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B. Giddens</SPAN></DIV> <P class=serfc align=left>Lydia came stumbling in the door with her arms full of groceries on that sunny summer weekday to find Corey waiting for her in the hallway. She was speechless as he took the bags from her and put them on the floor, before sweeping her into his arms for a searching kiss, his arms tight around her body as his tongue gently parted her lips before she was able to respond. She melted in towards him in reply and felt Corey’s hand reach up and run through her hair and she sighed into the kiss as her stress melted away. <BR><BR>Breaking off the kiss he smiled at her, “Go upstairs babe and pack your beach bag. I’ve taken the rest of the day off work and we’re going to relax together. I’ll just put the groceries away” Scooping up the bags from the floor he walked into the kitchen leaving Lydia standing there speechless. Shaking her head she went upstairs to the bedroom. When she emerged 10 minutes later with her bag in her hand Corey was back at the door waiting patiently for her to come down. He smiled as he saw her. She looked completely different than the harassed woman who had walked in the door earlier. She wore tight denim shorts, barely cupping her butt cheeks and her light green halter top revealed her bikini straps, not to mention the curve of her full pert breasts. Her long honey blond hair fell down her back in waves, bouncing around her shoulders as she walked down the stairs, bag in one hand, sandals in the other. As she walked out the door ahead of him Corey caught the fresh scent of her hair and felt a stirring in his crotch. One thing that drove him absolutely wild about Lydia was that she had all the appearance and nature of a straight laced woman, who was friendly with her mother-in-law but when they were alone in bed she was completely wild with him and said things that made his toes curl. <BR><BR>The car rounded the final corner of the coast as their favourite beach came into view and as Lydia looked out the window towards the water she realised Corey wasn’t slowing down to turn into the car park. As he drove past the entrance she turned to look at him but he looked resolutely straight ahead. She sat back and watched as the coastline sped past. Finally after another 10 minutes Corey turned the car onto a rocky road and pulled into a small car park that hadn’t been sealed in a long time. Lydia slipped on her sandals before sliding her long lean legs out of the car. Corey took Lydia’s hand and led her carefully across the uneven car park and down a small path, the bottom of which opened on to a long expanse of empty beach. <BR><BR>“Oh wow, how did you find this place?” Lydia gasped. Corey smiled at her, “Rob from work told me about it. Apparently it’s a popular place for nude sunbathing during the weekends but during the week it’s virtually empty. I thought you might enjoy a little time to work on your tan lines” He winked as he shook out the rug he had been carrying and lay it on the sand, right in the middle of the deserted beach then seeing she was still looking around at the scenery he came over to her and took her bag. Dropping it beside the rug he lent down to kiss her, his hands cupping her face. “Relax, ok? We haven’t had a break together in such a long time. There’s nobody here but us. So strip down, just to your bikini if you prefer and lie down with me.” At which point he stripped off his t-shirt, kicked off his flip flops and shimmied out of his shorts, to end up standing there naked. Lydia felt herself grow wet as she was faced with her husband’s solid, toned body. <BR><BR>Even after a year of marriage he still turned her on instantly. When they had sex he knew her well enough to make her orgasm every time. Looking at him naked made her want to join him, to throw caution to the wind and press her naked body against his. Sliding her feet out of her sandals she felt her toes sink in to the warm sand. Unbuttoning her shorts she slid them down her hips and stepped out of them. As she reached back to undo the neck of her halter top Corey moved up behind her and took over. “Let me do it for you, honey” The way he spoke implied that ‘it’ might not involve just untying her top. Sure enough, as her halter straps fell to her waist she realised that her bikini top straps had dropped with them. Corey nibbled her neck as he slid his hands around her body to cup her breasts. She shivered with pent up lust at his touch. As he slowly played with her breasts, softly squeezing them, rolling her now erect nipples in his fingers his lips played lightly over her neck, along her shoulders, first one then the other. Without knowing how she managed it she untied the back straps of her halter and bikini tops and dropped them to the sand. <BR><BR>As she spread her legs a little to slide her bikini bottoms off she felt one of Corey’s hands leave her breast and slide down her soft, flat belly. As he moved it lower he pulled her back against him. She could feel his hardness against her butt as his fingers reached the top of her bikini bottoms. He nipped at her neck, knowing how much she liked it and his cock grew at the sound of Lydia’s moans. His hand slid into the bikini, sliding his hand over the warmth of Lydia’s smooth pubic area. His fingers teased her, resting tantalisingly out of reach of her clitoris as his other hand played with her breast. He started gently, lightly tugging the nipple, cupping the warm flesh in his hand, feeling it fill the palm with its fullness. Slowly he pinched her nipple a little harder, tugging it as Lydia moved against him. He knew she liked having her tits played with. As her moans increased he stopped, letting her breathing relax before moving his attention back to the other hand. “Are you wet for me, Lydie? Is your pussy wet?” She made an assenting noise, her hands reaching round to Corey’s hips to pull him in close against her, loving the feel of his cock against her. <BR><BR>Corey wanted to pull the fabric of her bikini aside and fuck her, have his wife standing right there in the middle of the beach as she screamed her pleasure for nobody but the seagulls to hear but he knew he had to tease her slowly, make her so aroused she could hardly stand it. <BR><BR>His fingers slid across her wet pussy lips, meeting no resistance as they ran across her