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J. Riley</SPAN></DIV> <P class=serfc align=left>Bret and Jan waved goodbye from they’re forest green Range Rover as they headed out the driveway. They had been planning a week-long getaway for the past few months. Of course, they needed someone to feed their Bichon Frise and tabby cat. Their week of luxury in Cancun would be our week of quasi-luxury in a three bedroom house with a pool and a spa. <BR><BR>Cable and a hot tub. The joys of housesitting! <BR><BR>But the thing that had always intrigued me about the house was their balcony. It was spacious with soft lounge chairs, overlooking their beautiful garden in the back. A far cry from my apartment’s meager fire escape with a less than stunning view of the building next door. <BR><BR>“C’mon,” I said to you in my most dulcet tone. “Let’s sit out on the balcony and watch the sunset.” <BR><BR>You smiled feverishly. Something in your eyes told me that you couldn’t wait for them to leave, that their very presence had been taunting you, keeping your devilish thoughts of carnal delight at bay. <BR><BR>I sauntered out onto the balcony, my thin summer dress blowing in the gentle breeze. You hung back in the bedroom and let your eyes dance over my body. <BR><BR>The thrill of being in the outdoors, clothed only by a small wisp of fabric, was tantalizing. I surveyed the area. Some neighbors houses were around us. They could see if they wanted to. Were they home? Were they that close? Should I care if they see anyway? <BR><BR>Feeling your eyes behind me, I slowly lifted up my skirt, revealing my bare ass covered only by a pink thing. You liked it. I could hear you creep up behind me and slip your hand up my trembling thighs. You stroked my butt and let your hands glide around to my front, dipping your fingers beneath the barrier of my panties. <BR><BR>“Let’s go inside,” you whispered into my ear. <BR><BR>“I want to stay out here.” <BR><BR>“What if one of the neighbors sees…” <BR><BR>“Are you saying you don’t want me to do this?” I interrupted. With one urgent movement, I dropped to my knees, unbuckled your belt, and slipped out your thick, beating cock. <BR><BR>You were speechless, and began to nervously dart your eyes around our suburban surroundings, hoping Cliff and Madge next door weren’t going to call the police. <BR><BR>I began to gently kiss your head andrbbed my moist lips up and down your throbbing shaft. Then, just when you thought you had a fighting chance to get away from me, I swallowed your hard and pusating dick right down to the balls. You moaned with delight. I pulled your pants all the way off. <BR><BR>“Sweetheart,” you pleaded, “We really should go inside.” <BR><BR>“Should we?” I asked, coyly. “I like the breeze.” And with that, I pulled the sun dress over my head and tossed it off the balcony to the garden below. <BR><BR>Now we had reached the threshold. You could no longer control yourself. You pressed your lips against mine and shoved your lusty tongue into my mouth. My bare body was warm in the afternoon sun, betraying goosebumps whenever a brisk breeze would come by. Your lips fell down to suck on my bulging breasts. You licked and bit my nipples until they felt so hard that I thought they would explode. I braced myself against the handrail of the balcony. I could hardly stand as I felt the stubble of your face inch its way down to my wet and begging pussy. You teased me, kissing my inner thigh, the crease between my legs and stomach. Then finally, you took mercy upon me and plunged your tongue into my wanton pocket of love! <BR><BR>As you licked and played with my pussy, I could feel my knees shake, my feet tremble. Every muscle struggled to keep me upright. The nearby birds singing became a symphony of my own summer fantasy. Just when I thought I was going to fall apart, you turned me around, my naked breasts thrust before the great wide world to see and enjoy. You ripped off your shirt and I could feel your stony cock fighting its way up behind me. Then at last, you bolted right into me with such cannon-like energy that I thought the house might collapse under our feet. <BR><BR>You began pounding into me, harder and harder. I leaned over and lifted my ass in the air, allowing you more room to grab my legs and ram yourself like a lion into my steaming and gushing pussy. Just then, the clouds overhead began to form a dull grey and warm summer raindrops came dropping down upon our naked bodies. The water washed away the pool of sweat forming on my head, until we were drenched in nature’s glory, our shiny bodies shifting back and forth in a dance of lust, your body slamming into my shaking ass like tympanis in the orchestra. <BR><BR>I was