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More to the point she was a down right cold hearted bitch and because of that she had everything going for her. She was the youngest senior partner at Goldman and Olstein. She could wipe the floor with any other lawyer she was sent up against and from the first word out of her mouth to the last she could hold anyone, male or female, captive with her voice. It was a talent she had practiced and had honed at an early age. Her fierceness in the court room was well known and her spotless reputation almost famous. <BR><BR>But Penny had a weakness. She craved the wilder side of life, like a drunk craved alcohol It was the crack in her pipe, the meth in her veins and she was constantly after her next fix. She waited patiently pacing back and forth the click on her stilettos a sharp sound in the darkened foyer. They were the only thing she wore. She held her hands behind her back and carefully concentrated on measuring each step to distract herself. The minute the doorbell rang her heart began to race and a flush stole up her cheeks. He was here. Her dark knight in shining leather. <BR><BR>She went quickly to the door and opened it wide, dropping her eyes to the ground, she stepped back. His presence overwhelmed the large foyer and she had to breath through her nose to keep from gasping. Her mind was already picturing the things they would do together and she had to force herself not to break into a wide grin. She shut the door and dropped to her knees, head bowed and eyes lowered, her arms still behind her back.<BR><BR>“Master,” she breathed as his black leather boots came into view.<BR><BR>“My darling Penny,” he purred his rich voice like dark velvet across her skin. “I’ve missed you, my pet.”<BR><BR>He turned away from her and walked toward the hallway closet. Penny stayed put breathing deep through her nose to catch his rich spicy scent. As always it made her thighs quiver and her pulse speed up. God he smelled so good, she thought.<BR><BR>She waited patiently as he removed his coat and put it away. His duffle bag lay on the hall table, concealing the contents for the night’s entertainment. She wanted to jump up and run to him. Have him take her in his arms and ravage her, but she knew that was not his way. Not her way either. Hadn’t been for a long time. Still it didn’t stop the young girl inside her from wanting that kind of attention.<BR><BR>His heavy steps echoed through the hall as he came back to her. <BR><BR>“Come,” he said and waited for her to stand. She followed him down the hallway to the back of the house to the one room that made her pause and look in every time she came home. He opened the door and the soft glow of the wall sconces fell into the hallway. The room was a tribute to the blood, sweat and tears that had been spent in it, and it vaguely smelled of them as well. He stepped aside and she walked to the middle of the room and knelt again. The master dropped his duffle bag on the floor and closed the door. She tensed as she waited for him. <BR><BR>“Stand up,” he commanded and she obeyed. “Arms above your head”<BR><BR>She closed her eyes as the soft leather cuff enclosed her wrist and she heard the buckles click into place. Her other wrist soon followed. He kicked her feet apart.<BR><BR>“Wider,” he said and she spread her legs slightly farther out than her hips.<BR><BR>She kept her eyes closed. She felt him circle her body, touching her shoulder, then her hip, her cheek, her nipple. Chills broke out across her skin at the intimate contact of his rough fingers. She heard the zipper on the bag come open and a soft sound of movement that followed.<BR><BR>“Are you ready for me Penny?”<BR><BR>“Yes, Master,” she replied in an almost breathless voice. Her anticipation had turned her core wet and her nipples into little pebbles of heat. She heard the whoosh of the whip right before it hit her skin. She bit her lip and stifled a moan. He removed it and struck again, at the same lazy pace. He worked on the soft skin of her buttocks, the horsetail whip licking her and leaving a tingle of pain in its wake. As her skin heated she fought the urge to move her hips, she knew it would not please him. <BR><BR>“No sound tonight, my darling?” he asked.<BR><BR>“I would please you, Master,” she all but moaned as he struck again.<BR><BR>“It would please me to her your sweet voice, Penny,” he said next to her ear sending a shiver up her spine.<BR><BR>“Yes, Master,” she replied and the whip slapped hard into her back. She moaned aloud as the pain took root.<BR><BR>“Again,” he commanded and struck with enough force to push her body forward.<BR><BR>“Yes, Master,” she groaned and her body trembled.<BR><BR>He struck again and she responded in a moan again.<BR><BR>He worked her back in quick stinging strokes that, sent her pussy to quivering between her thighs. She panted and moaned as he encouraged her.<BR><BR>“More, Penny,” he commanded and she obeyed.<BR><BR>“Louder,” he said as he brought the whip down again.<BR><BR>“Master,” she cried as it cut across her bare butt and licked between her thighs at the sensitive skin there. She moved now, her hips working as if it would relieve the sweet burn in her core and the ache in her skin.