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The Sinclair Institute and have compiled a comprehensive list of additional sexual health resources. We are always looking for helpful online resources to share with our visitors. If you manage a site that deals with sexual health, intimacy or sexuality and are interested in trading links, click submit button below to submit your website.

Sexual Dysfunction Resources

Two reproductive endocrinologists, a dietician and fitness instructor, and a chef with a life-long interest in cooking for health have pooled their efforts to create an EDucation Network for applying their extensive research knowledge and experience to helping couples enjoy their sexuality to the fullest. Contact them here
Is a highly-credentialed, HON-registered site providing medical information and articles on the causes and treatments of male and female sexual dysfunction, prostate, incontinence, fertility and related issues. The site includes videos, moderated chat rooms, bulletin board, and scheduled chats with a doctor. Send e-mail questions to
Locate the best specialiasts in male sexual dysfunction. Provides an overview of male sexual dysfunction and provides a geographic listing of only the mostly highly qualified physicians as evidenced by advanced training or research.

Enhance Your Sexuality With
Dr. Don

The site features audio answers to sexual questions, sexy news humor, book and video help for sexual enhancement. Counseling is offered for sexual dysfunctions, sex addiction, relationship problems and many other concerns. Donald Etkes is a UCLA trained sex therapist and author of "Loving With Passion."