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A swanky, inner-city club that catered to carnal appetites. Sexual fantasies and taboos. Voyeuristic tendencies. Erotic exploration...anal penetration. <BR><BR>For months, my circle of sexually candid friends had regaled me with stories of the place—wild, uninhibited orgies, bondage scenarios and titillating fantasies acted out in real time. <BR><BR>Rife with curiosity, I'd nevertheless forced myself to stay away. Twenty-seven years of organized religion preaching hell and "abstination" wasn't easy to overcome, but the recent demise of my four-year marriage to a conservative fundamentalist had left me burgeoning with curiosity...and a hell of a lot of unfulfilled sexual urges. <BR><BR>Once my divorce was final, I casually ferreted out the practical details from my friends, so I knew that Tuesday was the most sedate night the club was open. I knew to take a cab, where to request the driver let me out, and exactly how to approach the risqué club's camouflaged entrance. <BR><BR>I also knew to arrive after ten, and to dress conservatively sexy, as opposed to wearing outright fuck-me-now attire. <BR><BR>No sense getting mistaken for a hooker by the Dallas PD. <BR><BR>Once inside, I paid the $69 cover charge—unoriginal, but still so image provoking—and checked my coat and purse. The cover was good for not only the open bar, but also provided me with access to all of the club's various amenities. <BR><BR>I'd given this a lot of thought and I wasn't planning anything too adventurous my first time out. Heart pounding ferociously, I wiped my sweating palms down my figure-hugging red velvet sheath and quickly bypassed the lower floors that housed the private rooms I'd heard contained harnesses, swings, and other hard-core sexual equipment and paraphernalia I probably wouldn't recognize, and certainly wouldn't know how to use, and made my way to the upper bar, located on the entire third floor. <BR><BR>The moment I stepped off the elevator, I was enveloped by the ambience emanating from the spacious dark room. Black leather, glowing red lights, and the scent of sex dominated my senses. Soft progressive jazz played in the background, the soulful music overridden by the muted sound of intense groans and occasional whimpers that radiated from the cavernous room's even darker edges. <BR><BR>The giant area was nothing more than a profusion of shadows and infrequently lit patches of bare skin, as the recessed lights shone down from the ceiling in tiny arcs, illuminating various parts of the room and its inhabitants: a bare thigh...a vermillion sofa arched unoccupied leather chair...a stiletto-heeled foot...gouging into a muscled ass. <BR><BR>With every covert glimpse, my arousal grew. <BR><BR>Now what? <BR><BR>I hadn't thought beyond actually arriving. The excitement that gripped me as I headed to the long bar flanking one entire wall was two parts fear, four parts desire, and a crap load of what-the-hell-am-I-doing-here? <BR><BR>Perching myself on the black suede barstool, gently lit from the crimson bulb shining directly overhead, I ordered a Captain Morgan's and root beer. I eagerly sipped the rich beverage while my gaze sought out the other patrons. <BR><BR>Unlike myself, everyone looked to be with a partner—or several. I watched as, barely ten feet away, a woman pushed her dress to her hips and two men lavished attention on her exposed breasts. Even though I’d expected the sensual sights and atmosphere, the more my astonished eyes took in, the more my body responded. <BR><BR>The woman's fingers coiled into the men's hair, holding them close to her chest. Her loud moans of pleasure went straight to my pelvis and the muscles in my vagina clenched, ready for a man's solid erection. <BR><BR>Pin-pricks of awareness raised the hairs on the back of my neck and I reluctantly shifted my attention from the threesome, unerringly focusing on the man in the nearest corner. He sat behind the bar, almost lost in the shadows. He was staring straight at me. <BR><BR>Once our gazes connected through the faint light, he immediately saluted me with his drink. A flash of white slashed across his mouth, indicating his smile. <BR><BR>This is what I'd come for, I reminded myself, and returned the salute with my own glass, hearing the ice clink hollowly inside. Keeping my eyes riveted on the shadowed features beneath the dark blonde hair wasn't easy. A turbulent protest had started in my stomach, but I refused to lower my gaze. <BR><BR>Holding eye contact with anyone required effort, but while at Donovan's—a club whose sole purpose was to provide an environment for willing participants to fulfill their sexual fantasies—it