<BR><BR>“Please, Master, more,” she begged and felt his hand move over her back His fingers squeezed the welted skin on her butt and back, each sharp pinch making her breathe harder and push back against his hand.<BR><BR>His hand dipped between her spread thighs and drifted over her delicate skin.<BR><BR>“Good girl, Penny,” he said as he felt the wetness that was leaking onto her thighs.<BR><BR>He backed off and she missed his closeness. He rattled around in his bag.<BR><BR>“I brought you a surprise,” he said and approached her from behind. Her body was tight and tense, ready for release, but he acted as if he didn’t know. “Open your eyes.”<BR><BR>She did and kept them on the ground. He shifted the box into view and she raised her gaze slightly. On a bed of black velvet sat two gold nipple clamps, connected by a chained studded with diamonds. She gasped and caught herself before she looked into his face. “Master, it’s beautiful,” she whispered. <BR><BR>“Would you like me to put it on you?” he asked.<BR><BR>“Please, Master,” she replied. She watched his dark elegant hands as they removed the clamps, he twisted her nipple between his fingers then attached the clamp to one side then other. The chain was weighted by the diamonds and pulled at her nipples, sending a delicious ached through her. She closed her eyes and sighed.<BR><BR>“Feel good?”<BR><BR>“Oh, yes, Master,” she responded. Her nipples were beginning to throb behind their restraints and she moaned a little as they pulsed.<BR><BR>He walked around her and rattled back in his bag. She heard the crop slice the air and she shivered. The crop was her favorite, it’s sting a singular bite into her skin and she loved the way it felt. <BR><BR>“Ready, my darling?” he asked again.<BR><BR>“Yes, Master,” she almost whispered.<BR><BR>The crop cracked against the sensitive skin of her thigh and she trembled from inside and out. He worked her over until her skin positively glowed a delicious pink and it was all she could do not to cum where she stood.<BR><BR>“Please, Master,” she begged and her pulse raced in her chest even as her body throbbed in time to her heart. <BR><BR>“What is it Penny?” he asked in a breathy voice. She knew he liked seeing her skin red and flushed. She knew he would be as hard as a rock now and just as ready for release a she was. He stepped up close behind her and the cloth of his trousers brushed her burning skin. She sucked air through her teeth and pushed back into him.<BR><BR>“Please,” she said again.<BR><BR>“Do you need it Penny? Do you want it?” he teased as he ran a hand over her ass and smacked her with his bare hand.<BR><BR>She cried out and writhed in place as he smacked her again.<BR><BR>“Tell me what you need Penny,” he commanded.<BR><BR>“I need you master, I need release,” she said.<BR><BR>“You want me? Or do you want my cock?” he asked and felt the brush of his hand between them. Then she felt the silken skin of his hard cock against her butt. He rubbed it over her welted skin, that burned at his touch. “Tell me, Penny.”<BR><BR>“I want your cock, Master. I want you to fuck me…please.”<BR><BR>“Fuck you?” he tsked at her, “such language from such a sweet mouth.” He dropped his cock between her cheeks and slid in between her thighs, teasing her wet skin.<BR><BR>“Tell me exactly what you want,” he cooed next to her ear as he slid along side her moist core.<BR><BR>“I want you to slide your cock inside me,” she began, but he interrupted<BR><BR>“Inside you how, Penny? Start again,” he breathed against her neck his lips almost caressing her skin.<BR><BR>“I want you to slide your cock inside my pussy, Master. I want you to fill me, stretch me with your hard shaft, make me quiver around you. I want you to pound into my pussy deep and hard, taking what you need from me. I want to feel your hands on my waist as you pull me to you, I want your nails to bite into my skin. I want to feel the pain as you bring us both to climax,” she said as she began to pant. Her body was so hot and tight with need she thought she was going to explode. <BR><BR>“Hold onto the cuffs and bend over,” he commanded. She stuck her ass out to him and bit her lip. She felt him run his cock over her slit again and again, until she thought she was going to scream. Her breast throbbed now as they hung in front of her pulled down by the chain and heavy clamps. He grabbed her hip and growled at her.<BR><BR>“Be still,” he commanded and she stooped dead calm in mid movement.<BR><BR>She felt him nudge her entrance with the head of his penis and her body began to tremble all over. Then he thrust inside her. She gasped and pushed against him. He filled her and stretched her. She moaned as he moved and pulled out. Then repeated the motion. He began to move back and forth inside her and she moaned aloud. He started a steady rhythm against her as he began to slap at her ass with his bare hand. She ground against him and cried out as the pain intensified her ache.<BR><BR>“Not yet,” he barked as he felt her shudder around his cock. He continued to move in her. His fingernails raked down her ass and he dipped a finger in with his cock. He brought it back out and pressed it against her asshole. Penny’s body tightened as she felt the pressure against her. She ached anew to have his finger inside her as his cock took her pussy. He pushed against her and she opened to him. He slipped inside, moving his finger opposite of his cock. She all but screamed in pleasure as he fucked her.