Dr. Berman Astrea Remote Vibrating Panties

Dr. Berman Astrea Remote Vibrating Panties

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The panties that give you a thrill!

Not only do they look super-sexy, but they hide a naughty little secret - a hidden mini-vibrator in the crotch, operated by remote control! The Astrea Remote Vibrating Panties are your erotic fantasy come true. A special pouch in the panties conceals the mini-vibrator, perfectly placed to please. The stimulation comes from the discreet remote control. Hand the remote to your partner for an evening of fun and surprises.

• Multi-speed vibrator adds a tantalizing effect
• Great travelling companion
• Clitoral stimulation to drive you wild
• Sexy, smooth ergonomic shape feels great
• Small bullet vibrator fits into tight spaces
• Includes batteries
• One size fits most

Imagine sitting down to dinner or going out to a movie - only he will know when you'll receive a buzz of pure pleasure! Wearing these panties can turn an average evening into a sensual sensation for you both. You can hardly wait to get home! The Astrea Remote Vibrating Panties are part of the Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics Collection, designed by women for women, to satisfy your sexiest secret desires. A recognized sex expert, Dr. Berman personally writes the instructions for each product. You'll be as delighted by the high-quality design and construction of these panties as you are with the remote-control tease. They're made of black 80% Nylon/20% Spandex for stretchy comfort and fit. The remote and the vibrator use 2 AA and one 9 V battery, included.

