Intimate Earth Flavored Lube

Intimate Earth Flavored Lube

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4.3 stars of 5 rating
4 Reviews
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Intimate Earth lube
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Product Description

Tastes So Good You'll Want to Eat It!

Made with certified organic extracts and safe for vegans Water-based formula compatible with condoms and all types of sex toys Grab a glass and raise a toast to your newly improved sex life with these super-tasty flavored sex lubes! There are two different flavors for you to try: Vanilla Caramel and Wild Cherries.

The Vanilla Caramel Lube tastes like a warm crème brûlée or all-natural maple syrup with a tangy vanilla finish. The Wild Cherries Lube tastes like a tart cherry pie with a spicy twist! Both flavors are perfect for massages as well as oral sex. Dribble some of the sex lubes over your lover’s back or their erogenous zones and start lightly rubbing it in. The sex lubes warm to the touch to help soothe your lover’s tense muscles and increase their arousal. And the lubes are so tasty that you’ll not only lick them up afterwards, but you’ll go back for seconds!

The tasty flavored lubes use a naturally derived glycerin and Saccharine, which makes both flavors safer and healthier than other flavored lubes. There’s no medicinal aftertaste to worry about, and both are completely paraben free. The flavored lubes are made by Intimate Organics, an award-winning company known for their high standards and use of all natural ingredients. Intimate Organics Flavored Lube comes in a 4 oz. bottle with a flip top lid.

Ingredients: Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Aroma, Aqua, Alcohol, Lycium Barbarum Fruit Extract, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Extract, Aloe, Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Sodium Saccharin

Intimate Earth
Temperature Sensitive, Water-based, Organic, Flavored
Cherry, Vanilla
Fluid Volume
4 oz
Male, Female
Glycerin, Aloe
4 ounce
Customer Rating
4.3 stars of 5 rating
(4 Reviews)
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4 stars of 5 rating
4 stars of 5 rating
Healthy alternative 2/6/2012
The healthier organic and vegan-safe nature of this lube is a huge plus on its own. Overall we were pretty pleased with its taste and performance. It wasn't great, but for being organic, certainly not bad. The taste has a slight burning alcoholic side to it, which makes sense given alcohol is an ingredient, although it makes me wonder how much alcohol there really is in it. However if you don't mind it tasting like a mixed drink, the taste is quite pleasant and sweet. As a lube it was a bit more runny and liquidy than preferred, which in turn meant it wasn't super slick, but it functioned well enough for the purposes of having fun with a flavored lube. The thinner consistentcy also works well for use as a sort of massage oil that you can lick up. We definitely had a lot of flavorful fun with our Intimate Organics Flavored Lube.
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4 stars of 5 rating
Keeping Warm in Maine
4 stars of 5 rating
Organic and Orgasmic! 2/26/2012
Intimate Organics sure knows how to get things going! They have produced a light, sweet smelling lubricant that is completely organic. When you open it, it smells just like caramel that you would put on ice-cream. Of course, it is much better than ice-cream when you drizzle this lubricant on your favorite lover. Half the fun is licking it off. I noticed that, when rubbed in, it gave a slight warming sensation. This lubricant is long lasting and does not leave much stickiness. The flavor is, as you would expect, sweet are caramely but not too sweet. My only complaint about the flavor is that it tastes slightly alcoholic. After 24 hours and several washings, I can still smell the lubricant on my hands (and other places). That is very a small price to pay for an organic, orgasmic experience.
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4 stars of 5 rating
Mr. and Mrs. Pegging Life
4 stars of 5 rating
Wild Cherry Nights Taste Sooo Nice 8/18/2012
Flavored lubricants can add an element of excitement to oral sex. And if you like cherries, Intimate Organics Wild Cherries Flavored lube may be right for you. The taste is pleasant as far lubes go, although, strangely, there are no cherries in the ingredients. What is in the ingredients is glycerine which some, like my wife, may find irritating. Because it is water-based it is compatible with all sex-toy materials and it is sure to clean up easily. We did find that it does get a bit sticky when exposed to air for prolonged periods so it isn’t suitable for manual stimulation without the occasional bit of saliva or drops of water. If being organic is important to you, it is important to know that only the extracts are certified organic. The entire list of ingredients is: Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Aroma, Aqua, Alcohol, Lycium Barbarum (a.k.a. wolfberry or gogi berry) Fruit Extract, Cymbopogon Schoenantus (a close relative to lemon grass) Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, and Sodium Saccharin. Be advised that it does create a bit of a warming sensation on the tongue. For those with sensitive lady parts this could be an issue as well. In all, this is a good lube provided glycerin isn’t a problem for you.
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5 stars of 5 rating
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
5 stars of 5 rating
Great 5/26/2017
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