clit, slowly stroking it in circles. He rubbed faster, his other hand leaving her breast to hold her body tight against him as she moved against him. Her hair tickled his chest as she writhed, the softness and smell driving him nuts. His fingers rubbed her clit still faster, holding her tight as she came loudly, thrusting his butt back against him as the waves of her orgasm hit her. Lydia fell back against Corey and twisting her neck round reached her arm up to hook around his neck and pull him in for a deep, lingering kiss. <BR><BR>After a cooling dip in the ocean they both lathered themselves in sunscreen, and settled themselves on the rug. Corey fell into a doze almost straight away while Lydia rolled over onto her back to read a book. After a little while Lydia heard tyres crunching in the car park and a lone female appeared at the edge of the beach. Lydia watched over the top of her sunglasses as the woman lay out her towel nearby and stripped off her clothes. Lydia watched as the woman lifted her sundress over her head, revealing a tan that suggested she was a regular nude sunbather. She reached back to unhook her bra and Lydia swallowed hard as she watched the woman’s breasts in the sunlight. She had a fleeting image of sliding one of the stranger’s nipples into her lips, sucking the full nipple into her mouth and nipping gently on the woman’s nipple. <BR><BR>Lydia had long wanted to have a sexual encounter with a woman. Sliding her panties off the stranger lay down on her towel and opening a book began to read. Lydia went back to her own book but found herself distracted by her thoughts of sucking the woman’s nipple. Checking that the woman was busy with her book and Corey was still asleep she rolled onto her back and opening her legs slightly let her hand slide down to her clit. Closing her eyes she quietly masturbated, one hand absently playing with her own nipples as she imagined how it would feel to be with a woman. She imagined herself straddling the woman, leaning over her to kiss her, feeling her own full breasts touch the woman’s, the feeling of their nipples flicking over each other setting off sparks through her. She rubbed harder as she thought of her tongue tasting that woman’s wetness, her mouth wet with the juices of another. Her back arched on the rug as she fucked herself. Suddenly she felt movement and she opened her eyes to discover Corey had woken and his head was turned to watch her as he slid his hand up and down his erection. She lay there for a minute, watching his hand slide over his cock as she rubbed her own soaking wet clit. As his eyes started to close involuntarily she knew his arousal was growing and she sat up and bent over him where, taking his hand away, she replaced it with her own and as she milked his shaft firmly she flicked the tip of her tongue over his swollen glans, tasting the precum that glistened on the head. As he wriggled under her expert touch she alternated between sucking firmly, just on the head of his cock, tasting more of his juices and running her tongue around the sensitive part of the glans, enjoying the feeling of him moving as she did. Steadily she took more of him into her mouth, her hand moving to cup his balls. His breath became steadily deeper, more ragged as she worked her mouth over his cock. She moved her wet mouth up and down his shaft faster, sucking the juices out of his cock. <BR><BR>Suddenly, just as she knew he was close to the point of no return, she stopped. Corey opened his eyes, shocked and frustrated. “Why did you stop?” She smiled and standing over him she looked down, from between the hair framing her face. “You don’t honestly think you’re going to bring me here, finger me to a screaming orgasm and leave it at that, do you? I want more.” And turning around she straddled him, her face towards his feet. He watched, mesmerized as her hand guided him inside her. Her soaking, pulsing hole gave no resistance as she lowered herself onto his cock, taking the full length of him inside her. She tucked her feet to his sides, her hands gripping his solid thighs and he nearly came at the sensation as she rocked her hips. His hands moved to cup her ass cheeks, lifting them and pulling them down hard onto him with each rock of her pelvis. He watched as her cunt ate the full length of his shaft with every downward movement. As she moved up her juices coated him. He wanted to cum but not before Lydia had at least one orgasm. It didn’t take long for her to have one. She began to rock down on him with a forcefulness that startled and aroused him. She ground her hips, bucking into him as she began to cum. Her hair swung down her back, her head tilted back as she gasped at the strength of her orgasm. A scream, barely able to be contained, came from deep in her throat as she came violently, begging him to fuck her hard. Corey thrust up into her over and over, his balls full of a load he couldn’t hold back any longer. His body stiffened as he came, shooting his cum into Lydia, filling her throbbing vagina to overflowing. As she slowly pulled his spent penis out of her he saw his cum leak out and trickle down her thigh. He watched as she sent her fingers down to explore. Sliding one inside herself she then raised it to her mouth and sucked the cum off it. “Mmmmm”. She looked back over her shoulder at him, licking her fingers as she turned. Suddenly she blushed. “I forgot we had an audience”, she said, indicating the stranger who was now in the midst of her own orgasm, her fingers fucking her vagina as she watched Lydia and Corey through half closed eyelids. <BR><BR>As Lydia moved off Corey’s hips she smiled at him saucily. “You know…if we’re going to do this with a stranger watching then really it’s only polite if we ask her to join us next time.” Corey, who had thought he was completely spent, felt himself stir and grow again. He suspected his summer was about to take a very sexy twist. <BR><BR>THE END </P><!-- EOF story here --></DIV> <DIV id=serfcright><!-- poll monkey script for week 3 --> <DIV id=vote><BR> <SCRIPT src=";u=2939251241"> //<![CDATA[ //]]> </SCRIPT> <SCRIPT language=javascript> //<![CDATA[ DisplayVote51241(); //]]> </SCRIPT> </DIV></DIV></DIV><BR clear=all></DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV><!-- EOF Summer Erotic Fiction Contest -->
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