sprays
  • Takes effect in 3 to 10 minutes
  • Safe for use with condoms

When you’re ready to use it, hold the bottle a few inches from the anal area. Spray it once or twice lightly and let it rest. The anal relaxing spray takes effect 3 – 10 minutes after spraying for full effect.

Each 1 oz. bottle contains enough spray for several dozen applications. Ingredients include: clove bud oil, parfum, sunflower seed oil, goji berry fruit extract, lemon grass leaf/stem extract, aloe leaf extract and more.

For your safety, this anal relaxing spray doesn’t contain any numbing ingredients or chemicals like benzocaine or lidocaine so you don’t have to worry about tearing or other damage. This anal relaxing cream for men is safe to use with condoms. It is not recommended for anyone with sexually transmitted diseases or for use with other orifices.

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The Playful Couple
Mmmmm, fresh air... Submitted 7/23/2009
It is hard for us to gauge the effectiveness of the Daring Anal Relaxing Spray. The wife and I explore each other’s bodies thoroughly. That being said, neither of us really has any “reluctance” back there. So, this was chosen specifically because we know what it feels like to be loosened up. Now, most people who are less familiar with their second pleasure center might find that this spray helps. For us, it seemed more like a sweet smelling placebo. When I say sweet smelling, it doesn’t truly convey the aroma. The ingredients include cloves, among other herbal anomalies. The cloves give off that potpourri type pleasant smell that overpowers the smell of lube, latex, and most any other smell one can associate with anal play. I tried it first, and it was enjoyable. Though there was no tingling or numbing, there definitely was no chemical based pain. It is an organic product, with no harsh or toxic chemicals to worry about. What it did for me was very similar to the misses. It coated the area with a very thin, almost oily residue and made it smell pretty good. Aside from that, it had almost no effect on us. Though there was a very faint warming. Overall, we think that the Daring and its sister, Adventure anal relaxing spray could most likely help those who are new to the world of anal play. For those of us with more experience, it really is cool to use. It adds a pleasant smell, some light warming, and none of the bad effects of some of the other alleged “helpers”, like numbing. We’ll use it again, even if we couldn’t feel the muscles give way. Good product, but not exactly what we were expecting.
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DARING ANAL RELAXING SPRAY has a relaxing aroma. Submitted 4/8/2012
If the DARING ANAL RELAXING SPRAY actually relaxes the anal or not I believe is up to the person trying this product. However, I still like anal spray because the smell is nice with a hint of spices and pine needles. In addition, it will make for great anal foreplay, just spray and start massaging.
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