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Sinclair Institute launches Better Sex Video Series: Sexplorations

December 1, 2005 | Chapel Hill, NC

Nearly 15 years after setting the standard for sexual education videos, the Sinclair Institute is doing it again. The all-new Better Sex Video Series: Sexplorations is a complete step-by-step three-volume guide for adults looking to improve their sexual knowledge and technique. Like its acclaimed predecessor (the Better Sex Video Series®), the new video series combines real-life couples and commentary from renowned sexual health educators and therapists into a fun and engaging way to add spice to your sex life and relationship.

Each volume of the new series takes on different sexual topics, practices and research. "We offer our audience an opportunity to explore a wide range of sexual ideas and practices," said Dr. Mark Schoen, a human sexuality expert and director of sex education at the Sinclair Institute. "Varying existing sexual patterns can create an exciting, sexually healthy relationship."

One area of sexual pleasure that has expanded since the original video series is fantasy role-play, Schoen said. "Fantasy role-play is a good exercise for many couples at all life stages," he said. "But it’s especially helpful to couples who have been together a long time because it can keep their sexual spark alive." The video series addresses fantasy role-play with segments on sex in an airplane, in a public restroom, in a car wash and in a jail cell. Behind-the-scenes programs on each volume show how Schoen created these fantasy sequences and the rest of the series.

Sex is timeless, but the way we learn about and view it constantly evolves. The Sinclair Institute created Sexplorations to show how we enjoy sexual pleasure in the new millennium. And to make sure today’s audiences appreciate its content, the Sinclair Institute used three cameras and state-of-the-art editing techniques found in feature films and popular television shows, Schoen said. Split screens show the action from different angles and the participants discussing their thoughts during filming. The video series also has pop-up screens that give viewers quick sexual education facts and highlight products used in the programs. "We used Panasonic’s DVC Pro cameras and the AVID DS editing system because we wanted the highest quality program for our viewers," Schoen said.

The video series should find plenty of viewers. Research shows more than ever couples in committed relationships are seeking help. A recent survey by Ipsos North America on behalf of the Institute found more than 70 percent of American adults over age 30 are not totally satisfied with their sex lives, and more than 60 percent say their sex lives would benefit from trying something new. Nearly 40 percent of respondents who have never purchased a sexual education video said they would consider buying one. Since 1991, the Sinclair Institute has created more than 50 sex education video programs covering all forms of sexual pleasure at all life stages. More than 4 million couples have used Institute programs to improve their sex lives. Millions more have benefited from the sexual health products produced and endorsed by the Institute – including the new Better Sex Synergy Pleasure System massager. "Our goal has always been simple," Sinclair Institute President Peggy Oettinger said. "We want to help people have better sex." Learn More About The Better Sex Video Series

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