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How Can I Save The World?
When people find each other our world is saved. Over 4,000,000 love lives already saved with the Better Sex Video series and there is another global benefit. We contribute money you give us to DKT, a four star rated charity. DKT’s mission is to save the world.

Save your love life to save the world.

Want to know more about DKT International? >>Read The DKT Story

Delegate your "Save The World" Giving to this holiday.
What defines a tough year? A tough year used to be if home prices fell, or more of us were out of work, or gas was above $4.00 a gallon or our bank failed. Tough seems inadequate to describe a year when this all happened. You may be hard pressed to write your usual “Save The World” check this year. No worries we have you covered.

Tough years can negatively affect your love life. Stress isn’t an aphrodisiac. Find something on sure to create the sex life you want (not necessarily the one you have), buy it stress free with our industry leading 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Use your purchase to save your love life and rediscover life’s most important thing – love.
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2 Free Gifts
Our customers help us write checks to DKT to save the world. Years ago, we created a tradition to say THANKS with free gifts. Almost every purchase, it only takes $24.00, is offered a free gift on the last step of our checkout. Check what is free today = use link to see what is free today.

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Saving The World At DKT
Phil Harvey* is different. During the years he worked for CARE’s "feeding program" in India (1963 – 1968) he couldn’t shake a nagging sense, a tug at his elbow. "There has to be a better ways to accomplish this mission," was the itch Phil couldn’t scratch. Returning to the United States Phil enrolled at the University of North Carolina earning his masters in family planning.

Just thinking of Phil’s mission can make your head hurt. Most people would be happy with either side of Phil’s "To Do" list. Create successful companies is where most would stop. Phil Harvey is different. When companies he helped start became successful his glass was only half full. Time to create the second stage, time to save the world.

Phil gathered friends and advisors starting Population Services with Dr. Tim Black ** Formely CEO of Marie Stopes, an international family planning not-for-profit. In 1988 Ronald Regan was President, Senator Lloyd Bentsen told VP Nominee Dan Quale he was no Jack Kennedy and Phil started his second not-for-profit to help save the world DKT International ****. What was Phil’s better idea? Use marketing strategies common to his successful entrepreneurial businesses to "sell" family planning and aids prevention to places you can’t pronounce and will probably never visit. Social marketing*** the use of branding and promotion to help people was born.

Phil is an unassuming man. The first time I met him he came to a 25-year anniversary lunch for Peggy Oettinger, the President of The Sinclair Institute and my boss. Phil walked in alone in a floppy hat and raincoat (it wasn’t raining), said hello and ended up in front of me on the buffet line. I asked him, "How do you give away things to help people?" There was a pause as Phil dipped into the salad bowl, :We never give anything away," He explained. " We determine what a market can afford and we charge that amount because people care about what they pay for,” he told me. It is a fascinating idea we all know to be true. I started to understand social marketing.

If a community in India, Pakistan or Brazil can afford to pay a nickel for a condom, to use one example, but the real cost is a dime DKT covers the difference. Even more, DKT creates social marketing campaigns about why and how a nickel can save your life and possibly your wife and children’s lives. DKT makes nickels powerful things. The Sinclair Institute and have sent more than 200,000,000 nickels to DKT. DKT uses nickels, dimes and dollars from Sinclair and other donors to help tens of millions of people every year. DKT’s goal is to help protect and support 50,000,000 people in 12 countries with the same funding level as 2007. In 2007 DKT helped protect 30,000,000 people.

During his five years in India Phil learned an important lesson. Adequate food supplies was not the problem. Hunger resulted from strain on resources. Resource strain came from inadequate information and limited access to family planning tools we take for granted. Phil’s Masters helped him see this truth. Solve the core problem, help the family, and you save the world. Phil realized saving families could solve environmental harm, hunger, oppression, aids and wars. Save your love life to save the word.

Martin Smith
Director E-commerce
Hillsborough, NC
November 3

How Can You Help DKT?
Purchase anything from and you help DKT save the world. This holiday season, we’ve created a way for our customers to anonymously contribute to DKT at no cost. Almost every customer earns 2 free gifts. This year you can select "Contribute $1 to DKT" on the last stage of our checkout. AND you still have a Free Gift for yourself. We do all the heavy lifting and check writing. There is no cost to you (at all). You name is not on any charity “donor” list. You are sacrificing one of your free gifts. We do everything else.

One Dollar doesn’t seem like much, but your anonymous $1 contribution could save many lives. As always, you have our thanks and appreciation for visiting and making us part of your love life. We created our Free Gift tradition to show appreciation to customers who, through their support, help us write our annual check to DKT. The cool part is somewhere a family half way around the world will be safer because of your small sacrifice. Since they won’t know their benefactor (you), we will say THANKS for them.

Save your love life to save the world.

If you would like to know more about DKT’s mission to save the world visit their web site at:

* Phil Harvey:
** Dr. Tim Black (Options Board Member):
*** Social Marketing:
**** DKT Internatinal:


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