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She'd been at her keyboard for hours, and her neck and shoulders were protesting. Just as she relaxed forward, she heard a knock on her doorframe and spun to see her boss standing in the doorway. <BR><BR>Though Regan had worked for Stimulus Software for eight months, Michael Galveston, the company's founder, still made her nervous. It might have been his genius IQ, his financial success, entrepreneurial spirit, all of which could be intimidating, but when she was honest with herself, she admitted it was probably his dark and dangerous good looks that really gave her that quivery sensation. Or, maybe it was the power that draped over him like a cloak. Whatever it was, he was sexy as hell. <BR><BR>Michael gave a tired grin; they'd all been there for close to 16 hours a day for the last few weeks. "How goes the bug hunt?" <BR><BR>"I just fixed the last known class A and alerted QA its back in their court. We may be on the home stretch." Regan instinctively knocked on the wood of a picture frame on her desk. <BR><BR>"Stellar. That calls for a beer. Want one?" He pulled two frosty bottles from behind his back. Laughing at her surprised expression, he explained, "I was over in QA when the new build came over, so I knew you were done. As soon as they verify it, you can head out." <BR><BR>As Regan gratefully twisted open the chilled import, Michael languidly draped himself over her bean bag chair. He wasn't usually this casual with employees and Regan felt she was seeing a new side of him, or maybe that an important change was underway, although she couldn't predict what it might foretell. <BR><BR>"I know we haven't discussed what project you'll be on next, yet." Michael started. "Are you curious?" <BR><BR>Regan thought for a minute and took a gulp of her beer to cover her silence as she considered her answer. "Honestly, I've been too busy to think about it much. But, of course, I am excited to hear about a new project; really whatever you need me to do." She was fairly new and low on the software engineering totem pole, so she had no delusions about getting assigned to any choice projects. <BR><BR>"You may have heard, I have a pet project I've been working on – the one that actually inspired the company's name five years ago." <BR><BR>Regan nodded. That project was the stuff of company legend, although she couldn't imagine even half of the speculation she had heard could be true. "I've heard rumors about it, but I don't actually know any details," she laughed. <BR><BR>"Nice to know someone actually adheres to their confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements around here." Michael drained the last of his beer. "The simple explanation is that research has shown magnetic waves applied to the scalp can have an effect on the brain. We've been writing software to control these waves so they stimulate particular parts of the brain. Specifically, we're interested in how we can affect the pleasure centers." <BR><BR>Regan nodded as Michael continued, "We work with a neuro team over at the U. They do all our testing, so we just have to tweek the software. After our last round of research, I'm really hopeful that we can have something to release in about a year." <BR><BR>"That soon?" Regan couldn't contain her shock that the company was so close to releasing something that ground-breaking. Could she dare to hope she could work on it? Michael finished up, "So, hope you'll join my team." The group on project stimulus had been hand-picked and Regan could scarcely believe she had heard him right. She shook her head in disbelief. <BR><BR>"Oh, does it not sound interesting to you?" <BR><BR>Regan shook her head again. "No! I mean yes. I mean, oh God, I'm blithering. Yes, I'd love to work on it; I just can't believe you'd have me." <BR><BR>"I'd love to have you," he answered, and Regan suddenly found herself hoping he meant more than work. "Why don't you swing by my office at the end of your day tomorrow and I'll give you a demo and fill you in some more on the project." <BR><BR>Regan nodded, too stunned to do more. <BR><BR>*** <BR><BR>Her day had been spent tensely, but quality assurance hadn't found any more critical bugs, so the product was going to ship and Regan could actually leave her desk at a reasonable hour for the first time in weeks… or had it been months? She packed up her bag, anticipating the new project she was about to join. Everyone on that team reported straight to Michael so she would be working closely with him. Was that a perk or would she constantly be making an idiot of herself? If she couldn't set aside her awe for the