was practically impossible. But I made myself do it. <BR><BR>I'd entered this club for a reason and my body was determined to see it through, even as my rational mind panicked. Watching the tall man gracefully relinquish his seat in the corner, place his empty glass on a nearby table and turn to approach me, I made up my mind: the sex was free and I was ready to be easy. <BR><BR>And he was the one I wanted. <BR><BR>His shaggy hair and the banked power I sensed, coupled with his sinuous grace, attracted me immensely. He was so different from the staid, conventional man I'd married right out of college. <BR><BR>The stranger walked around the bar and came directly to my side, his intense gaze pinning me in place. I smiled, both nervous and flattered, but not sure how to proceed. Did I ask his name? Tell him mine? Or confess I'd never done this before and get the heck out of Dodge? <BR><BR>I needn't have worried. His large hand curved around my nape and he tipped my head up as his mouth came down, claiming me. His firm lips caressed mine and his tongue pushed inside my mouth to glide between my teeth. The tip of his agile tongue tantalized the roof of my mouth. He tasted of rye whiskey...and root beer? Or was that just me? <BR><BR>A groan escaped his throat and I realized my fingers had already slid inside the placket of his shirt and were caressing the lightly furred chest beneath. His tongue dove deeper in my mouth, consuming me. <BR><BR>The yearning centered between my thighs escalated. I craved his touch on my bare skin. I felt like a wicked wanton and I loved it, even more when, without breaking the kiss, his hands gripped my waist and lifted me off the barstool. He hauled me against his raging erection and took long strides away from the bar. <BR><BR>I tore at the buttons on his shirt, wrenching the fabric apart. A few steps later, my back slammed into a wall, the abrupt contact jarring. I didn't care. <BR><BR>His shirt was open and I ran my hands over a well-muscled chest, raking his skin with my nails. He raised my dress, yanked my panties to the side, and hiked one of my legs over his arm, spreading my labia wide. Fresh arousal pooled between my thighs, making me ache. His teeth closed around my bottom lip and he sucked the tender flesh into his mouth, flicking the tip of his tongue over my lip. When I moaned, he released my lip and thrust his tongue against mine, using rolling, sensuous glides that caused my clit to swell and peak. <BR><BR>I wiggled in his arms, trying to reach his pants, but he'd beaten me to it. His knuckles grazed my damp curls as he released himself, then teased me with the tip of his penis. Brushing lightly along my wet folds, he hovered at the entrance. The barely there touch drove me to distraction. <BR><BR>Breathing heavily, he slid his tongue from my mouth and nibbled at my lips. <BR><BR>"Yes?" he queried harshly, asking unnecessarily for permission. <BR><BR>In answer, I curved my arms around his waist and grabbed his ass, urging him forward. Without hesitation, his immense erection lunged inside my drenched folds, pushing open the walls of my vagina to accommodate his breadth. <BR><BR>Oh, blessed redeemer! The actual presence of having his cock fill me far surpassed my meager imagination and the muscles in my pussy opened and closed, clenching his hard flesh, pulling him higher into my body. <BR><BR>Rough hands gripped my bottom and lifted me, sliding me along the lengthy pole of his shaft. Then his hands guided me down firmly, enabling me to ride his pleasure stick with ease. I clasped his cock with my inner muscles; the action further increased the riotous sensations bombarding my nerve endings. <BR><BR>He rammed far inside, thumping my back against the wall, plunging in so deep and so fast I curled my legs around his waist, hanging on for the ride of my life. He leaned back, found my eyes in the dim light and smiled, holding my gaze a moment before taking my lips in a bruising, heart-stopping, satisfying kiss. His amazing tongue worked magic in my mouth, cast a spell upon my body. My need for him soared. Abandoning any semblance of dignity, I humped his cock...milking it...wanting everything he had. <BR><BR>The spasmic ripples of my impending release caught me by surprise. No! I needed my foray into the sensual side of sin to last longer, but my damned hips flailed within his supporting grip, rotating my pussy around the root of his penis and grinding my clit into his pubic hair. God. The ache. The rapturous joy. I was devoured by it, unable to think beyond this second. <BR><BR>His fingers pulled my butt cheeks apart and dipped toward the crevice of my ass, taunting that virgin territory. My