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R. Stewart </SPAN></DIV> <P class=serfc align=left>Here I sit, hoping this will be my last case for the day. I got here at 5am and it is now 7pm. I don’t even remember if I had breakfast or lunch. Being second in command at a testosterone filled for profit organization has its ups and downs. Today was a down day. I think every guy who entered my office was in a bad mood. Every deadline had to be met by noon and my assistant felt it necessary to take the day off. <BR><BR>A knock on the door? Who knows I am still here? I have gotten in the habit of closing my door at 5:30 so that I can clear up any end of day items in peace. It is after 7! <BR><BR>“Yes?” I regretfully inquired. <BR><BR>I begin to pack it up for the day, then lazily walk over to the door; Oh what a surprise, it’s Mr. Weasel. <BR><BR>“Ms. Monroe, the cleaning staff would like to get in to take out your trash.” The Weasel claimed. Ah, Mr. Weasel. He is one of those guys who hates working for a woman, yet in her face he acts like her slave. Behind her back, he is hastily plotting his revenge. Well guys that will teach you to score low on the GMAT. <BR><BR>“You’re working late. Anything I need to know or better yet, I can help you with?” the weasel asks. <BR><BR>“Where is this cleaning crew you boast of?” Politely sticking to the business at hand. <BR><BR>“She was right behind me. I am sure she will be around shortly. Do you need any help with anything? Do you want me to walk you to your car?” <BR><BR>“Actually, I am fine. But I do need you to do something for me.” <BR><BR>“Anything.” He eagerly replied. <BR><BR>“I need the complete Johnson report on my desk by the time I get in tomorrow.” I said that with a sly smile. I know he has been working on that report for the past month. <BR><BR>“I am almost done. How about I turn it in on Friday?” <BR><BR>“I’ll be in around 6am tomorrow. No report on my desk, don’t bother coming in.” His jaw dropped and he forced a smile with a nodding goodbye BITCH. I gathered my things and walked out of the office. <BR><BR>I get down to the garage thinking about what I am having for dinner and that’s when I spot it. A flat tire. No. Not on MY $100,000 Cayenne Porsche. Great. There goes dinner. <BR><BR>I call for service and the tow truck will take 15 minutes to get here. Unfortunately it is after 7 and the business district is a virtual ghost town. Nothing stays open past 6. I walk back into the building and spot the vending machines. Ah diet Coke and a bag of Doritos – dinner of champions. I no sooner popped the top on my diet Coke when I heard an obnoxious horn in the garage. The tow truck driver was fast. I open the door to the garage and to my surprise, a very handsome man dressed in coveralls. <BR><BR>“Ms. Monroe?” He asked. <BR><BR>“That would be me.” <BR><BR>“What seems to be the problem?” He asked not taking his eyes off of me. <BR><BR>Now that was a loaded question. Do I tell him that I haven’t felt the touch of a man in so long that my vibrators have now become a nightly thing? Naw. I will wait a few minutes before I drop that bomb on him. He had a great smile with perfect teeth. His coveralls were partially unbuttoned, exposing a tight white t-shirt. I guess I was his last call of the day. His arms were huge! I can tell he worked out or did a lot of lifting. <BR><BR>“I have a flat. Can you fix it or will I need to have it towed?” I said in a tired tone. I was glad my eyes could enjoy the view. <BR><BR>He couldn’t take his eyes off of me. And here I thought it was my car that needed servicing. I was dressed in my usual business attire, a tailored suit with skirt instead of pants. I like to drive the men wild at work with my shapely legs and 3 inch heels. My skirt hugged my curvaceous hips. My jacket was unbuttoned revealing a white tailored see through silk blouse. My lace bra barely held my 36DD’s at bay. The twins were itching to get out and play, maybe just maybe they will. <BR><BR>“This is a nice piece of machinery. I believe I have something in the truck that will take care of you.” He said with a hint of seduction in his voice as he looked me over, finally arriving at my beautiful brown eyes. <BR><BR>Oh, I was hoping he had something that would take care of me. Just thinking about what I needed made my nipples pop out and my pussy moist. I am glad I wore stockings! <BR><BR>“Will this take long?” I asked. <BR><BR>“No, but please have a seat in my truck. I wouldn’t feel right having you stand while I work.” He replied with a smile. <BR><BR>Damn, he has pretty teeth. I wonder how his tongue would feel on my clit; she too is longing to be sucked properly. I am always hopeful that I will find a guy who really knows how to orally satisfy a woman other than agreeing to everything she says. Most guys lick and might actually suck for a second thinking that is all that is needed. It’s like guys who dart their stiff tongues in and out of your mouth and call that French kissing! <BR><BR>I took my time on the climb into his truck; slightly lifting my skirt to reveal my stockings a bit. I knew his eyes were watching my every move. His truck is pretty neat for a guy. He was very professional checking on me every few minutes. I stare at his ass as he bends down to remove the tire; very firm. Oh and he is so strong as he lifts the tire. His muscular arms make me melt. I wonder what his body looks like under all of those clothes. It makes me wonder what else he has going on there. He stops, and I thought he was going to ask me something. Instead he gets up and removes his jumpsuit to reveal a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. It is as if he was reading my