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

California Exotic Novelties
Control Type:
Remote Control, Wireless
Remote-Controlled, Multi-speed
2.5 inches
Nylon, Nylon/Spandex, 100% Phthalate-Free, Spandex
Power Source:
Replaceable Battery
One Size
1 inches
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New idea, but ineffective Submitted 4/17/2010
I am a size 14, and these panties went on, but by no stretch of the imagination did they "fit." They were fine for lying on the couch watching a movie with hubby, but I wouldn't trust them beyond our house. And while the idea of passing off the controls to him and letting him enjoy surprising me with some jolts, it took A LOT of working and reworking to get the bullet to land in the right spot. I think the panties may be great for size 6-8, and they may even allow you to hit the right spot, but if you are bigger than that, these panties probably won't do it for you.
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The Playful Couple
Naughty naughty... Submitted 4/14/2010
First, as with most of the reviewers, we take the stance that these need to have a size option. The misses backside has, to my benefit, gotten a little bigger since childbirth. She was dismayed when the panties didn't fit comfortably. Well, I guess tight is better than loose when the panties need to hold up a vibrator. We made a go of them anyway. After a short while, she said the discomfort of the small undies passed. After this, we gave the vibe a good and thorough testing. Dinner, drinks, and lots of driving... I had the remote, she had to deal with random pelvic movements when I turned it on. She and I both agree that it would have been great to be able to adjust the intensity of the vibration to either go more subtle, or heavy depending on what she was doing when I turned it on. Unfortunately, not a feature... I have to say that I found it extremely arousing to watch her squirm and shoot me the F-me eye every time I flicked the switch. With some issues with placement, eventually got it positioned right and I could tell she was ready to stop anywhere on the way home... I'll save you the wet details, but needless to say, it's been over a decade since the last time I got backseat carpet burn on my knees. We loved the idea, and the anticipation it builds. This is one of those items that had a great concept behind it, but the lack of options hindered our ability to fully enjoy it. Four out of five from us. We reccomend the Astrea Vibrating Panties to any couple who likes the idea of remote controlled arousal. I think I enjoyed buzzing her by remote just as much as she enjoyed being buzzed when I felt she needed it. With our reccomendation, we do say that make sure you are a junior size or smaller for a comfortable fit. Otherwise, perhaps you can do what we will. Put the vibrator in a pair of panties that you already have, and go to town.
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el fantastico
Whole Lotta Shaking Going On! Submitted 3/15/2010
We decided to try the Dr. Berman Astrea Remote Vibrating Panties after falling in love with the Astrea II Thong and have to say they worked just as well. These have the same great qualities as the II, the main one being a nice looking pair of black lace panties that liven up the night! Another plus was for some reason these seem to fit my petite wife better out of the box than the vibrating thong, so if cut of panty doesn't matter, this may be a bettter selection for smaller ladies. The sexy aspect of doing something naughty in public and me getting to control it is still the main attraction, as the pouch is located perfectly to give my wife a good jolt in pants! The only minuses to this are that while the vibration is plenty strong, there is only one speed, so it's 0-60 or nothing at all. Also, while my wife loves the strength of the vibration, be warned it is not quiet, so unless you want everyone wondering what that humming noise is, this one needs to be used in a place with background noise. All in all, a great product for adding a little spice to date night or any night. Four Hearts.
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Mr and Mrs Curious
Shhh...no one knows Submitted 12/1/2009
I wore these out on what would have normally been an average date night and ended up having an explosion of fun! My husband of course got to hold the remote and he didn’t let the batteries go to waste. He would flick the remote on at random throughout the evening: in the car, then during dinner and anywhere in between. At first it was annoying, but how long can you stay annoyed while your clit is being vibrated like crazy? What I was afraid of was that people would notice my enjoyment or would hear the vibration and with the amount of people that were at the restaurant there was no way anyone knew (as long as I held it together!). I don’t know if you have ever tried, but having an orgasm without moaning and screaming is not easy and it makes it that much more fun knowing that anyone at any moment to could notice you squirming in your seat!
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Clearance & Candy
I Guess I’m not MOST!!! Submitted 2/17/2010
When I opened the package, and pulled out the Remote Vibrating Panty. I was surprised how much I liked the material the panty was made out of. They felt expensive. To my dismay, when I slipped the one size fits most one I quickly found, I’m not most! When it says one size fits most-it’s usually large on me, however this pair of panties is so small it didn’t even fit my size 4 tush! Granted I have pushed out a kid-but I’m a size 4?? They didn’t cover my butt crack-even with stretching, and they did not look flattering at all on my little tush! I would recommend these for anyone that is less than 105 pounds, and has never had children. The vibe is a plain on/off one speed wireless remotely controlled vibe that is very mild. It would be wonderful for someone who is very sensitive. Dr. Berman Astrea Remote Vibrating Panty does not live up to its price tag! I give this a low rating for fit and fun factor! **Submitted by “Candy & Clearance”**BUZZTEAM
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Miss Kay
Skip the panties, Save the Rest Submitted 3/11/2010
