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Intimate Organics Aromatherapy Body Souffle

Intimate Organics Aromatherapy Body Souffle

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Backordered Ships 07/13
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8 reviews

Makes You Naturally Sexy!

Intimate Organics™ Aromatherapy Body Souffle is made with all natural ingredients creating a truly delicious way to prepare your skin for a night of romance.Enriched with a blend of certified organic extracts, olive oil, shea butter, and mango butter making your skin soft and smooth to touch. Choose scents: Sensual or Relaxing.

Sensual Cocoa Bean and Goji Berry is a delicious way to prepare your skin for a sensual evening.

Relaxing Lemongrass and Coconut is great way to relax and unwind while softening the skin.

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Better Sex Staff
A New Favorite for a Picky Lotion Buyer Submitted 9/10/2009
I don't use lotion as much as I should for my dry skin because I hate the greasy feeling that most lotions leave behind. As a result, my skin becomes so dry and itchy that lotion become unavoidable and I give in. Well, no more. The Intimate Organics Body Souffle is the best lotion I have tried. It doesn't feel greasy on your skin but still moisturizes enough to make your skin soft and supple. I'm particularly fond of the Sensual Cocoa Bean and Goji smells good enough to eat. LOVE IT!
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Genie's out of her Bottle...
High quality ingredients... Submitted 9/15/2009
Intimate Organics™ Aromatherapy Body Soufflé is a wonderfully rich body lotion. I have the Energizing formula, which is the fresh orange and wild ginger scent, a very light and pleasing smell. I love shea butter in particular because it has a thicker ‘whipped’ consistency, unlike many other hand/body lotions. The lotion soaked in to my skin quickly - no oily or ‘plastic wrap’ feel - I didn’t have to reach for a tissue to take any product off the palms of my hands. I am very sensitive to smell and I can say that the mixture of organics did not make me sneeze, get a headache or immediately want to wash it off! I had moisturized smooth feeling skin that lasted all day. I won’t say that I felt more ‘stimulated’ wearing it but I enjoy looking better and having touchable skin. And who wouldn’t feel more feminine and sexy having that?
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Ms Diva
Sensational...soft, light and delicious Submitted 9/10/2009
When I saw the new organic products offered here on Better Sex I just had to try the Intimate Organics Aromatic Relaxing Body Souffle in Lemongrass and Coconut scent, and I have to say it is absolutely sensational. I just love the soft light citrus scent of lemongrass with my all time favorite scent of coconut. The scent is really light and not at all overpowering as some body creams are. The Souffle is very creamy and light on the skin. I found that it just melts into the skin when I came out of the shower and applied it to my damp skin. There was no heavy oily residue left on my skin from the Relaxing Body Souffle which I appreciated fully. Intimate Organic Body Souffle just left my entire body soft, touchable and deliciously aromatic which my guy enjoyed to the fullest and made for a magical evening. To highlight some of the advantages of this body soufflé is that is certified organic, a big plus it is paraben free, DEA free, naturally derived and pure vegan. This is a quality product and much nicer then other body vegan products I have tried because of my skin allergies. I am giving this one five hearts because we both enjoyed it so much and the scent is not overpowering. Ms Diva
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Puss N Boots
Sensuously creamy aromatherapy! Submitted 9/14/2009
The Cocoa Bean and Goji Berry Body Souffle is a deliciously scented lotion that is light and fluffy. It feels heavenly against your skin and to us, it smelled sort of like a chocolate orange. The scent is really hard to explain but trust us! It smells great! The Body Souffle does a fantastic job of making your skin touchably soft and leaving it lightly scented with no oily residue. Your lover won’t be able to resist it! Why have all the fun yourself though? This lotion feels wonderful between two bodies so have some fun and lotion each other up at the same time! It is naturally derived, Paraben free, DEA free and Vegan friendly! Not to mention a ton of fun! Indulge yourself with the fluffy, soft lotion while you inhale the luscious scent! You’ll both be glad you did! I know we are and it’s definitely worthy of five hearts!
