Fantasy Getaway

Tips when travelling with your toys

"Ma'am, is your bag buzzing?"

Don't worry, this embarrassing moment can easily be avoided by taking the necessary precautions before you pack. Check to see if your oh-so-loved vibrator is rechargeable or powered by batteries. If you are working with batteries, just pop them out and store them in a safe place or tape them to the battery pack. We recommend against flipping them in the battery pack. Rechargeable vibrators can be a bit tricky to travel with, but thanks to innovative you can purchase toys with travel locks. Just activate this handy feature to prevent your vibrator from accidentally getting "turned on!"

To Check Your Bag of Toys, or Not To Check Your Bag of Toys?

Some may make the claim that it's simply easier to check your toy bag. It does eliminate the possibility of anything slowing you down while getting through security. HOWEVER, the process of screening your luggage is no longer going to be with your supervision. Should an officer question the security of your Butterfly Kiss Vibrator, they reserve the right to take it into custody until you are able to be questioned about it. This is a far fetched scenario folks - but I'd rather know my G-Gasm Delight is safe with me.

Size Matters

The smaller, the better. Wait, what!?
If discretion is key for you, we recommend against bringing your All American Whopper. Don't get us wrong, it's a favorite, however this big bad boy can be an eye catcher when going through security. Of course, if you can't leave home without it you can use a carrying case or just tuck it in between your clothes. This way you have a moment to quietly explain to TSA that you have a sex accessory in your bag and would prefer that your luggage was searched in private.

This also goes for any liquids, aerosols, and gels. TSA regulations enforces the 3-1-1 rule, each passanger can bring bring on 1 quart sized zip-top clear plastic bag containing these items in 3.4oz bottles. That is to say that any shampoo, body wash, hairspray, lubricant and stimulating gel you plan on bring may be in a bottle up to 3.4oz and all fit into 1 quart size zip-top clear bag. Though we may not be able to help you find a hairspray bottle THAT small, you can reference our "Travel Essentials" page for all of our lubricants and gels in 3.4oz bottles or less. Keep in mind that this bag needs to be easily accesible as it will need to go through a security check before boarding.

Pack According To Your Destination

The wonderful world of sex toys is so diverse allowing you to accesorize for every occasion. For example, a relaxing journey into mother nature will probably not have any extension cords or bellmen. Light, easy to pack, battery operated toys are the first choice for this destination. That is unless you are working on your glutes, then bring along Mr.Marcus's 9" Vibrating Dong! USB power cords are an option when traveling out of the country and outlet styles vary. Perhaps your dream vacation lands you at the beach or in a gorgeous pool shaded by palm trees. The extra tight seals on toys labelled "Waterproof" (not "Water Resistant!) will keep your erotic excursions going underwater!

Honesty Is Always The Best Policy!

Always! When questioned by any security official regarding the contents of your personal belongings you should tell them exactly what you have. Be proud of your toys!