<BR><BR>“Let me hear you,” he growled.<BR><BR>“Oh yes! Oh Master yes!” she screamed as she came dangerously close to coming. Her body began to quake and he worked her harder with his finger rubbing against his cock. “Oh please Master! Please!” she screamed.<BR><BR>“Do it! Cum for me!” he commanded and she began to shatter, falling head first into the oblivion that was her orgasm. She cried out and screamed his name as he thrust his finger hard and deep inside her. He continued to thrust into her as she came prolonging her orgasm until she was a quivering mess hanging limp, held up only by the handcuffs, his cock and his will. He pulled his cock from her and her knees buckled slightly. <BR><BR>“Oh, Penny your such a good fuck my darling,” he breathed against her neck as he kissed her skin and ran the head of his cock against her tightened skin.<BR><BR>She stiffened and took in a deep breath.<BR><BR>“What is it Penny? Does my cock touching your asshole turn you on?” he asked her, his voice husky with his own arousal. She felt him slip across her skin again and again and she bit her lip.<BR><BR>“What is it Penny? What do you want? You know the rules darling,” he said as he stepped away from her. Her body shivered at the loss of his contact. “All you have to do is ask and I will give you what you want.”<BR><BR>Penny had wanted this for as long as she could remember, her sexual adventure with this man was more than she could have ever dreamed of when they’d first been introduced. She knew him only as master. Her naked body trembled as he trailed his hand over her skin. He was asking her for the ultimate trust, the one thing in her life that she had never given to anyone.<BR><BR>“I am in pain Penny, are you going to alleviate it tonight?” he asked He had never come, not once, in all their sessions. He had satisfied her beyond belief, but he’d made it abundantly clear in the beginning that he would only release in one way. Inside her ass. It was the final step in their relationship, the final place he could take her that she had never been. He brushed his finger over her aching nipple, then released the clamp and her nipple screamed, making her moan and thrust toward him. He took her in his mouth and sucked hard on her She began to cum, but he pulled back, taking her out of the fall. The heavy weight replaced as he stepped back behind her and out of her sight. His fingers played with her asshole, gently touching and carefully pushing, asking her permission. <BR><BR>“Are you done Penny? Should I go home?” he asked. It was part of their game, he would ask and she would say yes or no to end the session. She hesitated tonight. She knew he wanted everything from her, but her fear kept her from answering right away. Instead she pushed back against him feeling the roughness of his fingers caress her.<BR><BR>“I need an answer Penny,” he reminded her.<BR><BR>“Stay,” she whispered.<BR><BR>“And do what?” he asked, prodding the answer from her with his fingers and his velvet voice.<BR><BR>“I.. I,” she stuttered unable to bring the words to the surface.<BR><BR>“I told you I would never force you Penny,” he reminded as she pushed against him again. “I need to hear you say it. I need to hear that you want this kind of pleasure from me.”<BR><BR>“It will hurt,” she said and squeezed her eyes shut against the fear<BR><BR>“What is pleasure without the pain Penny?” he asked and stepped away from her.<BR><BR>“It is nothing,” she replied. She recalled she had learned that from him as she heard him in the bag once more.<BR><BR>Cool liquid glide over her heated ass and ran between her thighs. His hand caressed her rubbing in the lubricant. She moaned and ached her back farther, begging for his touch. <BR><BR>“So beautiful,” he said in a hushed voice as if he were talking just to himself. “So pink and pretty.”<BR><BR>She felt his hand glide between her thighs and rub the liquid into her pussy. Then his hand returned to her ass and fingered her tightness. He ran his cock over her thigh as he moved his hand. Then he left her and stepped back. <BR><BR>“I need to know Penny,” he said leaving her decision in her hands. She was ready and he knew it. He had brought her up and down on purpose, he wanted her sane to make this decision. The last step. She bit at her fear and shoved it down hard into a little box.<BR><BR>“Fuck my asshole,” she whispered in a voice barely audible.<BR><BR>“Oh Penny. There is no going back. Are you sure darling?” he asked. She noted the note of hopefulness in his voice. He had been waiting a long time for this kind of trust to form between them.<BR><BR>“Ye,” she croaked and cleared her throat.<BR><BR>“Yes, Master,” she said closing her eyes.<BR><BR>He touched her then, a gentle caress as he stepped between her spread thighs again. He touched her ass boldly this time allowing his finger to slip inside her with just a slight pressure. Fire shot through her core at the invasion. This was her most coveted fantasy. What she had always wanted and had been to afraid to try. He moved his finger slipping easily in and out of her tightness. She moaned and let her head fall forward as she began to feel him move. Then more pressure and his second finger slipped inside.