man, not to mention the warm tingles she felt spreading down from her abdomen every time he walked into the room, she'd be in a constant state of stuttering arousal for the next year. <BR><BR>When she approached his assistant's desk, the girl looked up and smiled. "Oh, Regan, hi! Michael hoped you'd stop by. Head on in; he was just playing with the new prototype." <BR><BR>Regan tentatively opened the door to his office, after a soft knock, relieved that she had been expected. She'd half wondered if she had dreamed his offer in some over-tired delusion. <BR><BR>Michael looked up from his computer as Regan entered, "Hey. Give me just a moment to finish this email. Have a seat." Regan sat in the comfortable side chair he gestured toward and looked around at the shelves of technical books, action figures and innovation awards. As Michael pushed back from his desk and rose, he smiled in her direction. <BR><BR>"So, I know I gave you the run-down, but it is hard to really get it unless you try it. You want to give it a spin?" <BR><BR>"Um, sure," she answered gamely. <BR><BR>He held up a lightweight foam band, about the size of a cell phone headset. "This is the interface." He stepped toward her and slipped it over her ear. "It has magnetic wires that send the signals to your brain. It has a wireless connection to the controller. Then, I just…" He paused as he tapped on a small portable keyboard, "… send it a message to make you feel really good. Get comfortable." <BR><BR>Regan tried to relax in her chair, but her heart was racing at the prospect of unknown sensations she was about to experience. She felt rivulets of perspiration on the small of her back and then suddenly, she felt better. As if the stress had been lifted from her in an instant, she enjoyed a wave of well-being. A smile of wonderment on her face, she looked up at Michael. <BR><BR>Michael looked back at her, clearly self satisfied with the project's preliminary success. "Can you imagine what this will do for stressed-out dental patients?" <BR><BR>"Wow. That's amazing. Is this the only effect?" She was excited by the feelings, by the promise of the product, and by his proximity. <BR><BR>"No, we have dubbed this one general well-being – but we can also do relaxed calm, euphoria, and sensual pleasure." <BR><BR>Regan felt herself flush at his comment, unable to stop from imagining him as her purveyor of sensual pleasure. Or, she told herself, at least as the guy controlling the machine that was pleasuring her. <BR><BR>"Ready to try it?" <BR><BR>"What?" she sputtered, reaching for the headset. <BR><BR>"You need to try them all to understand how different the types of stimuli can be. But, I guarantee you'll enjoy it." She looked at him, expecting a smirk from him, but he looked dead serious. Stunningly handsome, but serious. "We study what happens in the brain during pleasurable events and try to recreate the reactions. So, pleasurable relaxed calm is like an hour of massage, some peaceful music and chamomile tea." <BR><BR>She looked at him, no longer alarmed as she realized she was happy, with a floating sensation, she'd be content to drift on endlessly. <BR><BR>"Yum," she purred at him. "I pay about $175 for an hour of this feeling at the day spa." <BR><BR>"Exactly!" <BR><BR>And then, before she knew what had happened, she was on a wave of adrenalin. It was like landing a dream job, winning a sweepstakes and learning she could fly, all at once. She settled her thoughts enough to ask, "Do people crash when the feeling ends?" <BR><BR>"That's the beauty of it. There is no crash. Instead, the pleasurable sensations continue and just gradually taper off, even when the stimulus is no longer applied." <BR><BR>"Sweet." <BR><BR>"Are you ready for the last one? Maybe you should close your eyes." <BR><BR>Regan followed his suggestion, feeling heat rising in her cheeks just at the thought of him knowing she was in a state of arousal. She did feel good, warm and aroused, almost like fingers were stroking the back of her neck while her lips responded to slight pressure, heat, the provocative moisture of a tongue. Her eyes opened wide as she realized Michael was kneeling before her chair, kissing her and that the headband had fallen to her side. <BR><BR>He pulled back under her gaze. "I'm sorry. I guess I –" <BR><BR>She cut off his apology by wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling his mouth back to hers. Hungry for the taste of him, she probed his mouth, murmuring, "I hope you're not sorry. Oh." She arched her back, pushed herself toward him, craving the heat emanating from his body, overcome by an intensity she could only have