trembling with tension when I felt you lift me up, my bare feet not even touching the wooden floor of our balcony. I hung onto the railing, left helpless for you to do whatever you wanted with me. You held me high and grabbed my swinging tits gleaming in the summer rain. You pulled me away, turned me around, and pushed me down into the lounge chair like a rabid animal. My body splashed a puddle of fresh rainwater off and your soaked body lowered onto mine like a eagle attacking his prey. You shoved your bulging cock into me once again, spreading my legs and pounding into me like an animal. <BR><BR>My nipples were cold and hard as diamonds as they reached out to the sun, looking for heat in the chilly summer storm. You lifted my back up, grabbed my flexing buttocks, and squeezed into me farther and farther. You reached over and sucked on my wet tits like a desert wanderer looking for a well. <BR><BR>That’s when I looked up and saw Jan and Bret looking over us. <BR><BR>“We forgot our tickets..,” her voice trailed off. I could see, and was pleasantly surprised, that she wasn’t fuming angry over the misuse of her home. In fact, she simply shifted her stance and looked over us, at our wet naked bodies, and slowly backed herself into Bret who stood stone-still and saucer-eyed as his eyes trailed over my shiny breasts. <BR><BR>“Well,” Jan said with a grin, “Who told you to stop?” <BR><BR>And with that I could see her gaze turn lustful and her hands trail up the sides of Bret as she squeezed her backside against what was most likely his newly forming erection. <BR><BR>And why did we stop? You turned to look at me, your still hard penis now at rest inside of me. Your eyes seemed to ask me, “Should we?” I reached up and grabbed you by the back of your hair and whispered said to you in a sure and steady voice. <BR><BR>“Fuck me.” <BR><BR>You went back doing your work on my pussy, but now with ten timies the energy and fury you had before. I could see unbuttoning her blouse and letting her smooth ivory breasts fall out, her clothes now soaked in the same summer rain we were swimming in. She reached in and pulled out Bret’s rock hard penis and began stroking it as she kissed his chest. <BR><BR>Bret lifted up the flimsy beach skirt of hers revealing her bouncy butt, also revealing that she hadn’t been wearing panties this entire time. She bent down from the standing position and started sucking his cock and stroking his balls. The lust next to us only fed your enthusiasm and you lifted my leg up over your should, sucked my tits, and rubbed my swollen clit as you continued to pound into me. Now the thoughts of neighbors spying us was lost without a trace, and I began helplessly shouting and wailing to the rain clouds above in carnal bliss. <BR><BR>At that point, Bret led Jan down on the other lounge chair and began taking her from behind, his long cock diving into her pink pussy, soaked either by the rain or her lust or both. He slapped her ass, which inspired you to grab mine ferociously. I could feel my tits bouncing to and fro as you rammed your healthy and manly body into my eager frame. I could see Jan’s beautiful and full boobs swinging back and forth as Bret rammed himself into her, his face contorting in lustful agony as he summoned all his strength to plummet into her again and again. <BR><BR>I wanted you to take me from behind again. You swept me up, ripped the cushion off the lounge chair, and slammed it and me onto the balcony floor, the summer rain now pouring down upon our drenched bodies. I didn’t have any chance to position myself, as you grabbed me by the thighs and placed your throbbing penis into me once again, my ample tits shaking with every thrust from your pounding manhood. <BR><BR>Jan was on her back now, and I could see Bret’s muscular and sculpted ass inject itself into her over and over. I reached up and sucked on her nipples, shaking and jiggling towards the summer sky. I could tell that this turned you on, because I felt your cock ram into me with such intensity that I could feel my body struggle under the pressure. <BR><BR>You reached around and again began toying with my clit. I couldn’t take it anymore. I knees began to shake, my thighs were vibrating. It was as if I could feel the sky open up and let the radiant light of the sun pour a spot light down on me and only me as I wailed up above me and a flood of joy, satisfaction, and god-like pleasure enveloped me in a fiery haze! I screamed! I screamed in pure lustful success! <BR><BR>And I wasn’t the only one. As I came, I squeezed my friend’s tit even harder and could feel her breath become heavy and nervous as she closed her eyes and gripped onto the chair, shaking and screaming a