feminine muscles convulsed around his shaft, and I climaxed so hard that I squealed around his tongue and almost passed out from lack of air. <BR><BR>Every voluntary motion of my body ceased and I hung limply in his arms as he pounded into me. My sheath pulsed from my orgasm, and my anus automatically angled toward his tormenting fingertips, indulgently seeking more of that hedonistic touch. <BR><BR>His thrusts changed tempo and he tore his mouth from mine and planted his lips on my neck. He sucked hard, pulling my skin into the heated cavern of his mouth. My hands released his shoulders and tangled in his overlong hair, tugging sharply on the thick strands. In seconds, he'd built such a violent need in me, one that clawed at my insides for liberation. <BR><BR>I squirmed in his hold and came again, just as I felt his cock lurch even higher and spill his seed, baptizing my inner walls with his release. My loud breaths rasped over his ear, which I licked once...twice, still reveling in the solid feel of a strong male pleasuring my starved body. <BR><BR>He released my neck, stroked his tongue over the sensitive skin he'd recently bruised, and focused on my eyes once more. The piercing look went straight to my soul. "I haven't seen you here before." <BR><BR>I was supposed to talk? After such a momentous experience? With lips gone numb, I said, "I'm new. To this—not sex…but the club..." I faltered under his intense, satisfied gaze. Licking my tingling lips, I attempted to speak more coherently. "I’m new to Donovan’s." <BR><BR>His erection flexed inside me. Still hard. Still impressive. I hungered for it again. <BR><BR>"The moment I heard you order rum and root beer," he began, "I knew you were the one I've been waiting for." <BR><BR>"The one? Waiting for what?" <BR><BR>With a long slow glide, he eased his cock from me. His length scraped against my sensitive walls and I flinched, the exquisite sensation unbearable. I felt so raw and exposed. Even as I panted for him, I knew my body was too fragile, too brittle for more. I couldn't fathom experiencing anything else tonight. <BR><BR>His strong hands slid over my buttocks. One gripped my flesh, supporting my weight, the other came between us. Dipping one finger into the hollow of my recently vacated folds, he said, "I’ve done it all before and it gets old. Mundane, almost. Now I prefer to wait, to let my urges simmer…for when my interest is peaked by a special someone." <BR><BR>"Me? Special?" Breathless, I watched in wonder as he withdrew his saturated finger from my slit and brought it to my lips, spreading my essence over my mouth. The pungent scent wafted toward my nose. "Ummm." He removed his finger, placed it over his own lips, and then licked it clean while staring into my eyes. At each long stroke of his tongue, I imagined him licking me, diving into my swollen sex and bathing it with his mouth. A fresh rush of desire dampened my passage. Whether I was ready for more or not, my body clamored for his decadent attentions, for anything he might want to do to me. <BR><BR>"Yes, you, special," he confirmed with a seductive smile. "Red dress, my favorite color. Root beer and hard liquor, my favorite drink. Tight, hot pussy, my favorite kind of woman." <BR><BR>"Wow." I wasn't used to guys this incredibly sexy speaking to me like this. Instinctively, I tightened my legs around his waist, unwilling to let him go. <BR><BR>"I want you again," he said decisively. "This time on a bed. Next time in a swing. The time after that, blindfolded." <BR><BR>Oh, God. I didn't know what to say. <BR><BR>My paltry resistance melted at the pictures his words painted. Wicked pleasures of the flesh he wanted to indulge in—with me. "Just who are you?" <BR><BR>"I like to consider myself a sexual educator of sorts, a corrupter of innocents, if you will." He dipped another finger into my wet tunnel, pulled it out slowly and pushed it directly into my mouth. My eyes went wide with shock. Never before had I tasted my own release. Or that of a man's. <BR><BR>He withdrew his finger and plunged his tongue inside my mouth in a sweeping kiss. Pulling back, he sketched a mocking bow, still anchoring me around his waist. "Jordan Donovan, owner of this fine establishment. At your service." <BR><BR>THE END </P><!-- EOF story here --></DIV> <DIV id=serfcright><!-- poll monkey script for week 3 --> <DIV id=vote><BR> <SCRIPT src=";u=2939251241"> //<![CDATA[ //]]> </SCRIPT> <SCRIPT language=javascript> //<![CDATA[ DisplayVote51241(); //]]> </SCRIPT> </DIV></DIV></DIV><BR clear=all></DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV><!-- EOF Summer Erotic Fiction Contest -->
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