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Are you a butterfly kisses or jackhammer girl?
An eco-conscious vixen or a multi-tasking minx?

Whether you like to be on trend when you buzz or just get the job done,
we have something for everyone.

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High-end Helen

You Are High Class!

Only the best for your Miss Kitty.

When you shop for sex toys: you like to sort results for highest price to lowest, because quality is what counts.

You don't balk at a high price, because you always have an excellent return on your investment.

Your product of choice:
Lelo Ina (Item #5952)

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Sly Sylvia

You're a Subtle Sex-Pot.

Bullets and eggs are your preferred choice.

When you shop for sex toys: you think about two things: what doesn't look so obviously like a get-off gadget and what is compact enough to store easily - in a bedside table or purse?

You like toys that look small and innocuous, but that pack a punch.

Your product of choice:
Fifty Shades of Grey - Bullet (Item #8468)

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Get-the-job-done Gabby

You’re About Business In the Bedroom.

Bigger Is Better.

When you shop for sex toys: you go in for the kill. It's seven inches or more and preferably a Mr. Marcus clone for you. And if it comes with an attached rabbit vibe or double penetrator - woot woot - you're indeed happy.

It's "go big or go home" for your hoo-ha.

Your product of choice:
All American Whopper 7" Vibrating Dong (Item #6051)

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Trend-setting Tracie

You Get Off on Trends and Can Only Come in Couture.


When you shop for toys: they have to be from the "New" section and if it is an interesting shape that hits all the right places - that's a fad you can get behind, or in front of.

Your favorite toy might have gone mainstream, but it's still your purse's favorite accessory.

Your product of choice:
Natural Contours Liberte Vibrator (Item #1570)

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Multi-tasking Melissa

You Manage Multiple Projects At Once, Why Can't Your Vibrator?

When you shop for toys: you like to have options.

From the "let's hurry this along, I have to pick up the kids in a half-hour" option to the "I just saved 15% or more on car insurance. Let's celebrate!" option.

Your favorite toy always has a standing appointment.

Your product of choice:
Sinclair Select 8x Wand Massager (Item #8117)

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Fancy Felicia

You Like The Pretty Things In Life!

When you shop for sex toys:

You prefer vibrant colors, beautiful visuals and details that accessorize nicely with your lower landscaping and va-jazzling.

Your pearl is happiest with pearl-accented hardware.

Your product of choice:
Icicles Glass Double Delight (Item #8935)

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Eco-friendly Elise

You Believe Orgasm and Organic Have So Much in Common.

When you shop for sex toys:

You want to come for a cause! You pair your sessions with organic lubes, beeswax candles and local wines.

Your lotus blossoms for a low carbon footprint.

Your product of choice:
Leaf Spirit Massager (Item #7709)

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Always-ready Amelia

Orgasms are 50% Opportunity and 50% preparation...and You're Always 100% Ready.

When you shop for sex toys:

You opt for a vibrating panty because you want to get your buzz on anytime and anywhere. Fancy dinner, driving to the office or relaxing at home watching your favorite show - you are always ready!

Your pocket loves panties that buzz.

Your product of choice:
Remote Control Vibro Panty (item Item #8041)

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