imagined before. Without thinking about it, she found her hands moving up under his shirt, stroking his back, feeling the hard-muscled sinew of his trim body. Enjoying the sensuous feel of his smooth, hot skin under her touch, she barely noticed he had unbuttoned her blouse until his mouth was pressing hot on the top of her breasts. <BR><BR>He reached between her heavy breasts and released them from the sheer fabric and lace of her bra, supporting each with one of his strong hands. Tilting the right one up, he lowered his mouth and suckled at the nipple, making her cry out without regard to anything outside the door. Her cry did awaken Michael's awareness, however. With one large step, he moved away from her and locked his door. <BR><BR>Before she could form a rational thought, he was back in her arms, holding her, then kneeling and pulling her down on top of him on the plush rug. She kissed him again, hungrily, glad to have the feel of him again and reveling in the pressure of his hard length against her increasingly wet center. Without thinking about it, she found herself rubbing against him, seeking the satisfaction she knew would not elude her if only he would slide inside her. <BR><BR>Michael lifted his head for a moment and whispered, his breath tantalizing on her ear, as he asked, "Are you sure? I don't want to be taking advantage." <BR><BR>"How about if I say please?" Regan cajoled. "Pretty please with sugar on top?" <BR><BR>He groaned and reached one large arm down between them to unbutton her jeans and peel them down her body. Poised in front of her, he stripped them off and bent his head to the vee of her legs, gently parting her. He used his fingers to gently stroke her petals open, feeling the sweet droplets of her, so tempting he could wait no longer to taste them. He bent his head and gently partook of her, wrapping his hands under her ass to steady her as she writhed in response to his ministrations. <BR><BR>It didn't take long before her whole body tensed against him, coiled in anticipation, as she moaned. She whispered, "Please, oh, don't stop. Please--" He obliged her, licking, probing, until she was convulsing, gripping his shoulders, bucking and then begging and finding precious release. <BR><BR>He slid his body up along hers, planning to give her a little time, but before long she was rubbing up against him, clearly ready for more. She pushed ineffectually at his pants, unable to push them down without his help. He lifted his body, shedding the garment with a gasp, since suddenly he was in her grasp; his throbbing member was free of his clothing, but luxuriating in the satin touch of her small hand. A bead of semen glistened at the very head and Michael almost lost it as her tongue flicked across and collected it. As much as he wanted to be in her mouth, he couldn't stand it any more, couldn't wait and didn't want to lose control. <BR><BR>"I need—" Regan cut him off with another kiss as she straddled him, sliding his length into the slick crevice she presented above him. <BR><BR>"Inside me." She said it decisively as she lowered her body, absorbing him to the hilt and causing both of them to groan with intense pleasure. He fingered her nipples, like tips on celestial globes above him, realizing his action was making her move on his length more quickly, her pace matching the frenzy that he felt as he pulled her down, raising his hips to probe her as deeply as nature would allow. <BR><BR>Just as he couldn't hold off any longer, her close heat clenched him blissfully tightly than, making it impossible for him to delay any longer. With his next plunge, he found release. As he rocked against her, she shuddered and gasped, swallowing a scream of ecstasy, as he covered her mouth with his. They clung together, both engaged with the challenge of compressing air into their overspent lungs, unable to relinquish their mutual hold. When the tension in his body finally eased, Michael touched her face, gently, following his finger with kisses, and nuzzling against her. <BR><BR>"That was quite a demo," Regan whispered. "But I'm afraid by comparison, the sensual pleasure stimulus software needs some serious work. Count me in to help with the research." <BR><BR>THE END </P><!-- EOF story here --></DIV> <DIV id=serfcright><!-- poll monkey script for week 3 --> <DIV id=vote><BR> <SCRIPT src=";u=863751146"> //<![CDATA[ //]]> </SCRIPT> <SCRIPT language=javascript> //<![CDATA[ DisplayVote51146(); //]]> </SCRIPT> </DIV></DIV></DIV><BR clear=all></DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV><!-- EOF Summer Erotic Fiction Contest -->
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