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Hunter reminded himself of this as he stood in the doorway of Layla’s room, watching her sleep. After his wife’s death, the handsome lawyer had put an ad in the paper for someone to take care of his 2-year-old daughter while he was working, room and board provided. He’d been expecting an older, asexual woman to answer and was surprised when the best candidate turned out to be the beautiful 21-year-old sleeping peacefully before him. He knew that if she woke up right now, she would think he was crazy. She might be scared. She might pack her bags immediately and get the hell away from this house, certain that Hunter had the worst intentions. But he didn’t care.<BR><BR>For a month, he’d tried to ignore Layla’s dark, curly hair and large, expressive brown eyes. He’d tried to keep his gaze from straying to her perfect, pouty lips and the small, pink tongue that darted out periodically to moisten them. And he’d tried to keep his imagination from conjuring images of other, more seductive parts of her body. But Hunter failed at all of this, and he couldn’t take it anymore. He hadn’t touched or tasted a woman in so long, and he couldn’t remember ever desiring it more than when he was near Layla.<BR><BR>Curiosity and desire soon got the better of Hunter, and he entered the room, closing the door softly behind him. Slowly, quietly, he moved towards the bed until he was standing next to it. Layla was lying on her back, one arm thrown carelessly above her head while the other lay across her bare stomach. Her gray tank top had ridden up to just below her small, braless breasts during the night, and he was both afraid and excited to discover that the only thing separating him from bliss was a pair of pale blue cotton boy shorts. He’d never seen Layla so exposed, and, although she was unaware of his admiration, he’d never found her sexier. <BR><BR>As if in a trance, mesmerized by Layla’s young, slim body, Hunter climbed carefully onto the double bed beside his object of affection. She stirred and threw her head towards him, but remained asleep. Hunter stretched out beside her and propped his head up with his right arm to better watch the way her bosom rose and fell with each breath. His gaze travelled to the creamy white skin of her stomach, and as his eyes admired the way her underwear stretched across her womanly mound, he felt desire pull at his loins. He took a shaky breath. He knew what his body was asking, and he wanted more than anything to oblige. He wanted to feel her writhing against him, hear her moan his name, and become a part of her. <BR><BR>Before he realized what he was doing, Hunter felt Layla’s smooth skin and the hem of her underwear beneath his hand. His touch was gentle, barely there, and her only response was a soft murmur and instinctively moving her arm to give him more room. Hunter’s breathing came faster and his pupils dilated; the tightening of his jeans was almost painful. He was actually doing this.<BR><BR>He moved his fingers over the thin cotton and with the tip of his middle finger found the subtle nub that was her clit. He watched her face for any signs of waking, and when he found none, he began to rub, gently but firmly. Layla’s lips parted slightly, and she clenched her thighs in time with Hunter’s ministrations. Her hand, which now rested on the bed beside her, grasped the blanket tightly. Hunter could feel her wetness through the thin material of her panties and slipped a finger inside, eager to feel the damp, coarse curls that were trapped within. Layla’s hips bucked at the intimate contact.<BR><BR>The danger of being caught pleasuring this beautiful woman, along with the reactions of her sleep-heavy body was driving Hunter crazy. He ran a shaky hand through his sandy-blond hair and bent down to breathe in the sweet, musky scent of her still-concealed womanhood. He had to taste her. He hooked his fingers into the elastic of her underwear and was surprised when her hips lifted to assist him in the task. He looked up to see her watching him. If he was thinking straight, he would have run, but his mind was too preoccupied with the erection straining to break free from its captivity. He hesitated long enough to realize that the look on her face wasn’t that of fear or confusion, but desire. She wanted this, too.<BR><BR>Without a word, he pulled her panties roughly down her thighs and spread her legs. Layla gasped as the cool air hit her most sensitive parts and shook with anticipation when he lowered his head to her awaiting warmth. He looked at it, touched it, and caressed it, fascinated by the twitching and trembling that accompanied his movements. Layla clutched desperately at the blankets around her, her body begging for more.<BR><BR>“Hunter,” she gasped.<BR><BR>He answered with his tongue, flicking her clit and licking the juices that spilled from her opening. She moaned and bucked against the restraining hands he placed on her hips. “Fuck me,” she begged, needing more, wanting all of him.<BR><BR>Hunter replaced his tongue with his fingers, occasionally dipping them inside of her warmth, feeling how tight and ready she was. With his other hand, he quickly undid his belt and the button of his jeans, ripping the cumbersome attire away as fast as he could. He removed his fingers and licked them dry. Layla was rummaging through her nightstand for a condom, and he allowed her to sit up and push him down onto the bed. She straddled his hips and made quick work of his button-down shirt. She ripped open the foil packet and, with trembling hands, stretched it over his awaiting shaft. The touch of her hands and the cool lube felt like heaven to Hunter. He could have exploded right then and there and was thankful for the extra layer that would help him keep control.<BR><BR>He grabbed Layla’s hips and poised her over his erection. As she lowered herself onto him, he allowed his hands to reach up and feel her perky breasts beneath her tank top. He grazed her hard nipples with his thumbs, and when the last inch of him had come to rest inside her, he let out a shaky groan. Her body was tense, and her breathing came in short gasps. She was already sensitive from the earlier foreplay, and each pump of his thick, hard cock brought her closer to orgasm. <BR><BR>“Layla,” he breathed through gritted teeth, moving his hands back down to her hips, guiding her movements. <BR><BR>“Harder,” she gasped, digging her nails into his chest.<BR><BR>Hunter brought his hips up, slamming into her as hard as he could.<BR><BR>“Fuck, I’m coming!” she moaned, throwing her head back and closing her eyes.<BR><BR>Hunter grabbed her and moved her up and down his cock like he was shaking a ragdoll. Layla cried out in ecstasy, and the way her body clenched around him was enough to make Hunter lose control. He moaned her name, and then they both collapsed, exhausted. Layla rolled off of him so that he could remove the condom, and lay there, panting. He stretched out beside her and looked at her, much as he had just a few minutes before, when she was sleeping. There was no question in his mind that, all this time, she’d been wanting him as badly as he wanted her.<BR><BR>“When I first saw you,” she murmured. “I thought I was dreaming.”<BR><BR>He leaned down and kissed her sweetly on those pouty lips he’d craved so badly.<BR><BR>“Not anymore,” he replied huskily.<BR><BR>And, with that, Layla knew that she was in for many more sleepless nights. <BR><BR>THE END </P><!-- EOF story here --></DIV> <DIV id=serfcright><!-- poll monkey script for week 3 --> <DIV id=vote><BR> <SCRIPT src=";u=8413050623"> //<![CDATA[ //]]> </SCRIPT> <SCRIPT language=javascript> //<![CDATA[ DisplayVote50623(); //]]> </SCRIPT> </DIV></DIV></DIV><BR clear=all></DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV><!-- EOF Summer Erotic Fiction Contest -->
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