This, overall, is an amazing product. Don't be concerned if the panties don't fit you correctly - it's not a big deal since how often do "One size fits most" really fit most people? Instead, buy a new pair of panties and just sew a small pouch into it to slide the bullet into. That way - it's customized for your anatomy and your underwear will be comfortable. As for the product itself - it works. I was thoroughly surprised since most of these claim to work but usually don't. You just slide the bullet into the holder in the panties and use the remote control to slide it to "on" or "off". (The remote even includes a red light to let you know if it's on or no) It takes a couple seconds to actually affect the bullet, but that's to be expected with wireless technology. The signal on these panties work amazingly as well - I could control this from all the way across our apartment building. However, if the batteries are starting to die, you will notice that the signal will get weaker and may not work as well. The bullet may also start to "pulse" because it's losing the signal then gaining it again. The bullet is not quiet though - you can easily hear it in a quiet room and probably even with the television going. It becomes worse if the wearer is sitting down on something wooden because it will vibrate the wood too. If you plan to take this out in public, choose a restaurant at a busy time or possibly a nightclub. My only complaint is the fact that the remote uses an N battery which can be a pain to get a hold of. However, the battery in the bullet (AA) will be the ones that drain the fastest. The entire thing even comes with a pretty, sheer, purple storage pouch. Overall, this is highly recommended. It does exactly as its advertised.
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Mr. & Mrs. Love 2 Play
He liked the panties more than I did Submitted 3/17/2010
The concept of the Remote Vibrating Panties is much more enticing than the actual product. I was disappointed that one size does not fit most. But much to my surprise we were able to work around that problem. The pouch on the vibrating panties is not really a pouch at all; it's actually un-sewn on one end of the cotton liner on the crotch of the panties. If you look, you probably have several pairs of your current panties that already have the same type opening. I was actually surprised that I found a few pairs in my drawer. Problem solved, now on to the fun…maybe. Mr. Love 2 Play has been wanting to try these for a long time. He definitely enjoyed them more than I did. He was so excited to have the control at anytime he wanted, especially in public. Although the original panties in the package were pretty much identical to the ones I found in my drawer, the vibrator unfortunately moved around all night. It was fun at dinner and the drive home but if you are going to be moving around a lot, I would recommend waiting for a less active evening. I had to visit the restroom several times to make adjustments. The vibrator itself is not that powerful, but provides enough stimulation to make it fun. For me, the idea that he and I were the only ones that knew what was going on was more exciting than the actual Vibrating Panties were. The remote, I thought, was big compared to the tiny battery that it had. I'm still wondering why they designed it the way they did it could have been smaller. The vibrator itself is a little louder than I would have liked, but as long as you are in a louder atmosphere, nobody will ever know. A word of caution to those that don't have a very good poker face....if you are having a conversation with someone; it's really hard to keep a straight face when he decides to turn the vibrator on!!
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Remote Control Fun Submitted 10/6/2009
After coaching my wife to put them on, we had a blast playing with Dr. Berman Astrea Remote Vibrating Panties. They are a one size fits all panties with a pouch in the front that the vibrator slips into. I would not recommend wearing jeans with the panties. You may look like you are packing something. You will want to wear them with something loose fitting or a skirt. This is because of the bulkiness of the vibrator. We headed out that evening to the movies. With a simple push of the button from the remote that was hidden in my pocket, she was squirming in her seat. I would also suggest using this toy in loud or busy settings. The vibe would give off a noticeable buzz. With a little planning, you could have one fun night playing with the remote.
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Bubba and Mabel
One Size doesn’t Fit All Submitted 2/8/2010
Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, and I know what you are staying, they don’t claim that is one size fits all but it would be better if they could at least give a size range. Granted I’m a plus size gal, but I don’t even think a Size 12 or 14 could wear these (non-thong style). It was a let-down and therefore broke the mood a little. So if you have any hang-ups on clothes not fitting, and you are above a Size 10, I wouldn’t cause any discomfort by trying these, maybe the thong would be better. But on a surprising note, I would say the lace was actually very soft, not the hard lacelike some of those cheap sexy garments, and actually pretty that I may go shopping (in plus size shops only) for a nice pair. Since I couldn’t wear them for long do to the ill fit, I didn’t get to test out if having a hard object between my legs several hours would be comfortable. But it was very powerful, but warning there is only one speed and that is set at high. Though I’m not into too many vibration styles and I usually like very fast vibrations, I would have liked a build-up in speed then WHAM! Could see how it could be fun – definitely want to see the movie and now that Bubba knows they use the product in the movie, he will watch this “chick flick”. **Submitted by “Bubba & Mabel”**BUZZTEAM
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Public fun Submitted 3/15/2010
We were quite excited to try these out, as the prospect of hidden pleasures in public sounded too good to be true. Dr. Berman's Astrea Remote Vibrating Panties didn't disappoint and turned out to be a lot fun. The panties were quite cute, better than expected, although a bit on the small side. They fit a bit tight, and I wouldn't expect anyone medium size or larger to fit into them. They really should offer multiple sizes. It's not too big of a deal though, because many other normal panties have the same "hidden pouch" to place the vibrator in. So even if these don't fit, you might find another pair that will work. The depth of the pouch was a bit too deep to keep the vibrator at the right spot, so we may have to alter them somehow. It took a lot of constant readjusting to keep it up higher in the pouch near the clit. The vibrations were plenty powerful enough though and from the look on her face every time I flipped the switch, I could tell she was enjoying herself. She probably never wanted me to turn it off, but the teasing was half the fun. We wished the vibrator itself was a bit smaller as it can be a little uncomfortable sometimes, but at least it wasn't noticable in jeans. The vibrations are a tad on the loud side, so you'll definitely want to make sure you're nowhere near other people, or in a very loud place. There is only one speed, which is unfortunate, as multiple speed settings could help with the noise and the sudden shock of full power vibrations. The remote worked well from a decent distance, but there was definitely a noticable delay which can sometimes get you into trouble. Despite all of our minor complaints though, we had a ton of fun taking our foreplay in public. She even commented that she wished they offered something similar for men so she could get me back.
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