<BR><BR>“Oh God,” she groaned as he moved his hand slowly back and forth. She felt him crook his fingers and her body quivered. Her knees began to shake as he worked her from the inside out, slowly spreading his fingers apart wider with each pass. <BR><BR>“Good girl, Penny,” he praised as she felt her body begin to accept his touch. “That’s it darling, loosen up for me. Does it feel good?” <BR><BR>“Yes, oh yes!” she gasped as her heat began to burn. Her pussy ached for his touch. “Touch me master.”<BR><BR>“No,” he replied as he moved his hand faster, now dipping and twisting his wrist as he went. “Talk to me Penny. Tell me what you feel,” he commanded. He loved to hear her talk during their sessions, said he loved the cadence of her voice.<BR><BR>“Oh, I burn master. My body is on fire,” she moaned again. “More, Penny,” he said.<BR><BR>She struggled to form words as his hand began to pound her and her heat ratcheted up. “My pussy aches, but your hand feels so good, I don’t want you to stop! Oh yes, Master make me cum,” she cried out. <BR><BR>“No, you hold on. Do not cum,” he told her as she began to pant. Her thighs were flooded with her need for him. <BR><BR>“Please, Master,” she begged, “Give me release.”<BR><BR>“Not yet,” he said and removed his hand.<BR><BR>Before she had a chance to miss it, his cock replaced his hand and pushed inside her. She cried out and tightened around him, her body pulsing as his hard length slid inside her. “Oh God!” she cried and he grabbed her hips forcing her back onto his erection. Then he pulled out and did it again. In and out slow torturous strokes that had her brain cracking in half from the pleasure it created. His hand slipped in front of her and released her nipples, then dropped the chain to the floor. He continued to move as he caressed her aching breast, her nipples hard points of excitement.<BR><BR>Her blood was fire in her veins as her heart slammed into her rib cage. He moved out again and she cried out, “It’s too much! I-I can’t.”<BR><BR>“Yes, you can. Feel Penny. Feel my cock inside you,” he said as he thrust faster into her. “Let it overwhelm you, let your senses go, free yourself”<BR><BR>Tears leaked at the corners of her eyes, the pleasure was so intense. There was no pain as she had originally feared. Only pleasure, pure hot burning pleasure as he moved inside her. He began to pound her, his nails biting into her skin as he pulled her to him.<BR><BR>“That’s it Penny. Oh yes, I can feel your heat all around me. Your pulsing inside. Oh God yes,” he cried as his cock slid through her silky channel <BR><BR>She was fire, only the heated pleasure that was quickly consuming her. Then it grabbed her by the throat and screamed into her face.<BR><BR>“I NEED TO CUM!” she screamed as the pleasure became more than she could handle.<BR><BR>“Not. Yet,” he bit out through clenched teeth. “You. Feel. So. Good! Ahh,” he began to moaned.<BR><BR>“Right there, right there. Oh God Penny, cum for me!” he all but shouted at her. And she obeyed. She came in great gushes that she felt run down her thighs. “Yes, Penny! YES!” he shouted and then stilled inside her. She felt his cock jerk as he spilled his seed.<BR><BR>His body slumped into hers his chest against her back. He sighed a long shuddering breath Then slowly straightened himself. He reached up and released her hands one wrist at a time. Penny’s knees buckled and he caught her before she fell. <BR><BR>“Master,” she whispered in a completely sated voice.<BR><BR>“Henry,” he replied as he picked her up and her shoes fell off her feet clattering onto the floor.<BR><BR>She cracked her eyes and lifted her head from his chest. “Henry?” she asked staring into his face now. God he was so handsome. His dark hair falling into his eyes damp with sweat. Green eyes, with flecks of gold. His caramel skin was flushed as he stopped at the bed and lowered her. Then he pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it aside. His chest was glorious, firm with muscle. He had a six pack and a trail of dark hair that lead into his black trousers. She watched as he kicked off his shoes and unzipped his pants. He lowered them slowly, his penis limp and glistening from the sex they’d just had. He crawled onto the bed next to her and cradled her in his arms.<BR><BR>“My name is Henry. I think it’s time we took the next step in our relationship,” he said and lowered his head to hers. His lips covered hers in a soft caress. It was the first time they had ever kissed. Her heart thumped loud in her ears as a million thoughts tumbled through her head and extreme happiness filled her body.<BR><BR>“What do you want Penny?” he whispered against her lips. <BR><BR>“You, only you,” she replied. “Forever.”<BR><BR>“Forever,” he repeated and smiled. <BR><BR><BR>THE END </P><!-- EOF story here --></DIV> <DIV id=serfcright><!-- poll monkey script for week 3 --> <DIV id=vote><BR> <SCRIPT src=";u=8413050623"> //<![CDATA[ //]]> </SCRIPT> <SCRIPT language=javascript> //<![CDATA[ DisplayVote50623(); //]]> </SCRIPT> </DIV></DIV></DIV><BR clear=all></DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV><!-- EOF Summer Erotic Fiction Contest -->
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