howl of happiness. <BR><BR>You pulled yourself out of me, turned me around and squeezed your warm, milky cum all over my rain soaked tits, your face exploding in a fit of pleasure. <BR><BR>Then it was Bret’s turn, as he pulled out just in time to let us see him squirt his lovely man-juice all over Jan’s still throbbing pussy. <BR><BR>We laid back and sighed. The storm was passing now. The rain diminished into weak drizzles, then nothing. The sun came galloping out of the clouds like a knight coming to save the day. The four of us lay there lifeless in warm and comforting blanket of summer heat. <BR><BR>“We should cancel our reservations,” Jan said lazily to Bret. <BR><BR>Jan and I spoke later, as we cooked up an impromptu meal with chicken and asparagus, accompanied by a light red wine. She and Bret had always fantasized about having sex in front of others and watching others. They were nervous about trying it with strangers, but didn’t have the gumption to approach any of their friends about it. When they came back into the house to get their belongings, the opportunity seemed too good to pass up. They loved the exhilaration of showing off for others. Bret was particularly interested in viewing the live show in front him, a fantasy that had intrigued him for sometime. <BR><BR>We headed back into the living room, where a fireplace was warming our half-clad bodies drying from the rain earlier. It was strange being with our friends like this. Obviously, we had never hung out in the nude with them before, but it seemed perfectly natural. Both sexy and liberating. <BR><BR>We sat on the floor, sipping our wine. I leaned back into your strong and loving arms, knowing that the bonds of our love had just grown stronger with this voyage into our libidos. What had we been missing all our lives? <BR><BR>The four of us spoke over our meals. We spoke and laughed over anecdotes of nervous situations with past partners, the desires to get “crazy”, the failed attempts with past lovers. How strange that without ever knowing it, we had all found one another in some way. <BR><BR>We finished our meals and sat gazing at the comforting fire in front of us, listening to the soothing melodies of the CD player. <BR><BR>“What else have you wanted to do?” I asked our friends. <BR><BR>“Well..,” Jan said, gazing up to Bret. “Bret has always wanted to see me with another man.” <BR><BR>“I admit it,” smiled Bret. “I think it’d be hot.” <BR><BR>If I knew and loved anything about you, I knew you weren’t an idiot. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to bed Jan? She was gorgeous! <BR><BR>“Well,” I suggested to Jan. “I don’t think I should let you have him all to yourself.” <BR><BR>After all, you had been a very good boy, and you deserved a treat. <BR><BR>I turned around and perched myself in your lap. You were wearing only a towel around your waist now, and I could feel your penis coming back to life and struggling to get out. <BR><BR>Jan came crawling over to meet me us, letting her silk robe fall open as she approached. <BR><BR>I could feel Bret’s erotic tension from across the room. As I slipped off my silk chemise, I could hear him growing restless from across the room, moaning lowly as he eyed my perfectly round bottom. I spread my legs just a little to let him get a good look at my pussy. What a turn on! I hadn’t been ogled that plainly by another man in years. But it was you I wanted to give all my love to. <BR><BR>Jan came up and rubbed her tits against me, slithering with the grace of a snake. Her nipples were hard and I could feel their rubbery push against my backside. She kissed the side of my neck. I looked up to you and saw you grit your teeth, amazed and strained at the sexual frenzy that was on its way. Jan looked to me, a last minute check that she had my permission. I can her a nod that said, “Of course.” <BR><BR>And with that, she slowly licked the lower part of your belly, leading down to the terrycloth towel. She bit the rim of it and pulled the towel off with her teeth, revealing your grand and majestic phallus standing at attention, ready for whatever we had in mind. I kissed your walls, goosing you a little with a firm suck underneath. Jan followed suit and licked the shaft of your penis. Your hands gripped the armrests of the sofa as if you were an astronaut lifting off to his first flight into outer space. I licked your shaft and head, flowing my motions into a kiss with Jan. I could see this turned you on as your eyes went wide as the moon. I could hear Bret moan behind me as I lifted my ass in the air, sucking your head and stroking your balls. <BR><BR>Jan took the initiative as I remained sucking your throbbing cock. She stood up and rubbed