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<STYLE type=text/css> <!-- /* start of unusual sex place poll */ #sextoyPoll-topic {width:630px; text-align:left; margin:0; padding:0; align:center;} .productsHead {font-family:'Arial', Times, serif; color:#000000; font-size:13px; vertical-align:middle; padding:12px 0 10px 5px; font-weight:bold; line-height:18px} .sextoyPollText {font-family:'Arial', Times, serif; color:#000000; font-size:12px; vertical-align:middle; padding:10px 0 5px 10px; line-height:20px;} .sextoyText {font-family:'Arial', Times, serif; color:#666666; font-size:12px; vertical-align:middle; padding:10px 8px 5px 0px; line-height:18px;} .Text a {color:#2b61b6; font-size:12px; decoration:none; font-weight:bold; padding:0px 1px 0px 1px;} .Text a:hover {color:#2b61b6; font-size:12px; decoration:underline; } #sexpollright {float:left; margin:0px 0px 10px 0px; width:295px;} #sexpollleft {float:left; margin:0px 35px 10px 0px; width:295px;} --> </STYLE> <DIV id=sextoyPoll-topic> <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=624 align=center border=0 valign="top"> <TBODY> <TR vAlign=top> <TD colSpan=2><IMG height=163 alt="Sex Toy Olympic" src="https://www.bettersex.comimages/Polls/sex-toy-poll/header.jpg" width=624></TD></TR> <TR vAlign=top> <TD class=productsHead colSpan=2><SPAN class=sextoyText><IMG style="PADDING-RIGHT: 10px; FLOAT: left" src=""> The <A href=""></A> Olympic Sex Toy Event Is On! Vote For Your Favorite From Below<BR>The winner based on YOUR votes will be announced this Thursday August 14th. You can come back here often and see the results. Every vote counts and the winning products will get awarded extra savings. Only 1 will be crowned the Olympic Toy Gold Winner and that is up to YOU... Now that's awesome!</SPAN><BR><SPAN style="FONT-STYLE: italic">The Winning Savings Will Be:</SPAN><BR>Toy Gold Winner: 25% OFF - Toy Silver Winner: 15% OFF - Toy Bronze Winner: 10% OFF <BR><BR>Save 10% on Your Order TODAY - Use Coupon Code "Gold" in your shopping cart, click "update cart".</TD></TR> <TR vAlign=top height=15> <TD colSpan=3></TD></TR> <TR vAlign=top> <TD colSpan=2><IMG alt=Vote src="https://www.bettersex.comimages/Polls/sex-toy-poll/votenow.jpg" width=624></TD></TR> <TR vAlign=top> <TD style="PADDING-RIGHT: 20px" vAlign=top width=350> <TABLE cellPadding=3 width="100%" border=0> <TBODY> <TR vAlign=top align=left> <TD class=productsHead align=middle><A href=""><IMG src=""></A><BR>A</TD> <TD class=productsHead align=middle><A href=""><IMG src=""></A><BR>B</TD> <TD class=productsHead align=middle><A href=""><IMG src=""></A><BR>C</TD></TR> <TR vAlign=top height=5> <TD colSpan=3></TD></TR> <TR vAlign=top align=left> <TD class=productsHead align=middle><A href=""><IMG src=""></A><BR>D</TD> <TD class=productsHead align=middle><A href=""><IMG src=""></A><BR>E</TD> <TD class=productsHead align=middle><A href=""><IMG src=""></A><BR>F</TD></TR> <TR vAlign=top height=5> <TD colSpan=3></TD></TR> <TR vAlign=top align=left> <TD class=productsHead align=middle><A href=""><IMG src=""></A><BR>G</TD> <TD class=productsHead align=middle><A href=""><IMG src=""></A><BR>H</TD> <TD class=productsHead align=middle><A href=""><IMG src=""></A><BR>I</TD></TR> <TR vAlign=top height=5> <TD colSpan=3></TD></TR> <TR vAlign=top align=left> <TD class=productsHead align=middle><A href=""><IMG src=""></A><BR>J</TD> <TD class=productsHead align=middle><IMG height=89 src="" width=74><BR>Other</TD> <TD class=productsHead align=middle></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD> <TD style="PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 15px; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; PADDING-TOP: 5px" align=right width=265> <SCRIPT src=";u=5341150801"> //<![CDATA[ //]]> </SCRIPT> <SCRIPT language=javascript> //<![CDATA[ DisplayVote50801(); //]]> </SCRIPT> </TD></TR> <TR vAlign=top height=10> <TD colSpan=3></TD></TR> <TR vAlign=top> <TD class=productsHead colSpan=2><IMG style="PADDING-RIGHT: 10px; FLOAT: left" src=""> <SPAN class=sextoyText>After you have voted, race on over to our <A class=Text href=";free_text|1217870574946=0808toyvibe">huge sales.</A> When you buy ANY <A class=Text href=";free_text|1217867542475=0808dvdsale">2 DVD's</A> you get <BR><A class=Text href=";free_text|1217870574946=0808toyvibe">25% OFF ANY Toy or Vibrator</A> of your choice. Interested in saving over 40%? Better Sex has outdone itself and is offering for the first time ever <A class=Text href=";free_text|1217867542475=0808dvdsale">$19.95 on almost all DVD's</A> which is over 40% OFF and it does not stop there. Based on your requests and emails, Better Sex has added over 100 NEW products to our already popular list. <A class=Text href="">Click Here To See What's New</A> <BR><BR>Thanks to all of you who have voted in the past polls and contests as your feedback is greatly appreciated.</SPAN></TD></TR> <TR vAlign=top height=10> <TD colSpan=3></TD></TR> <TR vAlign=top> <TD colSpan=2><IMG alt="Olympic Winners" src="https://www.bettersex.comimages/Polls/sex-toy-poll/winners.jpg" width=624></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></DIV> <P>&nbsp;</P>
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