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"Better communication tips"

Have better sex with our informative new sex guide for communication.

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Poor communication with your partner is the most common culprit of a sexual relationship that has begun to wane. Our lives have become so busy and filled with outside stress that it’s almost impossible for it not to eventually affect your sexuality. Many times couples avoid the difficult sex conversation for fear that expecting more out of their partner will upset them. First off, you need to understand that to expect your sexual relationship to stay exactly the same while the rest of your lives change and grow is unrealistic. By approaching your partner about changing your sexual habits as a whole rather than focusing the responsibilities on their shoulders will remove pressure and reduce the risk of upsetting them. Better sex is just a step away…ready to take that step?



Better Sex Communication

The Better Sex Video Series Collection
Learn aptitude in open communication between partners, overcome inhibitions and misconceptions about better sex.

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Better Sex for a Lifetime Set
Better Sex for a Lifetime is a new age adult sex education video series that explores sexuality for loving couples.

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