her perfectly pert tits in your willing face. You smiled and gave a little laugh, still not quite believing how lucky you were. You sucked on her nipples which were now hard as Stonehenge. I knew it had an effect on you, for I could taste your cock grow in my wet mouth. <BR><BR>Jan finally let her robe fall to the floor, revealing her perfectly bouncy butt for the rest of us to see. <BR><BR>God, I wish I had her ass! <BR><BR>You grabbed her ass and the back of my head, leading me up and down your cock. Behind me, I grabbed a glance of Bret staring at my dangling tits and pulling out his erect penis. I stood up slowly, letting my breasts brush along your entire body. And with finesse and even a little bossiness, I took my dear friend Jan by the thighs and positioned her to straddle you. I wanted to give you, my love, a gift you would never forget. <BR><BR>But first, you had to please her. <BR><BR>“Suck her clit,” I whispered into your ear. Obedient and unabashed, you dove your head down into her wet and willing pussy. You licked her all over, sending her head back in surprised ecstasy. I knew she’d love it. After all, I’ve had the best head in the world from you many times over. <BR><BR>I held onto her thighs, stroking them as you darted your tongue in and out of her. I grabbed your cock to let you know that I hadn’t forgotten you for a second. Then I’d had enough. My wet pussy and my thrill-ride mind didn’t want to wait for you any longer. I wanted to see you fuck my friend. <BR><BR>I grabbed her by the legs and ass, and with one final sucking of your cock to keep it good and wet, I pushed her down onto your massive meat-pole. She gasped with delight. I think she was honestly shocked at how thick you felt, just like I was when I first let you inside. I saw her rock back and forth, following her most primal desires to use your beautiful cock to its full extent. The girl was an animal! Funny how you really get to know your friend when you watch her fuck. <BR><BR>As she rode you, I shoved my nipples in your mouth and fingered myself, giving Bret the show I know he had always wanted and giving you the pleasure you needed. <BR><BR>“Now lick me,” I said, almost screaming. <BR><BR>You ducked your head down as Jan continued to writhe on top of you, her motions becoming steadier, greedier, and more animalistic. By now, you were running wild. You offered me no slow build up, but instead licked me, flapping your tongue with wild vibration against my gushing pussy. My clit was swollen and begged you for more. <BR><BR>You wouldn’t stop. I’d never felt your able tongue in this way. You were inspired. And I couldn’t believe your dexterity. You began grabbing Jan’s bouncing ass and slamming her now helpless body against your own. She was submissive under your grip, like a ragdoll you could do anything with. As her tits bounced up and down with every thrust, you dug your tongue harder and harder into me. <BR><BR>I felt it. I couldn’t help it. I wanted the feeling to last forever. But restraint couldn’t be found as I saw Jan’s legs vibrate and her knees shake against your body. My pussy felt like a tidal wave was attacking it, and with one enormous, chaotic flood of orgasmic utopia, I came and came and came some more! <BR><BR>And I wasn’t the only, Jan leaned back until her head almost touched the floor. She screamed louder than I’ve ever heard a woman scream, electrocuted with pleasure atop the tower of your penis! <BR><BR>Bret moaned, and I caught just a glimpse of his milky juice squirt onto his belly. I knew you were next. I pulled Jan off of you. We both knelt to the ground, giving you a place to lay your load. I felt as if I was feeling your orgasm for you as you reeled your head back and shouted a prayer of ecstasy to the sky, a fountain of your love pouring over our tits and faces. Pleasure at last! <BR><BR>Bret and Jan don’t go on vacation as much as they used to. But it wasn’t until months later that Jan let me in on a little secret. They had seen us on the balcony as they were driving away and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to seek us make love, a fantasy the both of them had had for years. They only dreamt up the excuse of forgetting their tickets. Sneaky little Jan. I think she’s our kind of girl. <BR><BR>THE END </P><!-- EOF story here --></DIV> <DIV id=serfcright><!-- poll monkey script for week 3 --> <DIV id=vote><BR> <SCRIPT src=";u=1253750995"> //<![CDATA[ //]]> </SCRIPT> <SCRIPT language=javascript> //<![CDATA[ DisplayVote50995(); //]]> </SCRIPT> </DIV></DIV></DIV><BR clear=all></DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV><!-- EOF Summer Erotic Fiction Contest -->
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