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Welcome to the Better Sex University created by the Sinclair Intimacy Institute™ and Better Sex We are best known as the creators of the Better Sex Video Series ®. Our videos helped create a new educational course – adult sex education, a life long course with relationship benefits and fun homework. The university features original content designed to help you have better sex tonight.

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This section of our University features articles on how to have better sex. Our adult sex education experts cover a variety of sexual topics such as positions, toys and oral tips.

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Dr. Lori Buckley is a practicing psychologist and coach we work with to answer your questions about how to have better sex. The Better Sex Unviversity is your source for her advice on sexual topics ranging from intimacy to erectile issues. Ask or read now.

Online Resources » isn’t the only place for great adult sex education information. Check for other online resources here. University Resources

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Backed by professionals. We have formed the Sinclair Advisory Council composed of well-known educators, therapists, and researchers from across the country who help guide the development of Sinclair products and policies. Educators