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In Theaters Valentine’s Day 2015

Mr. Grey will see you now...

Those words have the power to give millions of women a little shiver.

Christian Grey, the fictional star of the much-anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie based on the popular book series, is an erotic fantasy for many women who have a desire to be dominated, teased and pleased until they are weeping with pleasure.

But this amount of pleasure isn’t just something to be found in a book. Bondage, BDSM and teasing pleasure can be brought into your bedroom with a few tried and true tips, tricks and pleasure products.

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Fifty Shades
of Grey
Metal Handcuffs

1. Cuff Her.

"He produces a pair of metal handcuffs from the bottom drawer. Handcuffs! His touch elicits a delicious, tickly shiver. I hear him move slowly round the other side, he takes my right arm and cuffs it. I pull helplessly on the cuffs, swamped by the sensation" - Fifty Shades of Grey

Cuff her hands together and then have your way with her. She'll writhe with pleasure and love every minute of it.

Fifty Shades
Of Grey
Feather Tickler

2. Tease Her.

"Christian trails the soft feathers over my stomach and breasts as I become captured by my desire, needing more and more. He continues to tease my naked skin, smirking with each titillating stroke." - Fifty Shades of Grey

This seductive feather tickler is a soft plume of ostrich feathers from the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection to tickle, tease and increase arousal.

Fifty Shades
Of Grey
Twitchy Palm
Spanking Paddle

3. Spank Her.

"'Do you want me to spank you, Anastasia?' 'Yes.' My voice is a hoarse whisper. Suddenly there are butterflies in my stomach. Perhaps this is what I need... this is what I have been missing. I surrender myself to his rhythm, absorbing each blow, savoring each one." - Fifty Shades of Grey

Pleasure and erotic stinging pain unite with this dual satin and faux leather spanking paddle. Bend her over your knee and spank her naked bottom between gentle rubs and soft kisses.

Fifty Shades
Of Grey
Hard Limits
Bed Restraint Kit

4. Restrain Her.

"I pull hard against my restraints and the bed creaks ominously, but I don't care –– I'm burning with desire, it's consuming me. I flush under his stare, and my pulse quickens." - Fifty Shades of Grey

A soft, strong and secure bondage kit is what you need to give her the biggest orgasm of her life. Keeping her at your mercy allows you to please her until explosive release.

Fifty Shades
Of Grey

5. Stimulate Her.

"I shiver as my body builds to an explosion with the relentless vibrations. He doesn't stop and continues driving me insane with pleasure, on and on, round and round. I'm close... all this stimulation!" - Fifty Shades of Grey

Bullet vibrators are small but mighty. The tiny bullet is the perfect size to be placed against her clitoris and the powerful vibrations will drive her wild.

Fifty Shades
Of Grey
Mini G-Spot Vibe

6. Please Her.

"'No!' I shout again, pleading, and this time he tugs the vibrator out of me, and his finger, too, as my body continues to convulse" - Fifty Shades of Grey.

Leave her panting and spent from pleasure. A woman's g-spot is a powerful pleasure point and, once stimulated, can make sex amazing for you both. Try the official Fifty Shades of Grey Mini G-Spot Vibe to stimulate her.

Fifty Shades
Of Grey
Butt Plug

7. Fill Her.

"I try to assimilate all the sensations: the delicious fullness, the tantalizing feeling that I am doing something forbidden, the erotic pleasure that spirals outward from deep within me." - Fifty Shades of Grey

The erotic sensation of anal pleasure can be powerful. Experience anal play with this small, powerful plug which can be used to enhance foreplay, masturbation and sex.

Fifty Shades
Of Grey
Nipple Clamps

8. Clamp Her.

"'These are for both pleasure and pain.' Christian murmurs. Christian releases the first clamp and then the other, causing my nipples to sing with a surge of sweet, sweet pain... but it's oh-so good." - Fifty Shades of Grey

Heighten her pleasure with a little pain. Teasing her erogenous zones with a mixture of pleasure and brief pain can be an erotic treat. These adjustable clamps will tease her nipples until she’s begging for more.

Fifty Shades
Of Grey
Feel It Baby!
Penis Ring

9. Ride Her.

"'Feel it, baby,' Christian whispers in my ear. I pant against him, wanting... needing. On cue, like the apprentice I am, I let go, and we find our release together." - Fifty Shades of Grey

This vibrating penis ring, gently constricts blood flow to your penis to prolong your pleasure and stimulate her clitoris at the same time. Give yourself a stronger erection with this ring and give her the ride of her life.

The Submission
Of Emma Marx

10. Arouse Her.

"'We aim to please…'" - Fifty Shades of Grey

Sometimes being visually stimulated can cause you both to crave kinky lovemaking. Whether you're watching the official Fifty Shades of Grey movie or enjoying the erotic file The Submission Of Emma Marx, the visual feast will arouse you both.

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