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Say goodbye to mundane, boring sex. This year, be bold, creative and adventurous in the bedroom. Whether you're trying out kink for the first time, adding a new sex toy or playing submissive, these 15 tips to having better sex will keep the New Year's fireworks burning all year long!

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50 Sex

1. Learn a New Trick (or 50)!

Try new techniques to keep sex hot between you and your partner. Maybe the scissor position will keep her going or sizzling oral action will rev his engine.

Our "Fifty Sex Secrets for Lovers" DVD has plenty of tricks to keep you going all year.

Video Series:

2. Communicate with Each Other.

Communication is everything in the bedroom. Our successful 20+ year career is built on the fact that we help couples have better sex by helping them communicate better sexually via physical and verbal means.

Our award-winning BetterSex Video Series: Sexplorations has helped more than five million couples world-wide and has explicit instructions on everything from the Kama Sutra to anal sex.

Restraint System

3. Experiment with Bondage.

Couples love bondage because it is a sexy power play. Sexual health professionals support bondage as a way of reinforcing trust in a relationship.

The Under the Bed Restraint System is a soft and sturdy system for couples both new and experienced in bondage play.

4 Plus

4. Go Hi-Tech.

Take lovemaking to the next level! Technologically advanced sex toys now allow you to do things you never imagined possible!

Whether in the same room or on a different continent, the new We-Vibe 4 Plus allows lovers to connect in new, exciting ways! With a few clicks on your Smartphone, this new vibe lets you control various features, create your very own vibration playlist and connect privately and securely.

Jaz Mini

5. Try New Positions.

Hitting the right spot is everything. Sometimes just a small adjustment can make all the difference between fizzles and fireworks.

Position aids like the Liberator Jaz Mini elevates her to the perfect height for improved entry and g-spot access.

The Submission
of Emma Marx

6. Watch an Adult Movie Together.

Adult movies will give you both ideas on new things to try and turn you on at the same time.

The Submission of Emma Marx is a sexy BDSM feature that will have you both panting with pleasure and ready to try out your own erotic adventure.

16-Function Rabbit
Super Vibrator

7. Try a New Toy.

Sex toys are a fun way to try something new in the bedroom. Whether it is your first vibrator, an anal sex toy or a strap-on, we have something for everyone on!

Every couple needs a rabbit vibrator. Couples love our 16-Function Rabbit Super Vibrator. It can go from slow and steady to fast and wild, depending on your needs.

Intimate Grip

8. Give Him a Hand.

Manual stimulation can be an erotic form of foreplay or a great way to add to your oral skills. Male masturbators aren’t just something he can use when you’re not around, but something you can use on him!

Our Intimate Grip Masturbators’ non-slip design allows you to get a good grip for mind-blowing stroking sessions. Add a little lube to drive him wild and leave him drained!

GoodHead Kit
For Him

9. Kiss Every Inch.

Both men and women loved to be kissed all over. Nibbles and licks in just the right spot from their partner can make anyone whimper with pleasure.

Oral aids like the GoodHead Kit for Him and/or the GoodHead Kit for Her contain mints and oral gel to make kissing and nibbling every inch of your lover’s body fun and flavorful.

Sinclair 8X
Wand Massager

10. Give a Sensual Massage.

Touch is a powerful tool in the bedroom. It can relieve stress, soothe pain and provide intense pleasure.

Pair our Sinclair 8X Wand Massager and BetterSex Massage Oil together for a massage session your lover will never want to end.

Stay Hard

11. Make the Lovin’ Last.

Making love is a sensual full-body experience. Take things slow in the bedroom to extend your pleasure and heighten your connection.

Extend pleasure for the both of you with a desensitizing lubricant to prevent premature ejaculation.


12. Put a Ring On it.

Constricting blood flow to prolong erections and vibrating erotically, penis rings may look strange, but they provide intense pleasure for you both. Trust us; you’ll want to put a ring on it.

The best-selling Maximus Enhancement Ring wraps his penis and balls and vibrates to stimulate her clitoris.

Body Blossom

13. Find Her G-Spot

A woman’s g-spot can be like a magic pleasure button. Located inside the vagina and only identifiable when she is aroused, the g-spot can sometimes be hard to find. But a little persistence and communication will get you there.

Our Body Blossom G-spot Vibrator is perfectly designed to find and stimulate a woman’s g-spot to create a better, wetter sexual experience for you both.

Naughty School
Girl Uniform

14. Play the Role.

Role playing in the bedroom is supported by sexual health professionals as a way to improve both pleasure and communication for couples.

Our high-quality, sexy costumes help both men and women get into character and have sizzling fun in the sack.

Hot and Spicy

15. Play a Sexy Game.

Sex should be fun and that means learning to laugh, explore and engage in friendly competition in bed. Maybe you’re interested in a new adult parody or a sexy card game, either way we have you covered.

Hot and Spicy Dice are a fun way to add adventure in the bedroom. She rolls the pink dice and he rolls the blue and it all leads to frisky fun.

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