mind. I bat my eyes, very appreciative of his effort. <BR><BR>His t-shirt and jeans look great, but I am still curious about the package. I took his cue and added one of my own. I took off my jacket and unbuttoned the top two buttons of my blouse. <BR><BR>“The ventilation in this garage is awful after hours.” I said. <BR><BR>“Yes, it is hot down here.” He replied. <BR><BR>He came over to me. I thought he was going to tell me something about my tire. Instead, he reached over me to grab a tool out of the glove compartment. The door hit me knees. <BR><BR>He placed his hands on my knees, slid me around and said. “Here, why don’t you turn this way and keep the door open; that way you will have more air. Plus I don’t want to hit those pretty knees again” <BR><BR>How could I not take advantage of this opportunity? I moved one leg over revealing my neatly waxed crotch, then slowly bringing my other leg over. I know he saw my pussy because the look on his face prompted him to ask, “When was the last time you were serviced?” <BR><BR>A man with balls! I love that. I opened my legs slightly and said, “It has been a minute. Did you want me to check under the hood?” <BR><BR>He stood up and unbuttoned his jeans to reveal a massively hardening cock. Then he said, “Let me take a closer look.” <BR><BR>He went down on his knees, and gently kissed my left ankle then up my calves, then slowing down at the inside of my thighs. My clit is swelling beyond belief. Shit! I need to cum. Please let him taste me, please. I moan to let him know that I want him to keep going. <BR><BR>“Mmmmm…I really need this to happen.” I said. <BR><BR>He stops! He looks up from between my legs and says, “You have a beautiful large clit.” <BR><BR>I smiled. <BR><BR>He then said, “Here, place your legs on my shoulders so that I may take care of your pussy properly.” <BR><BR>I complied. He placed his finger in my wet pussy and said, “I know you’re ready for my hard cock, but first let me suck on your hard clit. She really needs to cum first.” <BR><BR>His face is between my legs. He takes his tongue and gently licks around my clit. I moaned. He then puts his lips together trapping my clip between them using his strong tongue to flick my clit up and down, back and forth. That drove me wild! My hips began to move to the rhythm of his tongue. <BR><BR>Oh yes! Finally a man who knows how to orally satisfy a woman! He begins to suck my clit taking in all of my juices. Then without warning he begins to hum. The vibration along with the hard sucking is bringing me close to orgasm. I take my hand and push his head deeper between my legs. I begin to tremble. <BR><BR>He knows what is next, so he once again takes his finger and pushes it in and out of my pulsing pussy like it was his throbbing cock. With my other hand, I reach up and finish unbuttoning my blouse to expose my swollen breasts in a constricting bra. He looks up with his eyes. Removes his finger from my pussy while still sucking on my clit and not missing a beat. He reaches up and pulls my bra straps down, one at a time. My heavy breasts collapse the bra that disappears under them. <BR><BR>I can’t think. My mind is in full pleasure mode. I don’t know which way I want him to make me cum, either with his tongue or his cock! “Oh yes!” I moan. <BR><BR>The humming stops, the sucking stops and he removes my legs from his shoulders. He stands up, pushes his jeans down past his knees and frees the beast. I take a peak. It is so beautiful, it is so thick, and it is so hard! A teardrop of cum seeping from the head of his cock and I instinctually lick my lips. <BR><BR>He reaches in the glove compartment and pulls out a condom. He rips the condom out of the wrapper and unrolls it over his massive cock. He knelt to position himself perfectly to grab and pull my hips and dripping pussy closer to the edge of the seat to meet his throbbing cock. The tip of his cock touches the entrance of my pussy. <BR><BR>He places his hands on my breasts bringing his lips to my nipples. As he begins to suck on one of my nipples, he takes one of his hands and places it between my legs to make sure my pussy is dripping. Then, unceremoniously with a surprising and welcomed thrust, he rams his cock in my pussy. I moan, he moans and continues to suck on my nipple. <BR><BR>You always know when a man is ready to explode and deposit his load by the quickening pace. He is ready. Harder and harder he thrusts. He stops sucking on my nipple and says, “You want all of my cock in you?” <BR><BR>“Yes! Yes, I want it all!” <BR><BR>He takes his hands, grabs my hips and rams the remaining inches in my throbbing and tight pussy. Harder and faster he pumps. He is going to cum. Suddenly he lets out a long and satisfying moan as his cock juice is spilling into the condom in my pussy. After a moment, he grabs the condom at the base of his cock and pulls it out of my aching pussy. <BR><BR>He knew it was my turn to cum. He does down on me and takes in my swollen clit. His sucking, humming and finger thrusting bring me to an earth shattering double orgasm. <BR><BR>With my tire fixed and my pussy calm, I put myself together and drive home humming, smiling and thinking about the tow truck man. <BR><BR>Thank you mister tow truck man. <BR><BR>THE END </P><!-- EOF story here --></DIV> <DIV id=serfcright><!-- poll monkey script for week 3 --> <DIV id=vote><BR> <SCRIPT src=";u=863751146"> //<![CDATA[ //]]> </SCRIPT> <SCRIPT language=javascript> //<![CDATA[ DisplayVote51146(); //]]> </SCRIPT> </DIV></DIV></DIV><BR clear=all></DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV><!-- EOF Summer Erotic Fiction Contest -->
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