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Sex Toys For Couples Buying Guide

Couples Sex Toys Defined

Any sex toy on can be used as a "couple’s sex toy" with positive results. Some sex toys are designed to be used in pairs. Innovative sex toys such as the We-Vibe, worn during intercourse, may thrill during solo sex play, but its main goal is creating simultaneous stimulation for his penis and her clitoris and g-spot. Here is our definition of sex toys for couples:

Sex Toys For Couples Definition
Couples sex toys are designed for two sexual partners. Stimulation for both partners is one hallmark design element in "couples sex toys". Stimulation can be simultaneous or variable (one partner then another). Better Sex includes adult sex education DVD’s as a "couples sex toy" since our sexual solution DVD’s help partners communicate sexual needs and desires. Knowledge is the best aphrodisiac.


Sex Toys For Couples Buying Guide

When you buy a sex toy for you AND your partner you need to think differently. Here are five buying tips when shopping for sex toys for couples:


better sex synergy pleasure system

Hands Free

When there are four hands involved in sex play instead of two understanding how a toy is held or holds itself is important. Sex Toys that fit on his penis are typically "hands free" providing simultaneous stimulation (his penis and her clitoris). Vibrating toys such as the Synergy Pleasure System are held so they provide variable stimulation (him then her but rarely him and her simultaneously).

better sex synergy pleasure system

Sexual Anatomy

Your anatomy is unique. Like a fingerprint, distances between key stimulation areas such as vagina and perineum vary. Couples sex toys are made to fit common dimensions. Your body may be uncommon. Some tinkering may be necessary (read our Better Sex We-Vibe reviews for examples of anatomy tinkering needed).

better sex synergy pleasure system


Cords are distracting. None of our Top 10 Sex Toys For Couples have cords. Singularly you can probably ignore a cord. Together it is almost impossible to put a flapping cord out of your mind.

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Friction is rarely a component of great lovemaking. Slip sliding away toward Better Sex is a much better approach. You can never have too much money, better sex or lubrication. Our customers agree. Our Better Sex Essentials lubricants are among our most reviewed and loved products on

better sex lubricant for couples sex

Learn From Others

When shopping for great sex toys for couples, reviews are VERY important. Every toy recommended in our Top Ten Sex Toys For Couples has great Better Sex Buzz Team reviews. Our Buzz Team explains how real people use each toy.

The Better Sex Video Series

Learn From Video Product Descriptions

Our Better Sex Helping Hands Video Product Descriptions are included on several of these sex toys for couples too. These short videos show 360 views, are regularly cited by Buzz Team members as more helpful than a product’s written documentation and help people understand how a product functions BEFORE it arrives.

Sex Toys For Couples Buyer's Guide

Better Sex Top 10 Sex Toys For Couples

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