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El Fantastico
Silky smooth and natural Submitted 10/13/2009
Intimate Organics™ Aromatherapy Body Souffle was a hit! I ordered the Lemongrass and Coconut scent and I have to admit it was the right choice. I try to rub my wife’s back at least 4 times a week and was looking for something that was not leave that slick feeling on her skin and residue on my hands. Well, the body souffle definitely accomplished that, with its whipped like texture and creamy feel. It seemed to melt into her skin and moisturize without making her sticky or slick. Another big plus is the fact that the scent is very pleasing, but not overpowering, so it gave her a nice soft scent as we lay close in bed. My wife enjoyed the texture and scent so much, she now uses it as her after shower lotion, as she says it makes her skin soft without the residue so many lotions leave. The fact that it is organic and pure vegan also was a plus for us, as we both have mild skin allergies that some over processed lotions aggravate. This one gets a great from us as it gave us everything we wanted and then some out of a body lotion.
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Sensual smell Submitted 11/11/2009
This Body Soufflé was awesome. It really delivers a sensual smell that urns you on. We tried the lemongrass and coconut because my wife loves anything with coconut smell. She applied that on me first and it was absorbed quickly leaving my back and legs feeling smooth. As my wife applied the first amount; it turned on my smelling sense immediately. The fragrance is so pleasant that I started to feel sensual. In the ingredients it’s not specified anything as aphrodisiac, but I’m pretty sure that the organic ingredients have a powerful effect in your libido. It really turned me on a lot and my wife reported to have a relaxing time while she was applying it on me. It didn’t take my wife long to start the sensual caresses while I was lying naked on the bed. It was less than 10 minutes before we started to make love with a special aroma effect in my body and all around the room.**Submitted by “Mr. & Mrs. Love in TX”**BUZZTEAM
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Buzz Team Admin
Chocolaty Soufflé Submitted 11/11/2009
Intimate Organics™ Aromatherapy Body Soufflé in Sensual is a chocolaty treat provided you keep away from your mouth. It's light brown with silver swirls mixed in, giving it a frosted appearance. The Soufflé rubs on clear which can be a good or a bad thing depending on how you feel about shimmery Soufflé. The lotion also has a relatively thin texture. Again, this can be a good or a bad it helps the Soufflé soak into your skin easily, moisturizing beautifully without feeling greasy or slimy, but it doesn't spread very well, so you'll need a palm full to fully cover your legs and arms. Because this lotion is thinner, it won't penetrate into thick skin and did next to nothing for my feet but luckily there is Intimate Organics Foot Foreplay Lotion so I will have to give that one a try. The Soufflé is Paraben free, Glycerin free, vegan, certified USDA Organic, not sticky, long-lasting and can be used for aromatherapy. **Submitted by “RockyLaFemme”**BUZZTEAM
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Jamie J.
Doesn't Get Better Than This Submitted 11/17/2009
I am not a lotion fan. I was really hesitant to even try the Body Souffle since most of the lotions I've tried take forever to absorb, and worse, leave a sickeningly greasy film on my hands and body. Unfortunately, age and dry weather breed necessity. My skin gets so dry that I am constantly itching-- which is SO not sexy! When I read the reviews on this product, I decided to take a chance, and I am so glad I did. Natural Organics Body Souffle is like nothing I've ever tried before. When I squeezed it on my hand, I thought it looked like a dollop of whipped yogurt. The smell is so incredible that I questioned whether I should eat it or wear it. Although made of all vegan product, I chose to wear it. When I rubbed it into my skin, the Body Souffle absorbed almost immediately and left no greasy residue on my hands, which were so soft after that I constantly wanted to rub them over my body. There are places on my body that needed to be soothed by a soft, sensual touch, and I'm happy to be able to give those, rather than the red, angry scratches from dry-skin-induced itching. I take this lotion everywhere, and will be loyal to it for a long time.
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